Cranleigh townsfolk on a road to nowhere?

Right in the middle of a Surrey County Council election period and what do the Highway Honchos decide to do? – shut almost all the roads in and out of Cranleigh.


Jo Littlewood

Asked a question on Facebook.

Am I right in thinking that we now have Run Common Rd, Knowle Lane, A281 from Elm bridge to Whipley Manor, Horsham Rd and Smithwood Common Rd all closed at night currently (and a lot of them through the day too!)?
Are there any other options for getting to Guildford other than over Winterfold (but inevitably travelling at the same speed as you would if you were cycling.) Or Shamley Green? Getting to and from work (late shifts in Guildford) is proving challenging to say the least!


Andrew Wood said: 
Yep, it’s ridiculous, getting into and out of Cranleigh is turning into a kind of real-life board game where you have to throw a double six to start. I wonder what our local Councillors have to say on the subject given there are local elections coming up?
Will My Little Povey ride to the rescue of Cranleigh motorists?

Perhaps Surrey County Councillor Andrew (My little Povey) can come up with the answer for the good people of Cranleigh? Or for any other unsuspecting motorists eager to get there? 

We have also heard from our WW followers that the Diversion signing is dreadful too.

Drive off the A281 and drive along Wildwood Lane and into Knowle Lane and then it tells you the Road Is Closed! Then schlep all the way back to the A281 and find another route – perhaps down the Alfold Road and then find yourself at a standstill as you meet one great big building site, and then… wait for it… find it impossible to get into the Elmbridge Road!

Let’s all vote for some sane transport planning at SCC highways – from the new Surrey County Councillors eh?

Here’s one suggestion in the picture below for making it out of the eastern village posted up by a villager.

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