Waverley speaks out on Israel & Gaza conflict.

Israel and Gaza – statement by the Mayor of Waverley, Councillor Penny Rivers


Mayor of Waverley Penny Rivers.

Waverley Borough Council condemns the appalling attacks on Israel by Hamas. Residents across our borough have been shocked and upset by the senseless loss of life. Our thoughts are with the innocent and vulnerable people caught up in these tragic events.

We stand against all aggression and acts of terror, and we ask for calm and understanding at this time. We respect everyone – those of faith and those of none. Local government is based on the fundamental principle that communities are stronger when they support each other. 

We stand for justice and peace, shalom, salaam.

2 thoughts on “Waverley speaks out on Israel & Gaza conflict.”

  1. Well, Mrs. Rivers. What about the many many years of suffering the Palestinians have suffered from Israeli oppression? Do you not think at some point they would feel under so much pressure that to revolt and attack in this way was their only course of action? What have you done to help end the Palestinian oppression? You are quick to condemn Hamas for attacking Israel, but all you can say at that point is let there be Peace?! If you yourself were being oppressed with having to depend on the whim of Israelis for your water, electricty, and gas and food supply indefinitely, not being allowed to go here go here, do this or do that, or fend for themselves in essential ways for year upon year upon year, maybe you would rise up and say NO MORE?! And maybe you might feel you need to stand up for your rights in drastic ways? At the end of your post you demonstrate you are Jewish. Shalom indeed!

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