Remember, there are valid reasons why not everyone can wear a mask.

Perhaps we all need to carefully consider the new Government rules about wearing masks in shops – as there are very valid reasons why some people just cannot wear them.

 There is absolutely no excuse for the type of behaviour experienced by one young woman who was traumatised by Godalming yobs, with nothing better to do than abuse a young autistic woman.

Waverley Web hopes that Angelina reports this disgusting incident to the police, and there is a message here to the parents of these young and ignorant yobs, and to the group of middle-aged women, she refers too.

It is really quite simple –

better to keep your mouth closed ...

There are numerous and perfectly legitimate reasons for not wearing a mask – too many to mention here. 

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2 thoughts on “Remember, there are valid reasons why not everyone can wear a mask.”

  1. Dear Angelina. I just want you to know that there are lot of people who have your back and it is unfortunate that you had this bad experience with some ignorant idiots. Sadly there are such people around affecting everybody, I think you have done the right thing in bringing this event to notice. It is a timely reminder that we must all support each other and the authorities if we value our way of life. Remember- look up, shoulders back and smile- it does wonders.

  2. Hear, hear. Fear not Angelina, there are lots of Michael Vernon’s in the world and more than its fair share of the idiots that happened to cross your path. But publicising your miserable experience might just stop it happening to someone else?

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