A conversation with ‘Your Waverley’ Councillor – Nick Palmer.

In May 2019, former Labour MP Nick Palmer was elected to Waverley Borough Council for the Godalming Binscombe Ward. He is the leader of the Labour group  and is a member of the important council’s EXECUTIVE.
In this remote conversation with Toby Westcott-White, South West Surrey Labour Youth Officer, he discusses the recent Labour Leadership Results and the COVID-19 outbreak alongside the Waverley Borough Council’s response.
The Waverley Web congratulates Cllr Palmer for taking the giant step into video conferencing to keep us up-to-date with his thoughts.
Waverley’s Executive meeting was held earlier this week – but so far there is no webcast or information available.

Online talk on Facebook Live

First, I’m trying an experiment on Tuesday evening at 8 – a Facebook Live chat with my Labour colleague Tony Westcott-White.
What I want to do first is give a non-partisan update on the current position regarding Covid-19, in particular how things are looking here in Waverley but also wider nationally. The current trends; the outlook for local services; the position if you’re in any difficulty because of the pandemic, and a look at the long-term outlook. Note that Waverley policy on Covid-19 is being steered entirely across party – frankly it’s a threat that swarfs our traditional rivalries, and we are all working together, so whatever I say in this section isn’t going to be a Labour view, just a neutral assessment which I hope will be helpful. I’ll have come from the council Executive e-discussion that afternoon. I’m going to do this first so that those who are only interested in the Covid-19 issue and not in wider national politics can hear the non-partisan bit without bothering with the subsequent Labour section.

However, as a community, we won’t be only thinking about the virus forever, so I’d like to look forward too at how our society and our world will change when we emerge from the shadow of the pandemic. Later in the chat (which will probably last about 25-30 minutes, depending on how many questions come in), I want to say something about the new Labour leadership and where I think we should be focusing – not only in cooperating with the Government on the virus, but also for the longer view of offering a positive, constructive alternative to the Government. This second part is in my capacity as Labour group leader and constituency chair, so this part won’t be non-partisan – but it won’t be confrontational either – I believe in positive politics. Tune in and judge for yourself!

Details are here: (if it’s not clickable in your browser, copy and paste the address and it should work).:
If all goes well, you should be able to book a reminder and it will pop up. I expect it to last about 20 minutes. Anyone’s welcome to have a look (do forward this to anyone who you think may be interested). This one is just a live discussion – as I understand it, you can post comments which Toby can pick up and throw at me, but you won’t be able to speak live (because it’d be confusing if 100 of us were talking at once).
It’s an experiment! We’ve not tried Facebook Live before, but I hope it’ll be helpful, and nothing ventured, nothing won!
2. Blog on priorities for Keir Starmer
I had an article published today in one of the main national Labour blogs discussing what Keir Starmer should do in his first months as Labour leader, which some of you may find interesting: You can find it here

Feedback welcome, as always!
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2 thoughts on “A conversation with ‘Your Waverley’ Councillor – Nick Palmer.”

  1. Point of Order Mr waverley webmaster. I believe the Executive meeting earlier this week was most probably one of the informal (private) ones that take place regularly, as all formal committee meetings appear to have been suspended until further notice because of social distancing regulations, plus the fact that the majority of Councillors must fall into the over 70’s group.
    However on 3 April, the Government changed the regulations to allow committee meetings to take place remotely. Hurrah!
    BUT the good news for “waverley webcam twitchers”, is that the public must also be able to watch the proceedings. This should provide us with the best laughs we’ve had for a long time. BUT it will be up to each local authority to decide how they conduct meetings and how the public has access. In other words might they be recorded for later transmission with all the funny bits removed? I sincerely hope not, because I for one cant wait!

  2. On behalf of our Webmaster, who is showing signs of fatigue – may we apologise as he followed the Waverley Borough Council Diary which clearly said EXECUTIVE on Tuesday, and not Executive Briefing, which you are absolutely right takes place every week.

    We share your enthusiasm for watching the meetings remotely, but at least ‘Our Waverley’ intends to try, which is more than be said for Surrey County Council which held its most important meeting this week – THE CABINET, behind closed doors! Quite a sensible move in view of the fact that much of the meeting was consi∂ering its investments. It would hardly want the public to know how those are doing at the moment, would they?

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