Alfold’s former bobby beats up Waverley’s new regime.


Dunsfold Park Garden Village coming soon.

Despite having objected to the creation of any development at Dunsfold Aerodrome almost, since the beginning of time, – Alfold borough councillor Kevin Deanus – now wants a key role in how the new garden village shapes up.

No doubt Cranleigh’s Cllr Patricia Ellis wants to be on the new Project Governance Board too? As wasn’t it her husband, the late Cllr Brian Ellis that was widely reported saying that Dunsfold airfield would be developed over his dead body! Gives credence to the saying – “be careful what you wish for?”

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As both were on the former Dunsfold Laison Group – presumably in the hope that they could scupper the development – they now want to have a hand in how the new Government backed garden village develops?

Understandable for Cllr Deanus, as his nearby village will be materially affected by what happens next door. But councillor Ellis? She of whom is no longer a part of the  Cranleigh Parish Council brigade?

If anyone should be working with the newly formed board it has to be the Chairman of Cranleigh PC Liz Townsend. Author of Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan and a seasoned and active borough councillor? She is also an Independent spokesman for residents and not in the back pocket of any local developers. If anyone is likely to step on the Flying Scot’s toes its Cllr Townsend – particularly on the environmental impact of the new village.

Cllr Deanus has registered his frustration at not knowing the future make-up of this important board, saying his e-mails go unanswered. You are not the only one Cllr Deanus – so do ours – but then that’s no surprise.

As quoted on the council papers it will be John Ward the leader of Farnham Residents’ who will call the tune. But if the new Waverley Strategic Dunsfold Park Village Governance Board doesn’t include Alfold’s Kevin – there could be fireworks!

So, exactly what is the make-up of the new Board/s? Don’t be shy Cllr Ward?

That is now the leader is back. Life on ‘Your Waverley’s’ Wave.

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5 thoughts on “Alfold’s former bobby beats up Waverley’s new regime.”

  1. Has Cllr Ellis put herself forward? Why not both Cllrs Townsend and Deanus? The volume of traffic from this development will be to the detriment of both residents of Alfold and Cranleigh West. Cllr Deanus always acts in the best interest of the residents he represents. Cllr Townsend has bags of potential to make a real impact now she’s an Independent, she could get her teeth into this as I’m sure there will be plenty of unhappy residents in Cranleigh West who will want her challenging this development all the way.

  2. Of course there has to be someone on the Waverley Strategic Dunsfold Park Village Governance Board from the local area – If not I will want to know why as will all those of us that care about what happens at DP – You don’t have to have liked the decision – I DIDN’T – But we have to make the best of it…. and please do not BANG on about the largest BROWN FIELD SITE in Waverley … It certainly didn’t look like that 5 years ago – it does now.

    It is not a Volte Face – It is a fact that this has been dumped on us in the East Thanks to the many that voted in the larger Towns that didn’t want it on their Patch – Despite the fact they all have Train stations, medical facilities etc…..

    So we have every right to expect Fair representation on this board. I am really angry that it is being headed by Farnham. This will have little to no impact on Farnham or Haslemere, it will have implications for Godalming and most importantly Cranleigh as the 4th largest Village/Town but I am afraid the biggest impact will be the smaller semi rural villages of Alfold, Dunsfold etc.. and of course Bramley due to the impact on the A281.

    As mentioned by Bunty – Cllr Deanus and Townsend represent the larger Village of Cranleigh and the smaller one of Alfold… It is really important that Waverley understand that this is important to all of us even if not all shout as bally loudly on this site as I do. We need to feel that our views are being taken into consideration.

    As far as I can see there is NO reason that a Local Councillor should NOT be on the board – so unless they can tell us otherwise I will continue to bang on – and they will lose my vote.
    Waverley Councillors LISTEN to what the Local Residents want… and if you exclude them I and many others will want to know why they have been excluded.

  3. It is interesting the focus is all about the external impact of Dunsfold Park on the surroundings.
    In fact the brief for this new Committee reads to me as being more inward looking to delivery and creation of this new community. Given that the majority of the councillors from the surrounding villages have always been viscerally opposed to this new community being created in their midst I can’t see them making any really positive contribution to its creation and governance.

    1. Kathy
      I am afraid I have to disagree with you, this development cannot be seen in isolation from the surrounding area, it may be considered so in terms of it being a “New Settlement” but it will still need to be part the East of the Borough and we would all hope that the new residents would want to be a part of it.
      They will be using the local facilities of Cranleigh and Godalming including the shops, Medical facilities, schools etc, as the majority of the On-site facilities are limited, certainly for the early stages of the development according to the Original Roll-out plan. Our local Councillors speak on behalf of their residents and despite being opposed to the development understand that it has been approved and now we need to make to best of it for all concerned.

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