An Inspector​ calls, time … for Part 1 of the Local Plan.


We thought we would provide our followers with a few little tidbits from the Inspector Report on the Examination of Part 1 of Waverley’s Local Plan. A plan, long in the making, prepared with blood, sweat, and a few resignations,  that will guide development in the borough through to the year 2032.

Government Inspector Mr. Jonathan Bore, found that: Waverley’s initial Plan that provided for a meager 9,861 additional homes from 2013 to 2032,  did not take account of the latest housing projections so this would now be raised to ‘a minimum of 11,210. This would meet the unmet need, of other borough’s including 50% of Woking’s  and those of the Wandsworth & Wimbledon Wanderers!

 Waverley had previously made no allowance for accommodating part of London or Woking’s unmet housing requirement. 

Why should it?

 Because  The Inspector says,  Guildford & Woking are surrounded by Green Belt, and Waverley is – “significantly less constrained,’ particularly in the East of the borough including Cranleigh. Waverley is also the third most expensive local authority region in England outside London.

elephantWell,  they are now!

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 21.40.49.png

The Inspector states that: “Whilst the Dunsfold Aerodrome site did not match all the criteria,’ …

‘Do we hear a huge sigh of relief from the anti’s? Including The Protect Our Waverley, or perhaps just our little corner,  sod Farnham and the rest of the borough!

Is there a glimmer of hope e hear them cry? A Judicial Review perhaps? A National Heritage order, what about newts, gnats, perhaps the odd Dunsfold Dodo or Alfold Albatross? Or the greater spotted Ames Bat? Anything, just anything? Or, of course, we could always resort to asking our Annie to get her whip out again?

We digress! This is serious stuff folks!

The Inspector says in his report… that if Dunsfold was not developed additional housing would be required in Farnham and Haslemere, and on greenfield sites elsewhere in the borough, in and around all the major towns, including Cranleigh, because of course he now recognises that with over 2,000 permission in the concrete mixer it is now Waverley’s fifth town! He also, says he doesn’t want to see too much Green Belt sacrificed. 

Phew! that’s s relief – WW thought for a moment developers would start building in the Flying Scotsmsn’s nest around Winterfold!

This section is taken from the Inspector’s report – just in case you thought we were producing fake news!

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 21.44.31.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 21.42.37.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 21.44.44.png

What’s more…  ‘as regards Dunsfold Aerodrome, the aim of re-using land that has previously been developed is one of the National Planning Policy Framework’s core planning principles.’

What have we been winding on about on this site since weaving this spider’s web?





It became increasingly apparent as the Dunsfold Park Inquiry progressed that the least public-spirited and responsible body in living local memory, PoW & the Parishes (routinely referred to as the Rule 6 Parties at the Inquiry), treat the question of housing as a game of cunning and conspiring.

To-day we received a comment from a follower that by even mentioning PoW we are giving it legitimacy! However, it is spreading such a web of lies, deceit and mis-information we MUST set the record straight and limit the damage it is doing to the Waverley borough.


Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 14.58.47.png

We love PoW’s Sarah Sullivan’s artwork – but the message it conveys makes us want to SCREAM! Because the message it conveys is simply WRONG. Lorries and traffic will go through By-Pass Byham’s Bramley from Shoreham, from Gatwick from Horsham and all the new homes being built in Cranleigh and the villages – NOT JUST FROM DUNSFOLD!

This can only be because they and the majority of their supporters are insulated by comfortable levels of income and homes and have, at worst, completely forgotten and, at best, simply overlooked that their actions and objections affect the aspiration of young people to own their own homes and find jobs close to those homes. Surrey house prices are now 15x the national average and PoW and their acolytes need to recognise that much as they’d like to populate the villages with people in their own image, we can’t all be Captains of Industry!

We, at Waverley Web, never thought we’d be writing in praise of Julia Potts – the woman previously known as Gone-to-Potts – but it began to dawn on our Waverley-Watchers, as they witnessed the Borough gearing up for the now not-quite-so-daft looking Local Plan and the Dunsfold Park Inquiry, that under Councillor Potts, Waverley is galvanising.

For the first time, in a very long time, the Borough has a Leader who actually appears to be stepping up to the plate and forcing officers and councillors alike to face up to their housing responsibilities, rather than shirking them and trying to shove them onto other boroughs. This is a significant change from the shambolic, do-bugger-all politicks of Potts’ predecessors – Robert Knowless and Richard Shut-the-Gates!

There was a time – under Knowless & Shut-the-Gates – when putting the worried-well-to-do’s interests first came naturally to Waverley BC’s Leaders but in Councillor Potts we detect something of a sea change. Evidence of this is apparent in her and Liz-the-Biz’s willingness to bury the Council’s decade long differences with the Dunsfold Developer in order to bring forward a new village at Dunsfold Park in order to resolve a goodly part of the borough’s housing shortage.

