Roadworks in Godawfulming.

One of our team braved the awful weather last week to take photos of the roadworks causing mayhem in Godalming.

The travelling public is thwarted from getting to their destination in and around the town in a timely fashion due to roadworks being carried out by the Surrey County Council. 
 Meadrow Godalming and  Kings Road on the left towards Guildford are closed. 
Meadrow. Godalming
The first picture is taken from the end of King’s road – overlooking Farncombe Service Station – WW bet the garage operators love that.
Catteshall Lane, opposite Kings Road (alongside Farncombe Service Station), is also closed. Traffic lights are on the main road. 
The work is causing traffic to back -up as motorists needing to exit Catteshall Road into Meadrow have no choice but to go down towards Sainsbury’s little roundabout and then meet the traffic lights on Flambard Way— causing Bedlam there!
Numerous businesses and homeowners are badly affected, including the construction traffic for new homes on  Catteshall Road.   Godalming Ambulance Station is also on Catteshall Road!! A bustling area, particularly during rush hour. 

The closures began on February 20 and are due to re-open at the end of work on March 24th, not a moment too soon for road users,  say townsfolk.

The snowfall hampered work last week, so that the end date might be extended. 
The Toucan crossing under construction is creating considerable work to enable cyclists to ride alongside pedestrians.
WW wonders? What was wrong with the pelican crossing in situ??
Waverley has no control over roadworks. The highway authority is a Surrey County Council responsibility.

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  1. Hmm indeed we hope it’s finished on time. We got jammed from Sainsbury’s petrol station – which was gridlocked and it took nearly 20 minutes to get out past the traffic lights. Avoid rush hours at all costs.

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