Godalming’s starter for 6.

Councillor Paul Follows, Godalming’s’ new boy on the block, wants to reinstate planning committees at Godalming Town Council!

Reinstate? Did we hear that correctly? You cannot be serious!

Clucking Bell! Why doesn’t a town like Godalming operate a planning committee? An important part of the grass-roots democratic process?

Even the smallest parish councils hold regular meetings to consider their planning applications. Meetings that are held in public, where neighbours and applicants or their agents are given an opportunity to comment, provide information and answer any queries the committee and the public may have.

So why we wonder doesn’t a town council, whose membership includes a leading light in the of the Association of Parish & Town Councils, a former senior honcho at Waverley borough council, who has donned the Mayoral robes for a second time, think a planning function is unnecessary? A Councillor who rocks up at other parish councils advising them how to operate and conduct their business.

Tell us, someone, please? 

Here are Councillor Follows Quick 6 To Fix in Godalming. Most of which would apply to every other town and village in Waverley.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 21.17.32.png

But,  Cllr Follows –  could you possibly add another to your list and make it 7? Just for your younger and older residents, who are falling all over the place in the badly re-instated roads and pavements in Godawfulming. A selection of pictures which are included below. We know it is a county council responsibility, but perhaps you could whisper, if you dare, into the ear of County Cllr Peter Martin, because we know he never listens to our complaints, but will listen to you!

The pictures below were all taken AFTER, the Surrey County Council roadworks were completed!! 

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 08.41.18.png


Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 10.01.01.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 16.21.03.pngIMG_20190308_115516.jpg


9 thoughts on “Godalming’s starter for 6.”

    1. Very pleased to hear it. WW wish you well. Plase let us have your thoughts. We are here to put everyone’s intentions forward.

      1. WW – this position on the restoration of the planning committee at GTC has been agreed by all opposition parties.

        Happy to get a Green to confirm the same!

  1. Hi – just to say that one of the most frequent highway related matters I already undertake is about the quality of some of the repairs. We had a couple of instances where something else was damaged in the process of a repair too (in the town centre of Godalming).

    So yes I certainly will carry on with your suggested #7 🙂

    And Peter Martin..listen to me? Turning in a comedy website? 🙂

    1. Although the highway and pavement issues are a very serious matter, which needs the county councils immediate attention forgive us for our little joke about Cllr Peter Martin.

      However, he certainly doesn’t listen to his electorate​, so he is unlikely to listen to us, but you appear to be getting right under his skin, so we thought we would give it a go through you!

  2. I heard, from a reliable source, that Godalming Town Council abolished its Planning Committee because Councillors had too many meetings to attend. And, that they didn’t see any point in considering planning matters when 10 of their number are also Waverley Borough Councillors.

  3. Too many meetings? Is that the reason they give for their poor attendance record, and not responding to residents views.
    Why on earth would they want to listen to the electorate, when they can go to the borough council, if they feel like it, a forum which is obviously far more important.

    What a disgrace. Why do these arrogant people bother to stand for the town council then? Just stand for the borough, and give the good people of Godalming an opportunity to vote for those who are prepared to listen to their views and represent their interests on planning matters.

    The time has arrived for change in Godalming and elsewhere in the borough too.

  4. I should just like to comment (as I know George has said above) the restoration of the GTC planning committee is something all opposition parties have committed to do if elected.

    If a Godalming Green is reading this I’m sure they can also confirm that.

    As we all also agree it’s time for a change. People are tired of toxic politics and I personally would rather work with people in other opposition groups to benefit residents than attack people for the sake of it (a strategy that ultimately only benefits the Conservatives and is partly why the place is so skewed towards blue).

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