The gas/oilman commeth with a little bit of help from our county council friends?

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Well done’ Your Waverley’s’ first listening exercise was a rollicking success – and there are calls for more.

Would you Adam and Eve it? Surrey could be backing fracking in our borough!

Now we understand from our friends across the other side of the county that the council bordering the Waverley Borough in Mole Valley is being ignored too!


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In August 2018, SCC approved the (part) retrospective application for the unauthorised Brockham sidetrack, despite Mole Valley District Council’s unanimous vote to object to it.  You can read it here:

Be warned Surrey County Councillors! You heard it here first. It is not long until the next county council elections – look what happened in Guildford; Waverley; Woking; and numerous other Surrey borough councils in May.

Start listening to your constituents, or it may come to bite you very hard in your posteriors, and you too will be looking to spend more time with your families.

2 thoughts on “The gas/oilman commeth with a little bit of help from our county council friends?

  1. particularly Surrey County Councillor Victoria Young.

    Dunsfold is on her patch. What’s she done so far apart from attend one meeting with Jeremy Hunt. Absolutely sweet FA.

  2. Well with the potential of a General Election looming perhaps they all should think a little bit more about listening to the Voting Fodder! – We can vote them in and we can VOTE THEM OUT!

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