Will the latest gaff scupper the chances of the Tories sowing Oates in Milford?

A couple of days ago we posted on the Tories efforts to data harvest opinion as a pre-cursor to the Milford By-Election due on 13 February. The dubious alliance of Peter Martin & Carmel Oates sent out a questionnaire to residents seeking ??? Votes ???

Can’t have been for any other reason, because the Tories have repeatedly shown they don’t give a damn about Milford – judging by the planning applications recently approved.  Will they face censorship for disobeying Electoral Commission rules?

So, who is genuinely interested in representing the views of Milford People rather than increasing the Tory Party’s hold on Waverley Towers?

In one corner we have : Parish Councillor Maxine Gale standing as an Independent.  It’s called doing the decent thing in Milford.

In another we have another independent Rosaleen Egan, who has had more than her fair share of quarrels with ‘Your Waverley’ over the years. Mrs Egan is canvassing with her outrageously cute campaign manager. She says, “any little advantage is fair in love, war and politics.”

Rosaleen Leaflet Milford 2020

The Tories data harvesting has begun in a bid to snaffle a vacant seat in Milford.

The strange case of Carmel Oates.

We should add, that we have heard nothing from either the Handheld -based Tory Office or Ms Oates or Cllr Peter Martin, despite being happy to hear what she intends to do for MILFORD and Witley?

7 thoughts on “Will the latest gaff scupper the chances of the Tories sowing Oates in Milford?

  1. I have been out today leafletting. The Tories are out on droves and I have just received a different leaflet from Maxine Gale, the other Independent candidate. On the back of her leaflet are endorsements from Lib Dems, Labour and Greens. I feel as if I am caught in a pincer movement! Never mind Pip and I will be at Milford voting station on Thursday looking soulful and hoping for a few extra votes.

    Elected or not I will be pursuing the idea that The Bury’s should be sold as it is too expensive to run. If when I receive my FOI requested material it proves the Lib Dem contention I will let you know but until then I remain highly sceptical

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