Dunsfold Park decision – called in by the Secretary of State.

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It would seem that the Whip-Cracking Deputy Dominatrix, AKA Anne Milton MP, has more sway over Sajid Javid than we could have possibly imagined for it was announced today that Matron Milton has prevailed and persuaded the Secretary of State to call in Dunsfold Park’s planning application to build 1800 homes on the aerodrome.

Read the letter for yourself here: 170301 – Dunsfold – Rule 6 call in letter to LPA170301 – Dunsfold – Rule 6 call in letter to LPA

This will, without doubt, be a major blow to Your Waverley, which was depending on housing at the airfield to underpin its Daft Local Plan – which is now looking dafter by the minute, if that were possible!

On the one hand, we’re told the Government wants more housing and Waverley is being encouraged to build more houses and yet an application to build houses on the biggest brownfield site in the borough gets called in whilst, elsewhere, all over the Borough, green fields are being concreted over by developers who are contributing diddley-squat to the infrastructure needs of the Borough when compared with the millions (we believe the figure is around £50m) Dunsfold Park was going to pump in! You couldn’t make it up – not even if you tried!

Alongside Protect Our (Little Corner) of Waverley there will be plenty of developers who will be swilling back the Champagne today as they throw in their planning applications faster than Your Waverley’s printers can churn them out! And they’ll be laughing all the way to their earth-movers as Your Waverley is left high-and-dry whilst Dunsfold Park is in limbo-land courtesy of the Deputy Dominatrix and her all-too-willing-slave.

For, be in no doubt about it, in light of the loss of Dunsfold Park’s housing contribution, Your Waverley will have little option but to nod through another 265 homes at West Cranleigh Nurseries when the Joint Planning Committee meets next week – putting yet another nail in the coffin of Cranleigh New Town.

annemilton_newoutfitWell done, Anne, we have to hand it to you. You and your whip really are a cracking asset to Cranleigh! We and very many Cranleigh residents have no hesitation in laying the blame for the desecration of this once beautiful village on your front porch! We hope the donations made to your campaign coffers by Protect Our (Little Corner) of Waverley make it all worth your while.

And  the barristers at London’s Landmark Chambers, who not only regularly represent Your Waverley but also Dunsfold Park, will also be raising a glass or two or three to you tonight. Their coffers will be full to over-flowing by the time this sorry saga has played itself out.

For not only will Waverley be pouring hundreds of thousands of pounds down the borough’s overflowing drains but all that Council Tax Payer’s money could be swiftly followed by the £50 million Dunsfold Park were rumoured to be contributing to the local economy via infrastructure in the form of a new school, affordable homes, a new sewage works, leisure centre, sports centre … we could go on but you get the picture.

The irony of it is that this time Your Waverley and the Flying Scotsman will be in it together, singing from the same hymn sheet when this gets to Public Inquiry! You couldn’t make it up – you really, really couldn’t! Talk about the  unholy of unholy alliances!

So where does this decision leave Your Waverley’s Local Plan? WITH A GREAT BIG HOLE.

In short, it leaves everything to chance… WHY? Because, let’s face it, Your Waverley had no vision for Waverley – no vision for the East, the only people with any vision are the developers who are now circling overhead in their helicopters marking up their plans for yet more green fields they can concrete over to make up the 1800 shortfall that the Dunsfold Park Dilemma is going to place Your Waverley in!!!

 WW wonders if the site owners might just throw in the bricks and go for its second option – may we now see the resurgence of a very busy airfield? Thereby the very real and total destruction of the East of Waverley and in particular Cranleigh and the villages around – just 8 miles from the bottom of Gatwick’s runway! 

 AND .. Now the affordable housing threshold is reduced to 30% Godalming is 300 affordable houses short, so it, like most Neighbourhood Plans, it was relying on Dunsfold to have the space and money to make up the numbers..

Its a bit rich for Anne, and perhaps Jeremy, to call the plan in – we  assume in the name of democracy – as they don’t trust or support the judgement of their own Waverley Tories who approved  the decision at Planning.

Hope Our Annie has her darning needle at the ready to start stitching up that great big hole in the Daft Local Plan!

The latest joke doing the rounds:

Q  If it’s green and doesn’t move – what is it?

A. A potential development site in ‘Your Waverley’.


7 thoughts on “Dunsfold Park decision – called in by the Secretary of State.”

  1. Many Chobham village residents affected over at Surrey Heath by the new plans to develop something similar at Fairoaks Airport may hope that change is now afoot within the Gov to look at keeping Britain’s very green airfields.

  2. We here at the WW are far more concerned about keeping Britain’s very green countryside green!
    Be careful what you wish for Mr Maxwell – there are builders eyeing up the green fields near you!

  3. This attached recovered appeal at Gillingham, Kent might give Anne Milton MP food for thought. Whereas called-in applications frequently went against developers prior to 2015 (as evidenced on the DSLG web pages) if there are now concerns about protecting landscape and lack of infrastructure, the Government is now over-ruling such quibbles!


    Anne Cooper

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