Don’t Mention the Fraud!

competenceandcredibility.jpgWe are all familiar with that old maxim: Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.”

Well this doesn’t apply to ‘Your Waverley’ Council (WBC) which prefers its own form of justice – and if there is any,  it is conducted in private.

Thank God for that scurrilous Waverley Web  that refuses to ignore the way ‘Your Waverley’  deals with its secrets – in this case,  internal incompetence that occurred due to inadequate processes – and then covering up the £350,000  until it was politically safe to do so! 

In a nutshell a Godalming  couple ‘The Eager Egans’ have had a very big a cross to bear with ‘YW’ for a very long time because regardless of how hard they try they just cannot get anyone to deal with their concerns – very serious concerns – over the cover-up of that fraud, which they claim may have influenced the May 2015 borough elections.

Now although the twain were predicted never to meet, to discuss the underhand, duplicitous, way ‘YW’ and its Auditors, hid a fraudsters theft of £350,000 of taxpayers money,  now they have.

So that’s a big step forward. I suppose two years letter writing to the MP – Jeremy Hunt – and the Secretary of State Minister Sajid  Javid who, unlike “YW’ both responded immediately because the Minister is backing a change in the law, to ensure such breaches cannot be covered up in future.  that at least and at last is something of which both Brian and Rosaleen Egan can be proud.


So now is it a case of – if you can’t beat them – join them – because we hear that Rosaleen Egan is standing in the Surrey County Council Elections  for the Cranleigh and Ewhurst seat- opposing the notorious former leader of ‘Your Surrey’ the  Tory’s Infamous  Tosser – Andrew Povey!


Apparently, the Cranleigh  ‘TIT’ as he is known locally managed to oust the well-loved and highly respected sitting Councillor Alan Young in one of the most acrimonious selection processes ever experienced by the Guildford Conservative Association. You can read if here – but have a strong drink first – and don’t let the children read it! Because it comes with a Health Warning. Tell them to go in the other room and eat their eggs!

NOW… POST – ELECTION stress disorder epidemic hits Ewhurst and Cranleigh.

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