Will someone, somewhere, sometime – learn how to use ‘Your Waverley’s’ webcast?


Here are all the councillors and officers safely gathered in to overview and scrutinize, the business of the Wellbeing Committee last night Wednesday.

Read their lips – and you might discover the debate on all the items on the Agenda – because you certainly couldn’t hear it!!! And those of us who actually care about Waverley’s decision-making watched yet another silent film. When will someone be made accountable? Perhaps the man at the top, who never opens his mouth at meetings?

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 19.20.56.pngYet again – ‘Your Waverley’ seems unable to handle the technology – or is it a case of female officer goes into cupboard and doesn’t know how to turn the bloody webcast’s sound on?

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 19.40.05.png

10 thoughts on “Will someone, somewhere, sometime – learn how to use ‘Your Waverley’s’ webcast?”

  1. “or is it a case of female officer goes into cupboard and doesn’t know how to turn the bloody webcast’s sound on”

    So, WW, is this a deliberately sexist comment or just an unintentionally crass sexist comment. Either way it strikes me as sexist. Why not just “Waverley officer” or “officer”?

  2. I agree with Kathy’s comment above. Maybe time your spiders put themselves through a course of unconscious bias training.

  3. Sorry you are both incorrect. Not sexist at all. The WW watched the feamle officer walk towards the cupboard, go inside and come out again. Simples – it was on this occasion a female officer who quite obviously didn’t know how to turn the webcast on!

    |As you will see from the picture we posted – it shows the officer. So what are we supposed to do? Enlighten up please – because there is nothig aout the WW that is sexist?

  4. Interesting in itself that you can’t see this. I am not disputing she was female but why mention the officer’s sex at all? You don’t normally. Why not just “the officer”?

  5. I note the comments. I am the ‘female’ officer who made a mistake of not pressing the right button. I totally am
    Sorry for this and wouldn’t normally comment but it was an error that I hope can be accepted. Minutes will
    Be unlisted next week and can only apologise.

  6. A Waverley officer apologising – really – well that is breaking new ground. We can never, ever remember an officer apologising for anything.

    How refreshing. Our turn to apologise as we appear to have upset the female nation of Waverley by mentioning that it was a woman officer, when we should have referred to you as an officer. Now we are going to be really sexist by mentioning that on numerous previous occasions when the webcast has broken down, stopped half-way, spun for ten minutes, or not worked at all it is down to – male officers in the technical department! We know that because we have inside information. No apologises from them though, despite hearing them preparing the webcast and telling each other they must get it right or they will end up on the Waverley Web!

    So thank you Emma for owning up to not pressing the right button. We fully accept your apology and we will watch out for the minutes.

    1. Thank you. I’ll have the notes posted on Monday. It was a genuine mistake and one that I hold my hands up and apologise for.

  7. Thank you Ema – if only everyone at ‘Your Waverley’ was so upfront. Perhaps others could follow your example?

    We have maintained for years there is little or no accountability within Waverley Towers. Now we have been proved wrong. There is.

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