BB strikes a blow for the Cranleigh Village Health honchos.

Will no one save us from the constant drip, drip, of drivel that is being dispensed by that self-promoting Cranleigh crank Martin Bamford?  

Having set up the Cranleigh Community Board, Martin Bamford threw his toys out of the pram and left the Board when people insisted on posting comments that he and his cronies in the Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce didn’t like or agree with.

Huge sighs of relief all round then!

Only to be followed by much pantomime-villain-style booing when he dived back in again – because the Cranleigh Community Group, which was set up to question and debate Bamford and his cronies’ self-interested take on Cranleigh, dared to launch a petition to stop a PRIVATE CARE HOME being built on a site that had formerly been promoted for a REPLACEMENT VILLAGE HOSPITAL. Then, shock horror, they dared to support bringing back to the eastern villages, a once treasured minor injuries unit, which could become an Urgent Care Centre.

In short, the Village went to war with Bamford and his cronies and he didn’t like it.    In fact, he fizzed  and foamed with fury and was so cross you could hear the elastic in his Y-fronts pinging!

 He has now put up a post on the alternative Cranleigh Community Board – the one that he still manages to censor, despite ostensibly handing it over  to a Cranleigh Parish Councillor, to tell everyone  about his new client. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 10.05.27.png

It would be interesting to know whether BB’s new client is paying BB for services rendered?  We understand from the locals, regularly in touch with the WW, that he now occupies offices owned by non-other than the Flying Dutchman, recently resigned Trustee of  CVHT to concentrate on his real role as a developer.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the people of Cranleigh and the surrounding villages gave up their time, their efforts and their money to support the creation of a new village hospital/day hospital with local beds for local people, free at the point of demand.  They did not dig deep to line the coffers of a PRIVATELY OWNED NURSING HOME and its promotors and developers with a few community beds that would be open to all comers from across the Borough.  They want their site – which was sold for a measly £1 – and their donations – which ran to over £1.5m  – back.  It’s not a lot to ask, nor is it remotely unreasonable.  After all, if you buy a kettle and find when you get it home it’s making toast you take it back and demand – your money back!

Got it, Mr Bamford?

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6 thoughts on “BB strikes a blow for the Cranleigh Village Health honchos.”

  1. Mr. Bamford has obviously employed his own PR media man to speak on his behalf. Does he not realise that we are all old enough to make our own judgements, and whatever is said will not alter one thing.

  2. Mr Bamford no one trust’s you! Give Cranleigh back it’s building site for the hospital and the money that was raised by the residents of the Cranleigh and surrounding villages. The whole situation is disgraceful

    1. Sadly Patricia, although Mr Bamford may believe he is very important, in the big scheme of things he is just a little blob. Even if he wanted to he is not in a position to give Cranleigh people their land back. The only people who can do that is the charity – Cranleigh Village Health Trust.

      Why doesn’t it come clean and ask the people of Cranleigh and the eastern villages, and the donors, many of whom we understand have since died, what they would like?

      Or perhaps Mr Bamford who is so media savy can he can tell us what he wants? Oops! we know – lots more footfall, lots of new homes, and lots of private care home beds. Not forgetting the 20 community beds that, are not as were intended, for the use of local people on a short term basis. No, continuing care beds for anyone and everyone in the new Surrey Heartlands CCG Trust which has one million patients in its catchment area and Surrey County Council, which closed down your local old people’s home and ours here in Farnham at Cobgates.

      But what better way to provide just a handful of those long-lost beds than with your land and your money?

  3. And there we were thinking he was his own PR Media man. As for making your own judgements, the BB thinks he can win friends and influence people, whilst feathering his own nest too no doubt?

    Sadly Cranleigh and residents of the eastern villages have been well and truly duped and they know it. Must hurt?

  4. Interesting fact you folks over there in Cranleigh.

    We write about some pretty controversial and important issues that affect the everyday lives of Waverley residents. But whenever we write about the BB – our stats go through the roof, with hits from around the world – and we cannot help wondering WHY?

    Perhaps someone would be kind enough to tell us?

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