So who exactly is partnering the charity proposing a Private Care Home in the heart of Cranleigh?

Tonight Cranleigh Parish Council’s planning committee will comment on a  planning application which is tearing the village apart!

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Now – this comes with a Health Warning – This is the heading on Charity’s website – we may be drawing the wrong conclusions, but do you really believe that HC-ONE intends to build the £14m development? We will let you make up your own minds?


The Question is? Is the Cranleigh Village Health Trust buddied up with the Kind Care Company – HC-ONE to build the above?

Here’s a question posed by one of those nuisance villagers over there in the eastern villages to Christina Pierce the former plumply-salaried former Secretary of The former Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust and now a Trustee of the recently formed Cranleigh Village Health Trust. Bit confusing, we know, but the whole hospital/care home sage is just that – confusing!

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This was the response from CVHT to a villager who has been described as being an antagonist and in the minority. This is CVHT’s comment: “A small number of people have repeatedly asked the same questions via the virtual exhibition, but also made it clear from their social media content that they have already formed an opinion, do not support the plans and are actively encouraging others to join their campaign to block the return of Community Beds to Cranleigh.
As a result, CVHT has determined not to enter into further correspondence with this small group of antagonists. Instead, we urge these individuals to seek the factual information they require from our website.

Ah, ha! So there we have it! When this toxic outfit has planning permission tucked under its belt, either as a result of an appeal to the Government for the larger application – or the slightly smaller one now sitting on the desks of Waverley Planners  – only then will it “consider its options.” In other words, it has no provider all signed up and sealed up? 

No doubt it’s due diligence will include a thorough investigation into how its proposed care-home provider has fared during the COVID-19 catastrophe that has engulfed the care sector? How secure its finances are? Not forgetting who is the latest buyer of the company that tucks its profits into the Cayman Islands, despite raising the alarm over its ability to carry its debt burden.

An outfit threatened with the closure of one of its homes for being”unsafe.” Cedar House in Harefield was ruled inadequate by the social care watchdog, which discovered safety breaches, and that was last year – before the coronavirus pandemic. A company praised by the CVHT, which during the lockdown brought in care workers from Kent – 645 miles away from its Home Farm Home on the Isle of Sky – one of the worst affected homes in the country – where numerous workers and residents died.

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Dr Chai Patel, who has recently retired as chairman of care home provider HC-One – probably, to the Caymen Islands?   Patel, who will continue to be an active investor and substantial stakeholder in the company, founded the operator in 2011, serving as chairman throughout its history and also as its chief executive between March 2015 and September 2017….


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