Will a Folk Concert herald the opening of the new Cranleigh By-Pass?

It isn’t only Bramley’s By-pass Byham that wants to re-route the traffic – Cranleigh man wants to do it too!

And… on Monday ‘Your Waverley’ will give the go-ahead for a three-day concert at its Licensing Committee. A committee that has not even been officially formed yet!

I hear footsteps slowly walking
As they gently walk across a lonely f[ield]
And a voice that’s softly saying
Darling this will be goodbye for evermore

There goes my reason for living
There goes the one of my dreams
There goes my only possession
There goes my everything

As my memory turns back the pages
I can see the happy years we had before
And the love that kept this cold heart beating
Has been shattered by the closing of a [field]

Warbles Tammy Wynette, providing a fitting swan-song for Cranleigh’s latest green field, for a Folk Concert that is being promoted to herald the opening of the new Cranleigh By-Pass. All in the name of Charity!

Taking a leaf out of By-pass Byham’s book, Cranleigh’s movers-and-shakers (known locally as ‘pi**-takers’!) are also keen to re-route the traffic. And – if they cannot do it legally, they will do it by stealth!

 On Monday, ‘Your – oh so complicit – Waverley’s Licensing Committee will give them the go-ahead for the three-day event, which will be held annually. A Quasi-Judicial Committee that has not even been officially formed yet!

With yet another planning scalp tucked under its bulging belt on one part of the Knowle Park, the Knowle Park Initiative is now well on the way to creating By-Pass Stage One: Starting in Alfold Road and serving the new KPI/A-2 Dominion 75 home development, which includes an additional “emergency exit for emergency vehicles.”

Councillors Townsend (Cranleigh), Follows (Godalming) and Hyman (Farnham)  all questioned the need for the so-called ‘emergency access’ given that it hasn’t been requested by either the fire brigade or ambulance service because the spine road of the development is deemed sufficiently wide to take large vehicles.

On the back foot and only days away from shutting up shop for the elections, officers at ‘Your Waverley’ agreed, once again, to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted, saying, “in future applications [they would] ask the emergency services for their views on whether such accesses are necessary.”

WTF? You couldn’t make it up, really you couldn’t!

Anyone else detect a very strong stench of rotting fish in the state of Cranleigh?

Not least because we, at the Waverley Web, have never known another developer – like Barratt Homes, Berkeley Home, Cala Homes, Crest Nicholson, Millwood Homes or Uncle Tom Cobley Homes to ever seek similar alternative accesses for emergency vehicles!



Here’s your Cranleigh Man – now with more time on his hands -to do the work? 

So when the WW heard from a Cranleigh follower that another ‘new access” – only temporary (of course!) – was required to take traffic for up to 5,000 people from Knowle Lane – through Knowle Park to Alfold Road – for a Folk Festival planned for September, every orifice began to twitch!


Below is a comment sent to contact@waverleyweb.com from Angry of Cranleigh:

Trees and hedgerows removed at their whim in the name of yet another charity – 1177, which is arranging a festival to raise money for the church? Really?

… look behind this and you will notice the start of a so-called ‘temporary road’ for Cranleigh’s very own Friar Tuck. Going to where? You may well ask!

To Robin Hood’s new development? This will increase the value of his housing with a straight road into Cranleigh’s Knowle Lane.

Where then, you may well ask? Another so-called charity wants another “emergency access” Down Snoxhall Road across our precious Downslink, across residents [AKA Parish owned])’ land outside the Bandroom and into the car park and village!

Of course, this will all be denied by the Fat Friar, Robin Hood and his merry men, all of whom will benefit greatly from this new temporary road, for which trees are currently being felled(!), making the Friar’s land ripe for even more development at some point in the future no doubt!

So poor old Cranleigh gets poorer by the day thanks to Robin and his merry men! Not only has its residents lost their land (we believe the land to which the writer refers was sold for a £1 to Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust (CVHT) by Cranleigh Parish Council for a so-called village hospital, which has now morphed into a private ‘Care Home’) and their money, now their High Street and Knowle Lane are permanently log-jammed and impassable due to HGVs, which is driving shoppers out of Cranleigh New Town.

And now it looks set to be closed off permanently so the lardy Friar Tuck and his motley men can get even lardier!.

By checking’YW” website it appears Cranleigh Parish Council had strongly objected to the application.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 15.04.08.png


4 thoughts on “Will a Folk Concert herald the opening of the new Cranleigh By-Pass?

  1. Why would you want to move traffic from one narrow road to another narrow road, what does that achieve? Can someone explain that to me, who is going to benefit?

  2. The usual people will benefit. The WW undestands it is the usual group called – The ‘Cranlegh Mafia.’

    From what we understand the Cranleigh Chamber of Trade, Surrey County Councillor Andrew Povey, is forming its own transport group together with Surrey highways to re-design Cranleigh in their image?

    Has Cranleigh Parish Council been involved we wonder? What are Cranleigh residents sleep-walking into this time?

    Cranleahy and the Flying Dutchman, together with the BB and Your Little Povey – have it all done and dusted no doubt. All they need is the Little Digger Driver down in Knowle Park and just like magic Cranleigh will have a new By-Pass. All on the back of two charities – Cranleigh Village Hospital – without a hospital – Trust, and now the Church.

    Why not Cranleigh Showground – the premier showsite? Ah, because that is unlikely to lead to more housing is it?

    Cranleigh people must be chking on the stench over there. A bit like us here in Farnham with Blightwells?

  3. What folk concert? Tried to look it up on the web, no info just dates. Does this sound familiar? Yet again, they want us like sheep to follow and say nothing so Friar Tuck and Robbing Hood can take from the poor to feed the rich. How much more can Knowle Lane cope with? Traffic is at a stand still now! Cranleigh business’ are suffering . Come on Cranleigh, ask questions, be brave they cannot shoot us all. Please share this with as many as possible we need to join forces and react. Look at Cranleigh Community Group see the comments and ask your questions???????

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