Wannabe Developers and ‘Your Waverley’ are riding roughshod over the borough’s angry residents.

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Air pollution in Waverley’s towns; bats lost in central Farnham; badgers drowned in Cranleigh; ancient woodland and wildlife lost in Rowledge; Hedgerows wilting and dying in Ewhurst.  

Wildlife and habitat, ancient trees and woodlands are disappearing at an alarming rate all over the borough of Waverley as the onward march of developers proceeds unabated.

Waverley officers have admitted they cannot keep pace with the rising number of complaints from the public on numerous breaches of planning conditions.  So far, they have taken no action against serious breaches including felling trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders, (TPO’s). They have also turned a blind eye to a major stream being dredged illegally in Cranleigh!   Along with ‘YW’ are those who also bear responsibility for caring for, and protecting our environment.  The Environment Agency, Thames Water, Natural England and the lead local flood Authority – Surrey County Council.

The townsfolk of Haslemere have been filming and photographing distressed deer at a proposed development site in Scotland Lane where wannabe developers have torn down ancient hedgerows and fenced in wildlife in anticipation of building 50 home in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.   A site, where ‘Your Waverley’ has recently banned and threatened legal action to remove residents’  noticeboardsHaslemere given a good smack by ‘Your Waverley’s’ iron fist.

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3 thoughts on “Wannabe Developers and ‘Your Waverley’ are riding roughshod over the borough’s angry residents.”

  1. It is only when it is all gone that people will take note. We have beautiful country-side here with an abundance of wildlife. It is bad enough seeing so many more dead animals and birds on the roads due to the increased traffic on our country roads, but this fencing in and netting is just appalling.

  2. We couldn’t agree more. A trip around the borough to-day revealed even more old, healthy oak trees biting the dust. It is quite disgraceful, whst are Waverley’s planning enforcement officers doing? Are they all aleep?

  3. this is dreadful for haslemere where i was born, and for our countryside. these developers only care about money and making it big and quick, no concern about looming climate change and absolutey no concern for mother nature and her wild animals! shame on them I do not know how they sleep at night!

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