Is 2018 going to herald in a new webcasting system?

Now you may not know this man – but we certainly do here at the Waverley Web! He is our personal enemy numero uno!

Now he may be a really nice bloke with lots of friends, and a loving family? But unless he sorts out that duff web casting system bought off E.Bay by the Scrooges at  ‘Your Waverley’ we are going to drop in on him from a great height and bite him where it hurts! Right on the top of his ‘loaf of bread.’


Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 11.35.09.png


2 thoughts on “Is 2018 going to herald in a new webcasting system?”

  1. Well someone needs to sort out the terrible webcasts – Let us hope this man can do it before you get to him!!! Not only are the Webcasts awful – But the rest of the website seems to go into meltdown when ever they are broadcasting especially the Modgov bits – Maybe I should lend them my Techy OH!!

  2. Yes, perhaps we should buy them some decent technology, or is in Your Waverley’s interest to ensure we, the voting fodder, don’t know what they are up to most of the time. Some meetings are not up at all. The December meeting of the Executive still hasn’t seen the light of day. But fear not, the Waverley spiders will find their way into even the dingiest corners. Unless, of course, they get the feather dusters out!

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