It’s called doing the decent thing in Milford.

The Liberal Democrats and ‘Your Waverley’s’ Alliance has come together to do the honourable thing in memory of one its valued past colleagues.

WW Wonders if the Tories will honour Jack Lee’s  memory too – or will it stick one up Milford and donate one of its own in time honoured fashion. Because this election is not about people is it? It’s about Politics?  or, maybe, jut maybe the Tories will break the habit of a lifetime?

Milford By-election – February 13th 2020

As many of you are aware, a borough council by-election has been called to fill the vacancy left by the independent councillor, Jack Lee, who sadly passed away late last year.Sad news for the residents of Milford and Waverley with the announcement of the death of Jack Lee.

In Local elections in May 2019 the people of Milford elected one Liberal Democrat (Cllr Christine Baker) and one progressive independent (Cllr Jack Lee).

Out of respect for Jack and for the decision the people of Milford so recently made, the Liberal Democrats have chosen not to put up a candidate.

Said Lib Dem. councillor and Waverley’s Deputy Leader Paul Follows:

We will instead be supporting Independent candidate, Maxine Gale. You might have noticed that the Green Party and the Labour Party have not put up a candidate either and you can likely expect statements from their group leaders too.

I also want to give my backing to Maxine, who I know to be an active and effective councillor for Witley Parish (both on the ground and social media). We have worked together on several matters for the residents of Milford and Witley, and are both members of the NHS stakeholder group for Guildford and Waverley. Maxine and Cllr Baker would also make an excellent team for Milford.

The ‘rainbow coalition’ running Waverley BC is a co-operative group looking for the best people to work for the good of residents. We are able and willing to put party politics aside for the greater good of a ward and the borough, and in supporting Maxine Gale, we believe we are keeping to those values.

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 06.41.10.png

Campaign page above for Maxine Gale for Milford Ward. A local resident, who has served 20yrs on Witley Parish Council, and is a local business owner.

Posts on other councillors standing, will be included on future posts.

4 thoughts on “It’s called doing the decent thing in Milford.

  1. Well said Paul Follows. I knew Jack Lee slightly and went to his funeral, where I spotted various Farnham Residents and Liberal Democrat Councillors as well as numerous WBC Officers. Let’s hope Maxine Gale gets elected to honour Jack’s memory and to keep a good coalition balance across WBC.

  2. Similar thoughts from the Labour side, though we’re not formally endorsing Maxine, since one aspect of being an independent candidate is that you don’t carry a load of party endorsements (with the possible implication that if you win we can all say it was our doing). Maxine is very much her own person. But I think we all feel that it would be great if we could have another councillor carrying on Jack’s good work. Like Paul, I and other Labour colleagues look forward to helping Maxine’s campaign; from all I’ve heard she’ll be really good.

    My understanding is that there is a Conservative candidate and another independent (who I’m told was formerly UKIP).

  3. Perhaps the UKIP candidate is Rosaleen Egan – will check on that. And, no doubt the Conservative with a great BIG P – is Adam-Taylor Smith?

  4. The Conservative candidate is Carmel Oates, a Parish councillor I gather.

    Rosaleen Egan (who yes I gather is former UKIP but is standing as an independent).

    And of of course Maxine Gale, who is another independent.

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