The temperature is rising in the final stages of the Milford By-Election.

Come hell, wind or high water – the Milford show goes on.

The Tories are throwing everything at the village of Milford in their bid to make a come-back at ‘Your Waverley.’

The party is still smarting from the serious drubbing it received in the May election when although it managed to remain the largest group – it lost control of the borough council.

Since May a Rainbow Coalition led by Farnham Residents’ Group leader John Ward and Liberal Democrat Paul Follows has been running the show, and in the view of many, with great success.

In a bid to ensure every individual group or party is represented in the new-style local government administration, the coalition includes working closely with Labour, The Green Party and Independents.

It was due to the sad, and sudden death of Independent Jack Lee, who worked closely with the coalition, that prompted it not to stand any candidates in the by-election. Sad news for the residents of Milford and Waverley with the announcement of the death of Jack Lee.

In Cllr Lee’s memory they decided to stay out of the political game – and back another Independent, one of his former colleagues on the Milford & Witley parish council, Maxine Gale. His colleagues believed that is what he would have wanted. It’s called doing the decent thing in Milford.

When the election was announced we wondered if the Tories too would honour the late Cllr Lee’s memory? Would they hellers like? Break the habit of a lifetime – and put people before politics – no way! In fact they went further – as you will see from the post below – when they broke The Electoral Commission rules. Desperate or what?

Neither obviously does it  believe in the concept of  that old British weakness of believing in fair play?

The Tories data harvesting has begun in a bid to snaffle a vacant seat in Milford.

The strange case of Carmel Oates.

Will the latest gaff scupper the chances of the Tories sowing Oates in Milford?

We heard from a couple of residents that the Tories are now out – ‘in their droves’ – in an all-out bid to capture the Milford seat and boost their numbers – quelle surprise!

 Another Independent Rosaleen Egan, is feeling a bit beleaguered as she realises that the other parties are all backing Cllr Gale. She says she feels as though she is caught in a pincer movement, but is carrying on regardless saying her and her trusty friend ‘Pip” will be at the voting station on Thursday, ‘looking soulful and hoping for a few extra votes.’

The Milford By-election – is on Thursday February 13th 2020

A missive from Milford.

In the new leaflet from Maxine Gale, in which she garners the support of the Lib Dems, Labour and the Greens, she is at great pains to point out that I have been associated with UKIP. Rather that than three parties who made every effort to overturn a democratic election. Paul Follows is obviously loath to countenance the mere thought that I might be elected but he is quite happy to work under the leadership of John Ward who jumped from the Tory Tossers to UKIP to Farnham Residents’ Association.

I am the ONLY Independent, I have run my campaign by myself and canvassed by myself.(apart from Pip). To pretend that she is an Independent is ludicrous and by not publishing her address on the polling form she withholds the information that she does not live in Milford.

Where was she or Carmel Oates when the previous Tory administration covered up “the fraud”, Don’t Mention the Fraud! where were they when the previous administration covered up the Pollution fraud? Was this woman a scapegoat for the failure of others at ‘Your Waverley?’ 

Nowhere, that’s where?

When out canvassing I ran into the TT’s a lot and they were out in force but at least they make no pretence of their intention to win the seat back.

There, got it of my chest.

Regards Rosaleen Egan.



16 thoughts on “The temperature is rising in the final stages of the Milford By-Election.”

  1. Let’s be clear, the majority of the people who are going to vote in this By-Election are not aware of the shenanigans taking place between the parties. What they see at the Polling Station is one Tory Candidate and two Independent Candidates. Many will want to vote for an Independent – but there are two! Every vote cast for Rosaleen Egan is one step nearer to a potential Tory win. I have nothing against Rosaleen, but can she not see what is in plain sight?

  2. The same could be said of Maxine so what is your point, I don’t believe in tactical voting,

    Regardless of the result I shall be pursuing the Administration’s intention to move the Council offices. If the information I receive from my FOI request proves their point, fair enough, but if that is the case and it requires £2m spent on maintenance then the previous administration will have a lot to answer for.

    1. Rosaleen – it’s also the general annual running costs that are the concern.

      Would you like to meet with me and the relevant officers to go through it? Otherwise I’m happy to make sure you get a full response to your FOI and follow up with you as required?

      1. How about that for honesty and transparency Rosaleen? That response must have come as quite a shock, to someone with a genuine concern for what goes on behind closed doors at ‘Your Waverley.’

        However, like others, we are very concerned that with your former UKIP label, you may have provided the Tories with another seat in the council chamber by splitting the vote?

    2. And also…FOI to me feels ‘last resort’- have you engaged with your borough councillors / parish councillors or anyone else? Obviously it’s your right to raise and FOI Whenever you like but I just wanted to see it you have exhausted conventional means?

  3. I thank you for the offer and when I have the information I will contact you or officers if it is not clear. I appreciate that you are willing to meet but I really need to see the information without any input as unintentional bias could cloud the issue.

    1. Well all information like this is going to have bias because it will have an intended audience- unless you are collecting it yourself, directly (at which point it has your own).

      Anyway that being said – if there were any doubt the information was correct I would be as keen as you to know why 🙂

  4. WW Paul Follows response did not shock me, I would expect no less. The comment about me splitting the vote could also be made about the other Independent who is not a Milford resident. My past interactions in trying to get the previous administration of WBC to answer questions about their underhand methods may put me in a better standing than you think, but regardless no one should be questioning my right to stand, especially WW ,you seem to be jumping on a band wagon being steered by the political parties already in power.

    1. I don’t think your historical personal vendettas are a platform to campaign on. What have you done for Milford and Witley?

      1. Judging by our experience of the Egan’s fight to get justice at ‘Your Waverley’ there was nothing personal about it.

        Fact is the tory group covered up a serious fraud, until after the May elections eight years ago, because it believed it would affect its chance or reaining control. The Egan’s fought for transparency on the issue on behalf of the residents of Waverley, but never received it. Great big cover-up by officers, councillors, and the auditors.

  5. Splitting the vote? I think it is pretty clear that residents didn’t trust the Conservatives at the local election – so it would be a shame if they are let in ( no disrespect to Mrs Oats) because Maxine failed by a margin of the vote that you received.

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