Sometimes you just have to laugh…don’t you? What a load of rubbish?

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We just love getting e-mails from our followers – and this one in particular hit just the right spot with our team, all of whom live in the borough, and are heartily sick of  councils that waste our money and our time with leaflets like the one mentioned below.

We have the correspondent’s  name and address – but chose not to publicise it – just in case in future their rubbish ends up down their garden path. Or do the bin men/women/people,  go up the garden paths any more – ours don’t!

Dear WW
Today I received my leaflet from WBC entitled ‘Could you recycle more?’

Given the chaotic state of rubbish collection/recycling by our 2 waste authorities namely Surrey CC and Waverley BC, they have some cheek!
I should love to recycle more but given the recycling centre cuts to opening times and days (Dorking and Cranleigh) that is not exactly possible so Surrey CC should take the blame there. Even when they are open the system of charging and restrictions as to what can be left is just plain silly and hardly encourages compliance
Re doorstep recycling from WBC – like others I paid for a garden Joanna so that I do not have to comply with their food waste collection. The charge for garden waste collection (brown bins) puts a lot of people off and they bonfire instead. The blue bin for recyclables is always full and the bin men will not take anything not lodged inside! Then of course we have the residual waste option – well until WBC finds a market for all those plastics that their doorstep collection precludes, there is nothing more to be done. Then finally the recyclables options that used to exist in the Cranleigh car parks – all but disappeared yet they were so useful
It would be so helpful if for once WBC took a reality check before sending out such joke titled literature. I guess there is no update on their proposed clothing collection OR indeed the level of fly tipping that now exists across the borough? It would far rather bury that info!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to laugh…don’t you? What a load of rubbish?”

  1. Brian and I have found a simple answer to the problems posed by RSCH – we don’t use it. It takes 45min – 1hr to get to St Georges and we make sure all his referrals go there. Brian has a blue badge and doesn’t pay for parking and their fees have just gone up to £2/hr for others, half of RSCH.

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