It’s official – The Cranleigh Community Board has been hit by an internal Cyber Attack!

Has Cranleigh Village Health Trust opened up a giant fissure in Cranleigh?

Cranleigh Community Board – going …. going … GONE!

Has Cranleigh Parish Council become embroiled in a little local difficulty with one of its village Community Boards?  The Cranleigh Community Group – run by Andy Web – we stress – nothing to do with the Waverley Web – is still going strong. 

Membership of the – once-popular – local chat board (AKA the Cranleigh Community Board) dropped from 9,600 followers to 4,800 in just a couple of days. The majority left in disgust at the blatant propaganda being pumped out by the Community Board in support of Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s latest planning application.

Others were banned, cancelled, removed, spiked or simply wiped-out for daring to ask questions or register their opposition to the private care home which is being proposed on parish owned land once earmarked for a village hospital and funded with money raised by local residents and businesses.  

“But why?”- we hear you cry. 

Because some followers have dared to ask questions about what’s going on.  Questions which CVHT doesn’t deign or wish to answer.

The Cranleigh Parish Councillor who has headed up the Community Board faces an investigation from Waverley’s Monitoring Officer after a string of complaints were received. And, despite repeated protestations from the Chat Controller, it is common knowledge that Bamleigh, aka Martin Bamford, had his sticky little paws all over the Board, he once controlled.

The control-freakery that reared its ugly head on the Community Board stems from just one issue: Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s Appeal and re-submitted planning application to build a private care home on parish owned land with funds raised by local residents and businesses.

The suspicion is that a Community Board – that was originally set up as a voice for Cranleigh residents – has been hijacked and became a mouthpiece for a Cranleigh developer, who is behind the so-called Charity.  An all-out PR campaign has been waged by the so-called Community Board, Radio Bamleigh and Destination Bamleigh in favour of the private care homes scheme.  The latter two funded by ‘A Benefactor’ thought to be behind CVHT.

A ‘Benefactor’ who it is believed may have even left the village after resigning from the Trust, probably to spend more time with his family?

Amidst rising fury and resentment, the Cranleigh Community Board has now vanished into the ether overnight, dropped into the trash can that lurks on all our screens.  Good riddance to bad rubbish is the sentiment being expressed by those who were ‘cancelled’ by the so-called Community Board.  If only the Chat Controller, in his testosterone-fuelled Tesla, would vanish as quickly and effectively!  

It was a dark day in Cranleigh when the Chat Controller took over the ether and the airwaves WW can’t help wondering when he will take over ‘Bamleigh Parish Council?’ Or, perhaps he already has?

. Has Cranleigh Parish Council become embroiled in a little local difficulty with a village Community Board?

. So who exactly is partnering the charity proposing a Private Care Home in the heart of Cranleigh? Here they go again…we hear the CVHT trumpets blow again…?



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