2 thoughts on “Could Farnham become ‘Your Waverley’s first non-political town on May 2nd?”

  1. I suspect that Mr. Wylde is not the only person with a dim view of the Muppet show that is W.B.C. 60% of the folk that work there are just fine at doing their jobs but the upper echelons who are apparently ‘in charge’ are detached from reality in the worst way with self interested, unrealistic, unhelpful & downright rude in attitude to the very people who pay for their daft scheming. Farnham is becoming a ‘dead’ town & East St. just an ugly appendage to a once pleasant place ,in all a waste time & money and a slap in the face to the people of Farnham. We do not even have any Police presence to speak of yet the waste keeps on coming from W.B.C. & Surrey C.C. Change needed, the time is coming.

  2. Well Keith – if the Muppet Show gets four more years, then who do we blame? We get the Governments we deserve. It is up to us, the people of Farnham, and elsewhere to bring an end to this Tory domination. ‘Your Waverley needs some balance. In the past couple of years they have rubbished and ignored any opposition comments or suggestions.

    They would rather have paper candidates who don’t even bother to turn up, than genuine candidates from any other party in order to preserve their dominance.

    We agree SCC and WBC need change – and change is coming.

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