Covid Marshalls in Waverley? What do you think?

Paul Follows ‘Your Waverley’s Deputy Leader says he’s OPPOSING the use of Marshalls on our streets but wants to hear from residents what they think?
He says this potentially controversial issue needs an airing, but the provision of Marshalls has arisen again from a  few councillors now a new lockdown has been announced. He now wants to see what views the community holds on this subject in regards to lockdown which arrives on Thursday.
Although the WW wouldn’t oppose the concept of a few people around to ensure social distancing, as some people just don’t get it! – wouldn’t our old bobbies on the beat have done the job in days gone by? Sadly those who ignore the rules – will continue doing so. However, in Australia – Melbourne, in particular, you did as you were told or else! Infections there yesterday NIL. Hey! and who is going to pay for Marshalls Cllr Follows – dream on if you think money will be coming from Government.
IF only common sense would prevail? Wear a mask – wear it properly – keep your distance.
Cllr Follows says: ‘I opposed these in both Waverley generally and Godalming specifically last time (and I am still minded to oppose them now too) for the following reasons:’
➡️ Waverley isn’t one place, whereas Guildford could have a few realistically covering its High Street and North Street, the borough would likely need dozens;
➡️ The cost would be significant and it has never been clear where that money comes from;
➡️ Their legal powers are not abundantly clear which I think would lead to other issues; Who marshals the Marshalls?
➡️ If they aren’t clear, people who ignore the guidance anyway will just ignore the Marshalls;
➡️ What are the police doing with the actual legal powers they have to enforce?
➡️ Boroughs get 4p in every £ on business rates. The Town council gets 0 p. The County gets a bit less than 20p and the central government gets the rest. So where does the duty to provide these sit?
➡️ In theory, they could help enforce the rules and keep the spread of the virus down and help businesses at the same time. They, therefore, might help reduce the restrictions locally in the long run.
I would be very interested in the thoughts of the community on this as I am sure it’s going to come up again at Waverley in the next few days.
Thank You!
Cllr Paul Follows
Deputy Leader, Waverley Borough

4 thoughts on “Covid Marshalls in Waverley? What do you think?”

  1. Even to suggest there is a need for Covid Marshalls exposes the drastic cuts that have been made by recent Home Secretaries to our Police force. Covid Marshalls would only provoke negative reactions amongst much of the local population. Let’s get the Police out of their warm comfortable cars and onto the pavements of our towns, where they’re needed most.

  2. I too am not in favour of ‘Covid Marshalls’ – this is a policing matter – the costs involved in having these marshalls would be better spent on having local police in our ever growing villages, and having them respond to local issues,and be more visible. The only alternative I can think of is having the parking attendants from the council car parks have some authority on an ad hoc basis.

  3. Here at the Waverley Web our team appear to agree with you more often than not.

    You are absolutely right. All those drastic cuts to the bone are now revealing that the system when faced with any emergency just cannot cope. Surrey County Council is presently proposing cuts to our fire service, and yet who are the first responders during flooding; fire accidents and emergency care when the paramedics can’t cope? Yes – the fire service.

    Let’s get the bobbies on the streets – and let’s give them the power to deal with the culprits who ignore the rules.

  4. Waverley Borough Council has enough to do with its meagre resources – so forget about Marshalls and warn the public they MUST use their common sense and obey the rules.

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