Oh! another one bites the dust!

Trustees are dropping off the CVHT radar faster than branches from local trees.  Not Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust now of course, but the Cranleigh Village ‘Health’ Trust.  

This time it’s Mr Cranleahy, who has resigned from his charitable aims to spend more time with his developer aims. The Rudgwick man, has thrown in the shovel, following in the clog-steps of his developer mate Nick Vrijland, who resigned shortly before Christmas.  Remember him, the one who once grew lettuces to feed the nation. Now along with his CVHT running-mate now grows houses – because they want to make Cranleigh a better place.


Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 20.19.03.png
Here’s the reason above why they are regularly biting the dust! The Trustees who are working to find the most effective way forward of how best to use public land and the public’s money are mentioned below?
Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 20.22.52.png
Here’s a list of the Trustees left on the Board. 



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