Notalota folks around for Cranleigh’s ‘fundraising’ concert? But who gets the blame for the cancellation?

Yes, you guessed – ‘Your Waverley!’

A statement from the organisers of the 1170 Folk Concert heralded by some as –  THE music event everyone has been waiting for – has been CANCELLED!

However, their statement outlining the reasons for the sudden cancellation is very odd.

 It blames ‘Your Waverley’ (YW) or, maybe the parish council, for not licensing the concert sooner, not enough sponsors to fund it, and the risk the charity would face?
Why would the charity risk anything – apart from not getting any funds? Curious?

Well – let’s start at the beginning and tell the truth and crack at least one of the porkies.

You know us, we are quick to give dear old ‘WBC’ a dig in the ribs for the errors it makes, and perish the thought we should become the defender of the faith. But let’s put the record straight:

‘YW’ sprung into action before the May election voting slips were cold.  The Licencing Committee wasn’t even officially formed under the council’s New Guard. However, its interim quasi-judicial former committee bent over backwards and did double somersaults to provide the organisers with their licence to make money for the church!

 Led by acting chairman Michael Goodridge, it leapt into action, only days after the polls, to prevent any delay.

 So eager was she to see the licence approved Cranleigh’s Cllr Patricia Ellis threw normal caution to the wind for a new, untried and untested event, at an untried and tested venue, and supported it becoming an annual event! WOW! Had the organisers promised her a spot in the line-up? However, not everyone was quite so keen.  Cranleigh Parish Council was more cautious, objecting for lack of sufficient information and concerns about traffic in Knowle Lane, Alfold Road and Elmbridge Road.

Will a Folk Concert herald the opening of the new Cranleigh By-Pass?

As for the sponsors.cranleighfolksponsors

The list of sponsors looks pretty heavyweight to us simple souls that we are?

Bellway Homes and The Berkeley Group (not the normal sponsors of a music festival?!) But, say the organisers, they have not met the desired sponsorship targets! Really! Surely ‘lettuce and Leahfy’ are putting their hands into their very deep and well-filled pockets too? After all, wasn’t this event they told the parish council would be the forerunner for future public events attracting  20/30,000 people? Surely Knowle Park’s owners – developers KPI and A2-Dominion – who already boast planning consents coming out of their ears are backing the concert?

Well, you don’t seek a licence for a festival if you don’t have the backing do you, outdoor concerts are such a great risk these days!

Or did they mean the line-up is so poor, and the marketing so bad, they have failed to sell any tickets, in a very busy and competitive market?

(Weyfest in Tilford Farnham this weekend.

 Kenny Jones’s Rock and Horsepower concert at Ewhurst this weekend,

The Secret Widget Festival at Ewhurst 30th Aug -1st Sept.) says: It is with regret that the organisers announce that the Cranleigh Folk Festival due to be held in Knowle Park from the 13th-15th September 2019 has been postponed.
The Folk Festival is designed to provide funds for the 1170 charity which supports the restoration work required for St Nicholas Church Cranleigh. The decision to postpone the event has been taken after careful consideration and is done to ensure the charity is not compromised financially.

The organisers believe that circumstances have conspired to create a significant financial risk that they are not willing to take. The event planning was severely delayed through the licencing process that included objections raised during this process and so extended the time frame by several months. For a first-time event, this has proved to be a major handicap in marketing, engaging the festival audience and securing the requisite sponsorship.

Whilst broad support for the event in the village has been strong current uncertainty within the economy has put businesses under continued pressure. This is completely understandable as it seems that these conditions are also prevalent across the county. As a result of these conditions, it has been difficult for the organisers to reach the desired sponsorship targets.

The organisers would like to thank all those who gave their time and commitment to the intended event. The organisers remain committed to meet their obligations in full. We look to reorganise and come back in the future.

For the benefit of all our readers – we are told Cranleigh has a huge venue for concerts and shows – including The Cranleigh Agricultural Show; The Lions Classic Car Show and other events. A tried and tested venue well away from residential properties – it is called ‘The Cranleigh Showground.’

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 10.36.29.png

5 thoughts on “Notalota folks around for Cranleigh’s ‘fundraising’ concert? But who gets the blame for the cancellation?

  1. Am I missing something here? Having followed this site for 12 months now, it appears the same names involved with Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust keep appearing. (Word on the street suggests there is money missing from that charity) and now this Folk Festival, yet another Charity seems to have run into trouble. What is the common denominator here?

    Now there is a new application for a Country Park which appears to run from Knowle Lane to Elmbridge. Are we going to lose our public footpath? Call me a cynic but I smell a RAT. Maybe the residents are unwilling to part with any more of their money … in the name of Charity? Once bitten twice shy?

  2. We have heard from a number of people on our private mail address at that they have the same concerns. Sad really that this is how charitable giving gets a bad name.

    As for the reasons why the event has been postponed/cancelled – there appears to be some confusion which of these it is? Perhaps the organisers could enlighten everyone? Has it been postponed to a later date? Has it been cancelled? Seems the same to us, as it is highly unlikely to go ahead this year.

    As for the reasons. We have heard from some that it was more to do with ticket sales, which seems the most likely reason. There was also some talk of safety and highway issues. Lots of talk on your community boards over there about Cranleigh already having a Showground with better road links, and why wasn’t that used.

    Have the residents started moving into the new homes near the parkland? Berkeleys we think? Are they objecting to this concert being held every year on their doorsteps? Or perhaps they love the Sound of Music? Folk that is?

  3. Or maybe its just the wrong music…is Cranleigh a hot bed of Folkies, i do remember the old folk club up the Four Elms, a quick chorus of Plastic Jesus & who’s round is it.?….but from experience there is only one thing stops an event this close to it happening & that is lack of ticket sales….So come on guys, just be honest…& next year book Chic, Kool & the Gang, UB40 & the excellent Billy Ocean, because that really is the music Cranleigh likes…& now the shameless plug…See you in the Arts Centre on the 21st September for Another Funkin Disco ….tickets still available

  4. Great comment Adrian. Love your description of a night at the Four Elms – is it still there? Our great ub – The Marlborough Head – full of character – has gone only to be replaced by another restaurant chain or shop, sometime in the future!!

    Of course it was down to the lack of ticket sales, and the organisers won’t be admitting to that. As for ‘Your Waverley’ granting a licence for ever more – what a load of nonsense. Venues have to be tried and tested for safety, crowd and traffic control before giving them the go-ahead.

    The parish council was quite right to be concerned and raise objections in the public interest.

    Nothing shameless about your plug for the Arts Centre on 21 September. We like to advertise local events.

  5. Sadly the Four Elms closed & is now a private dwelling… Good to see you boys from the West, keeping an eye on things across the other side of the county

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