Local residents take to social media to call out Conservative spin Part 1

There are lies, damned lies and then there are Tory lies.


There have been several posts in the Godalming Community facebook Groups complaining about the spin the local Conservatives are putting in their propaganda, from single-handedly saving Green Oaks school to preventing building on the Greenbelt.

When this resident posted the latest missive from the Martin dynasty with some critical comments, a local Conservative Town Councillor Anne Gray reported the post for hate speech no less!!

They really don’t like any scrutiny, or criticism do they?!

This isn’t hate speech Ms Gray – it is called telling the truth because if you don’t someone else will tell it for you.

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14 thoughts on “Local residents take to social media to call out Conservative spin Part 1”

  1. Waverley Web – Take care about the truth of your own pieces. Some look untrue or spins about facts.

    1. If you want the truth ring up Cllr Peter Martin and ask him if he voted for the closure Green Oaks School?

  2. But that surely is the point of all of this you can take or leave what WW says – But surely we should expect a degree of Honesty from our Elected representatives?? They should be fighting for what Locals really want such as Child care provision, Elderly care, Decent Roads, Schools and medical facilities, not to mention our recycling centres.

    1. You will get more honesty from us here at the WW than you will get from some of these elected representatives. Why? Because we watch the webcasts and hear what they say. We suggest that the rest of the population do the same. Then they can judge who is telling the truth.

      We hve never suggested that all councillors are a sham – just some of them.

  3. There has been a lot of puff without any fact. Curiously the Conservative candidate parachuted in to fight Milford has been repeating the party PR on FB trying to claim credit for the Gordon Murray HQ development…. but is confusingly referring to his understanding that there will be a new link road to the A283 (which he should know is the main road through… er…. Milford). Every resident knows he is confusing it with the A281 at Cranleigh, and even then he is wrong as they are not building that link road. So no infrastructure. I suggest he finds out the facts before posting puff PR.

    1. Correct. But then, that is not unusual for the Conservative Candidate parachuted in to fight Milford. Same man who is admitting to his friends, that he is a paper candidate, and was pushed into standing.

      Why on earth would he know the difference between the A283 and the A281 – or anthing about a link road.

      Let’s hope that the Milford electorate will suss him out before they vote on Thursday.

  4. I’m amazed to find myself defending a Godalming Conservative Councillor. However, here goes. Reading Anne Gray’s explanation of her action I’m tempted to believe her. The post about which she seems to have complained coincided with a post about spoof of the same Conservative party leaflet. IMHO the spoof crossed a line – one of the images involved was indecent. And the post(s) about the spoof have been removed. Reading between the lines Anne Gray is guilty of nothing more than reporting the wrong post and perhaps a lack of adeptness with Facebook.

    1. A rare moment for me too here as I also believe that to be the case myself.

      What Cllr Grey has done here is react without checking the detail of which post she was reporting. Ironically it was actually me who contacted her and told her she had done this and recommended she update the post. Not least of which because the residents comments above the post were also a) totally reasonable and b) clearly in reference to the legitimate leaflet and not the spoof.

      There were of course two posts that were of concern surrounding this post that were spoof copies of recent Tory leaflets (and one that was offensive in a few ways). I reported the first one to the returning officer for the election as such myself.

      Hope that clarifies a bit and is said for the sake of fairness

    2. We witnessed Peter Martin calling for the closure of Green Oaks School.
      Then we witnessed his volte face when he realised therewas a huge roundswell of opinion against the closure. Particularly in view of all the proposed housing that he intended to see through.

      The electorate are not stupid. The head of the Green Oaks School PTA is not stupid, and they will judge these people for themselves through the ballot box – or not, as the case may be.

      As we have said before – tell the truth -or someone else will tell it for you.

    1. That being said they could now perhaps answer the legitimate questions being asked by the residents on the topic…

      1. Yes, if they are all so confident they are telling the truth. Say so.

        Is that silence we hear?

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