It cannot be true – can it? Another Tory CHINO – who wants to join ‘Your Waverley.’

 It appears from her personal FB profile that Kirsty Walden the prospective Conservative candidate for Waverley’s Godalming Central and Ockford Ward is – so excited – because she is soon to start a 6-month secondment in Brussels.

Obviously, this could be a misunderstanding and she never meant to imply the relocation was to Brussels (perhaps the photo was posted in Brussels but shows their London office?) but surely if true, she should clarify to voters just how she intends to represent her ward from Belgium?


Perhaps she will be another one of Denise Le Gal’s CHINOS who she laughingly described as – “Councillors Here in Name only,” and of whom she is so proud? You can watch her here by clicking on the link below.

Waverley Mayor has the GALL to joke about councillor non-attendance

Here’s Kirsty & her running mate (David Cameron lookalike) Tristan Hopper advertising Greggs Bakery!Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 20.39.28.png

9 thoughts on “It cannot be true – can it? Another Tory CHINO – who wants to join ‘Your Waverley.’

  1. Thank you for the interest in my personal working arrangements, however I do have to correct you on a couple of points here

    Yes, I’m going to be working on a six month project for my Group company who are based in Belgium.

    However, when I took the assignment I made it clear about my other commitments (including my current local government role with Godalming Town Council and potential role at Waverley Borough (if elected). As a supportive employer they agreed I could work from the Brussels office 2-3 days per week and the rest from home.

    Ironically, this new work-life balance set-up means I will be even more available for my personal passion for our community than now, not less! Thank you for the opportunity for setting this straight.

    It’s worth mentioning too that I’m always available online and will be checking and responding to resident email correspondence at all times of the day – regardless of where I am physically.

    • Perhaps we should mention that we only became interested in your personal working arrangements, when you made them public.

      Thank goodness you have such a generous employer, who is prepared for your to attend site meetings, and other functions during the day.

      Here at the Waverley Web we wish you well – and will be watching your attendance record, along with others, with great interest over the next four years.

  2. I think we are best with a mix of Councillors in terms of ages and experiences. It is good to have working people elected and they bring that experience to the role. In my experience some of the least effective Councillors I have observed from all parties are those that put the most hours in but inefficiently.

    I understand that she is seconded for 2 or 3 days a week for 6 months. In reality she is available 7 days a week on email and phone and will be at home 4 or 5 days a week. I don’t know Kirsty much but she comes over to me as being someone very hard working and committed with a genuine desire to work hard to represent her community.
    Best wishes

    • Be careful who you stand up for Mr T.S!

      How is this ‘very committed’ person that you describe as wishing to represent the community going to manage the huge workload at the Town Council – when it has a planning function – and WBC?

  3. How long has Kirsty Walden worked for Ageas then? Her Register of Interests on the Godalming Town Council website says she works for Birch Bernto & Associates. Isn’t it illegal not to keep your Register of Interests up to date?

  4. Sounds like a long commute from Godalming to Brussels and back once a week. Surely would be more comfortable to stay in Brussels for most of the time. I know I would.

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