A shortage that PoW & the Parishes – their backs against the wall – now suggest should be resolved by freeing up the Green Belt and green fields in and around their villages! Yep, you read it here first, if PoW & the Parishes get their way, hundreds of homes are coming to the villages of Alfold, Bramley, Busbridge, Dunsfold, Hambledon, Hascombe, Ifold, Loxwood & Plaistow.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.18.55.png

Did the Parish Councils ask all 20,000 residents they claim to represent if they wanted to dish out their tax payer precept – rumoured to be around £6,000 per council – to pay for PoW’s barrister, planning and traffic experts.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.24.09.png

Anyone who sat in the public gallery at The Burys during the first week of the Inquiry, when PoW & the Parishes’ – so-called – expert witnesses put their case, could tell PoW & the Parishes had been duped, sold a pup, a pig in a poke! In fact, if the Waverley Web was in PoW & the Parishes’ shoes, we’d be demanding our money back! Their witnesses conceded so many of their half-baked arguments under cross-examination by Rumpole and Wayne Beglan that we simply don’t have space or time in which to list them! As Rumpole so succinctly put it, the Rule 6 Parties’ case ‘unravelled’ and The Stinch’s closing submissions were ‘fantasy and fiction’!

Which brings us neatly to the latest mutter in the gutters of Godalming! Apparently, so reluctant were some of POW’s expert witnesses to work for them, they quoted 3x their normal fees in anticipation it would send PoW & the Parishes running for the Surrey Hills. Unfortunately – for the experts (and the Parishes’ coffers!) – the experts weren’t exactly lining up to align themselves with PoW so they had no option but to pay through the nose to get someone … anyone!

And, be warned, PoW’s about to circulate the begging bowl – again! Beverley Weddell, Clerk to Alfold Parish Council,  sent a letter to the Secretary of State (SoS) on behalf of Alfold, Bramley, Busbridge, Dunsfold, Hambledon, Hascombe, Ifold, Loxwood & Plaistow Parish Councils and the PoW Campaign formally requesting the SoS to:


1. direct Waverley BC submit their emerging Replacement Local Plan to him for his approval

2. or to modify their Local Plan

3. or withdraw the document.

In the meantime, they want him (the SoS) to give a temporary direction that Waverley BC does not take any further step with regards to the preparation of their Local Plan until the SoS has reached a decision on their request.

One regular reader of the Waverley Web wrote in this week saying they now believe that PoW’s posturing is an almighty scam on behalf of the cash-and-clout brigade who are openly boasting that as soon as the Dunsfold Park application is routed Waverley’s well-to-do will be coming forward with applications to build on their own green fields! You don’t say! Quelle surprise!

But enough column inches have been devoted to POW, led by Charles William Orange Esq (AKA OJ – strapline: The future’s bright, the future’s Orange!) and Nic-the-Brick Pidgeon (who has admitted in the dim and not so distant past to having a pecuniary interest in the Springbok planning application to build 425 homes in the village everyone refers to as AWfold). 

More about Councillor Potts’ epiphany. We don’t want to speak too soon but we think we might be glimpsing a slow but sure change of direction from the Good Ship Waverley. The coming together of Councillor Potts and Liz-the-Biz and their apparent determination to do something to end the tyranny of a well-heeled minority who complain about anything being built within five miles of their In/Out drives and want to ban all cars – except their own – from the A281!

It could just be that in Councillor Potts we are finally seeing a local politician with the selflessness and vision to work in the interests of the wider borough, rather than just those of the cash-and-clout brigade from Awfold, CKerchingfold, Dudsfold and Where-Has-all-the-Traffic-Comb-Frome, who have, to their eternal shame, effectively, bullied and bought the submission of local MPs, Mistress Milton and Jeremy Shunt-all-the-housing onto someone else! More of which in a future post.

As a result, Waverley might, just might – but don’t hold your breath – emerge from the current situation in reasonably good shape!

We say ‘might’ because Councillor Potts and Liz-the-Biz are just two women and they’re up against some dark and very powerful forces who now want to build on green fields owned by them.

So there you have it, folks, if this Inspector and his boss, the Secretary of State, decide not to recommend in favour of the Dunsfold development, it’s going to be open season on every green field and piece of Green Belt land in the borough and the Coutts accounts of the cash-and-clout brigade will be going Ker-Ker-Kerching! No wonder they’re all so keen to derail housing at Dunsfold!

The final word on this has to go to that elder statesman of the three barristers at the recent Inquiry, Rumpole: “The very fact that the Rule 6 Parties speak in such terms shows what the planning system has to grapple with and face down here!”

