The Waverley Web unmasked by Protect Our Waverley?!?

We have noticed that some comments from Protect Our Waverley – Aka Peppa Pig; Cliff Clavin; Stacey Strumpet!! and more, have been addressed to Farnham Resident … Dear David claiming he is none other than the Waverley Web.

Though we have to say that ever since the Dunsfold Park decision – most of the above have all been very quiet – in fact silent. But then isn’t that what The Tremeloes sang… ‘Silence is Golden?’

Just to keep the record straight,  we and every other Farnham resident know that  ‘Dear David’, who was part of  Farnham’s Fearless Five who challenged ‘Your Waverley’ to Judicial Review on Blightwells,  is not a man to hide from commenting on local affairs.

Presumably Bob Lies thinks we are theatre director and U3A bod David Wylde, one of the Farnham Five (on the left) Neither he or the other gentleman featured blow is…

The Waverley Web! But 10/10 for trying.


He nearly fell off his stool from laughing. 

Here are David’s one of many letters to the Farnham Herald on the present state of local government. Makes interesting reading – want to join the WW David?

25.10.18 – Farnham Herald – Deteriorating standards copy

Well, David referring to your letter above Surrey County Council’s Leader has resigned! And with the news that there has been a resignation from Farnham Town Council, you should be seeking co-option?Screenshot 2018-11-23 at 00.07.04.png

3 thoughts on “The Waverley Web unmasked by Protect Our Waverley?!?

  1. WW – slow news day is it? You have tried to misdirect again. Why is that? Is someone getting close? It looks like you have now confirmed that you are rattled, by pointing the finger at an innocent Mr Wylde. Your identity is known by many in the Borough, in the Farnham Society and, it seems, some of the Conservatives in Waverley Borough Council. What address shall the solicitor write to?

  2. Great to see you back. Thought you had decided there was nothing more to shout about now that the Local Plan has been approved and Dunsfold has the go-ahead?

    WW didn’t point the finger at the innocent Mr Wylde – you did. But then we heard from him and he was quite happy as he is a regular reader, and he had a good laugh, and since has sometimes contributed to the WW.
    We are so pleased that our identity is widely known by so many in the borough, and particularly in the Farnham Society. We are always happy to hear from any solicitors – including yours at Protect Our Wwaverley, as it would appear you have have very deep pockets and plenty of money to throw at the legal eagles!

    Remember – telling the truth is not libellous. Keep in touch.

    Our address:

  3. O Wavey,, have you bin unmasked? have they Outted you??? has your’e Cover bin blown? o woe is you:::

    if So it was’nt me i promiss … yuor Secrit is safe with Me … and i hope this wo’nt effect any Proffesional Relaytionship we migth have,,, {Past Prescent or Futurr}!!! … an if i see you walking arownd Farnam [or enywere else for that Matter] il’l pretend i do’nt know you …

    remines me of that old Song …`Walk on bye, wate on the Corner,,, i luv u but were Stranedgers when we meet `’ … enuff sed;;;

    Luv, Stacy xxx
    “Turning a Blinde Eye, wink wink 😉 “

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