Will a Cranleigh-based charity convince Waverley Planners to grant consent for a controversial private care home in Cranleigh?

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Who will be drinking champagne not tea when on September 25th he gets permission to build a £14m Private Care Home on former parish-owned land in the middle of Cranleigh.

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Going up…and up? The petition to stop a Private Care Home being built in the eastern villages of Waverley.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 09.54.56.pngOr perhaps this Trustee who prides himself on knowing the ins and the outs – of how NOT TO PAY – Community Infrastructure Levy** – will convince councillors that it doesn’t really matter if the residential scheme contributes ZILCH towards Cranleigh’s overburdened road and services. And… the scheme has such gravitas that it should be exempt from having to pay…

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Surely councillors will be convinced by the ‘Charity’s’  Independent Viability Assessment that argues that it should be deemed that it – (CVHT) – paid between £130/150,000 for the 3.3 acres of land it bought from Cranleigh Parish Council? Land owned by villagers valued by the District Valuer at £250,000 and which it has now valued the land at £412,500 without planning permission, and for which land it actually paid …

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 land on which it intends to put a building with a gross development value of…


Parish land it exchanged for a parcel of agricultural land – now called The Bruce McKenzie playing field – which is surrounded by a ransom strip, which nobody knew anything about until it was recently revealed by a former parish councillor at a public meeting! 

But no doubt when all are safely gathered in at Waverley’s council offices, offices that it may not, in the long term be able to afford – when they hear that almost half a million pounds to mitigate for the effects of a huge pile of concrete in the middle of Cranleigh – together with its accompanying traffic, services, and general upheaval is missing – it is all in a good cause?

To provide 20 community beds for the residents of Surrey County Council, the same council which closed its 56-bed-dementia home at Longfields in Cranleigh, a building which has stood empty for years and which is now derelict!

 Will ‘Your Waverley’ help to dig ‘Your Surrey’ out of yet another big hole it dug for itself by closing much-needed old people’s facilities like Longfields in Cranleigh and Cobgates here in Farnham? 

Will it help – Private Care Home Provider Mr. Chai Patel- whose company HC-One is 800 million in debt and up for sale – according to press reports? 

Can Waverley Planners ignore the thousands of names being added to on-line and paper petitions and the hundreds of objection letters pouring into its Planning Portal?



 Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge that local authorities can set on new developments in order to raise funds to help fund infrastructure, facilities, and services, such as schools,  transport, and leisure improvements.  Some of this money goes to individual parish and town councils. vital 

6 thoughts on “Will a Cranleigh-based charity convince Waverley Planners to grant consent for a controversial private care home in Cranleigh?”

  1. Paul McKenna
    27Trelawne Drive Cranleigh Surrey GU6 8BS
    I feel that this application would worsen an already difficult situation in this part of Cranleigh.
    This proposed property would clash with existing delivery traffic to both Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s which more often than not are 40 foot articulated lorries along with entrances to car parking to both those stores in the very near vicinity.
    This sits along side a new development of housing by Berkeley Homes and other house builders going behind Stocklund Square with all that associated traffic.
    The Entrance to our playing fields, youth club and early learning play group are sited right next to this proposed development with all the associated vehicle and foot traffic.
    So far as i can see the bulk of this development seems to be being mirrored on the Horsham Road with a development by McCarthy & Stone a much more realistic proposal without the associated entrance / exit problems.
    Knowle lane is already a notoriously bad junction with the High Street with traffic often building up because of customers vehicles to Kerbside Tyres spilling out onto the road right by the T Junction with the High Street.
    I can’t imagine why this is being thought of as a sensible site for building as this plot always floods – Cranleigh Youth FC tried to put football pitches on this area years ago and failed dismally due to flooding.
    Representation Type

    This is just one example of hundreds of letters of objection which have gone up on the Waverley Planning Portal in the past few days. WW

  2. Your little part from Mr Leahy talking about affordable homes must be a joke, I do not know of any AFFORDABLE HOMES being built around Cranleigh

  3. Ah! but what is “affordable” to Mr Leahy may not be “affordable” to you? Sadly the definition “affordable” is a very misused term.

  4. It is a disgrace that money raised through earlier charitable donations has been misappropriated.
    Not only have the residents of Cranleigh been deceived, but they also​ haven’t got the hospital anticipated and now face yet another unwanted development in the village centre.

    We have no infrastructure to cater for the proposed use and consent should be refused out of hand.

  5. Well maybe Martin, just maybe, if the residents of the eastern villages kick up enough of a stink – Waverley Planners will listen? But don’t hold your breath – unless of course this new administration does as it promised – and takes on board what its electorate thinks?

    We wish you well over there – because by the look of the objections this is Cranleigh Brightwells. Britghtwells for the uninitiated, is currently under construction over here in Farnham by Crest Nicholson on town land which once boasted a popular pub, the Redgrave Theatre; The Gostrey Centre and more. ~It will soon boast 28 shops and homes?!? to become part of Surrey County Council’s property portfolio.

    At the time it was proposed – almost 20 years ago – there were 5,833 objectors, and nobody listened. Let us all hope you have better luck than we did.

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