The Bamford – Twit-ter

WW apologies to  Alfred Lord Tennyson for taking a bit of a  liberty with his  well loved poem. However, he may forgive us if you listen to it here…

I Twitter, Twitter as I go to meet the brimming river, men may come and men may go – but Bamford Twits for ever!

Here’s Martin Bamford’s latest Twitter which has every man, woman particularly old ladies, and children fuming in the village of Cranleigh say our followers.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.18.14.png
He calls these – “puddles”

Is this the same Martin Bamford – Financial Planner who is a later life advisor – specialising in the older client market? speaks of his “knowledge, advice and skills helping older consumers?”

This was the Environment Agency Warning yesterday Sunday 10th January 2016, in case you missed it Oh Batty Bamford Boy!

Environment Agency flood warning today for the Cranleigh Waters and Littlemead Brook.

WW  understands from its very angry Cranleigh followers that Cranleigh wallowed in flood water in 1968 and on many occasions since -the latest in 2013/14.

Make light of it of course, Mr Bamford and give us a good laugh about the “puddles” because we believe you are only a boy.

You are obviously unaware that many families left Cranleigh and moved as far away as Australia. They lost everything they owned, and waded in three feet of floodwater through their treasured possessions during the floods.

Ever been flooded Mr Bamford? How dare you underplay it. You make light of the effect of flooding at your peril – twitter on and keep running!