Has Cranleigh Parish Council become embroiled in a little local difficulty with a village Community Board?



The Waverley Web understands that numerus complaints from Cranleigh residents are winging their way to ‘Your Waverley’s’ Monitoring Officer about a  recent spate of spats on the local chat board.  They concern Cranleigh Parish Councillor, Hannah Nicholson, who has been commenting, ill-advisedly, on the village chat-shop, AKA the Cranleigh Community Board. Not to be confused with the Cranleigh Community Group, run by Andy Webb.  

Nothing to do with the Waverley Web we stress.

 The heavily censored Cranleigh Community Board only allows comments on certain subjects and by certain individuals as long as said comments and subjects are approved by its Censor-in-Chief, Martin Bamford – otherwise known as the Chat Controller!

The Waverley Web has been banned by the Chat Controller because he doesn’t approve of our content or tone and certainly not the truth.  The Chat Controller has made it his business to, slowly and stealthily, take over most of Cranleigh, and is now doing his best to ensure all roads lead to Bamleigh.  The man now heads up the Bamleigh Chamber of Trade/Commerce, Bamleigh in Bloom; Smart Bamleigh; Informed Voice; Destination Bamleigh; Bamleigh Radio; Bamleigh Village Health Trust and is a Trustee of Bamleigh Knowle Park Initiative – and that’s just his starter for ten!

Rumour has it, in his spare time, he sweeps Bamleigh High Street, with a brush up his a**!

But, we digress!  Apparently, Parish Council Chairman, Liz Townsend, had to issue a warning to her fellow councillors, during a recent parish council meeting – no names, no pack drill.  

Ms Townsend reminded her colleagues that voicing their opinions on the Cranleigh  Community Board could be misconstrued as voicing the views of the parish council.  Councillor Townsend said she would like to make it absolutely clear and issue a word of warning to the operators of the Board that she had received a number of messages about the comments made thereon and these comments DO NOT reflect the views or opinions of Cranleigh Parish Council.

“As parish councillors”, she told her colleagues, “we sign up to a Code of Conduct. You are all representatives of this council and when you comment the public will view what you say, as a member of this council, and that is how you and we will be judged”.

Parish Councillor Ms Nicholson remained schtum, whilst the meeting was being watched by – yep – you guessed it, the Chat Controller. Perhaps he has his eye on Bamleigh Parish Council next?





5 thoughts on “Has Cranleigh Parish Council become embroiled in a little local difficulty with a village Community Board?”

  1. You’re happy to name others yet you remain anonymous, you also report wrongly and twist the facts.

  2. Great to hear from you Hannah.

    Yes, we are anonymous – and for good reason. Our team works around the borough of Waverley – and we hear a great deal about the life of Cranleigh residents – from many of its residents. Would you prefer to read your news based on press releases in the Surrey Advertiser?

    We would love to hear exactly which facts are twisted. Several of the community board followers have contacted us to-day with a string of comments made by – Martin Bamford. The gentleman doth protest too much. He turns off comments on his posts – because CVHT is a client… he has nothing to do with the Community Board … we will let the people of Cranleigh judge that one.

    Please tell us which facts have been twisted? Which of the organisations we have mentioned are not controlled in one way or another by Mr Bamford? Why residents are losing faith with a Community Board that doesn’t reflect the views of the whole community – in other words both sides of an argument or issue?

    Here in Farnham our Community Board has a far more democratic remit – allows people to comment and report on issues – and reflect everyone’s views provided they are made reasonably. The same goes for the community boards of Godalming, Haslemere and elsewhere.

    So we look forward to hearing from you further on the inaccuracies and twisted facts? But we won’t hold our breath.

  3. I am now getting more and more convinced that there’s no real partnership with HC-One. If there’s no partnership, how are CVHT going to finance the building of a private care home and a block of flats? It appears once they’ve got planning permission, everything could change.
    Cranleigh residents want their land back, and our existing Cranleigh Village Hospital to get any remaining money to go towards their League of Friends.

    1. It has been confirmed that HC-One does Not have a contract with CVHT and negotiations will only be entered into once the planning application result is known. The name of the developer and benefactor have been concealed and the recent resignations from the board of trustees is interesting in that one runs a business involved in new housing and the other is a major landowner of land between Cranleigh and Dunsfold! I feel for the medical professionals on the board as they appear to be patsies… One also has to ask oneself why a Village Charity needs to spend @ £25,000+ in 2019 on a PR & Media company and then hide this fact on their published accounts whilst declaring the details of the legal costs and the benefitting company!

  4. He’s not anonymous. Waverley Web is David Howell, the planning spokesman on the executive of the Farnham Society.

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