See yesterday’s post – another shedload going onto a green field near YOU?

Another shed-load of housing on its way to ‘Poor old Cranleigh?’

Our little spider buried deep in the bowels of The Burys, has been at it again… Let the Alarm Bells ring all over the Borough!

Our creepy little friend        animated-spider-image-0157 tells us that The Protect Our (Little Corner of) Waverley Group  isn’t happy that it  lost the No vote for Dunsfold Park’s application to build 1,800 homes on the airfield – and is fuming that Waverley Planners said – YES.

Since that fateful December day – they have been scratching their heads and their scrotums pondering how to overturn that vote and…

low and behold they have found a way to scupper Good Ship Waverley below the water-line, by lodging a Judicial Review – Oh No! Not another JUDICIAL REVIEW!

Regular readers will be aware that its two-pronged attack – brought Matron Milton aided and abetted by Our Jeremy, to the aid of the party,  persuaded  the Secretary of State to call the application in.

For those who are not up to snuff with legal jargon, a Judicial Review (JR) is a legal challenge of the lawfulness of a decision taken by public authorities at local or central government level.

The key point here is:

  • A (JR)  is not a re-run of the merits of a decision, but  challenges the lawfulness of the decision.

SO- What’s all this about we hear you ask?

Well – it’s a bit like the Brexit  Remoaners, just when we  thought a decision had been made – at last! They are off  again, and again ..  and it will not be over until the Fat Lady Slims – in other words millions of pounds of taxpayers money is wasted… again!

According to our insiders Buried deep inside The Burys – it now could  pick up the bill for a Judicial Review and a Public Inquiry – a double whammy just as the going  gets tough for local authorities, countrywide!


  • Without Dunsfold Waverley won’t be able to meet the Government’s housing targets and risks another Daft local Plan biting the dust!

Below is a letter sent to Councillors this week on an application to build on the Green Belt in Elstead. Because, an Inspector has turned the world of Liz “The Biz” Sims and Graham ‘Sick-As-A-‘ Parrot upside down and inside out! 

                                                                       If you follow events in respect of WBC’s 5-year                          housing land supply  read  the Inspector’s decision on the Weyburn Engineering site in Elstead and screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-12-52-19 ….

As you will see, even the  planning department has  insider creepy crawlies   entering our little web!animated-spider-image-0157

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 21.12.52.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 22.13.59.png

Can this motley group either start getting wound up over ALL the other developments about to Be dumped on the borough’s countryside and Green Belt.

  • Schemes are being worked up as we write, to build on the GREEN BELT –  

For all our sakes POLCOW either Shut up or put Up- and…

  • Thakeham Homes application which has been re-submitted this week to build hundreds of homes in Alfold!
  • .Bakers Oates, Gardeners Hill, Faarnham?
  • Where were you all when the Weyburn Works in Elstead went to Appeal?
  • What about all the schemes covering Badshot Lea and Weybourne?
  • Where were you when the Berkeley Homes Application for 425 went to Appeal
  • Are you objecting to the Farnham Hopfields?

No, your entire raison d’etre and that of your MP colleagues   – is to derail development on the largest brownfield site in the borough, Sod the rest of  Waverley – which is heading towards meeting its Maker as he prepares to force down our throats an even bigger housing allocation!

 The tireless efforts  of  the high rollers bank rolling the campaign to – Protect Our Little Dunsfold Acres –  have decided that:

As some of those who voted in favour of (DP) were not members of the Joint Planning Committee, but substitutes fielded to stand in for those members who either couldn’t attend,  – or like Jeannette Stennett- couldn’t vote because she had publicly pre-determined how she intended to vote by announcing it in the Surrey Ad letters page – the 8 to 10 vote in favour of the Dunsfold application, was in fact 5 to 7 against, that is IF …  the Council only counted the votes of those who were members of the committee and discounted those who were substitutes.

Yeah, Really, because they didn’t like the result the Dunsfold Bemoaners want…

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 22.23.06.png

What’s  betting they wouldn’t give one jot if the vote had gone the other way!

However, this is where ‘POLCOW’ gets down and dirty – it is not contending the vote was unlawful or unconstitutional per se, just that it was unlawful and unconstitutional for substituted members TO VOTE!

Now if they hang their little ‘POLCOW’ hat on that view, then the votes will swing in ‘POLCOW’s favour.


All ‘Your Waverley” has to do to appease them is to amend its record of the vote to demonstrate that permission was refused by 7 votes to 5. In other words – its threat – “no need to worry the Courts as long as you do what we say…

SO if POLCOW is right then..!

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 22.10.47.png

Stand by your desks planning officers – all leave has been cancelled as all the wannabe developers refused planning consent will being pouring over the voting records to see whether all the votes counted should have been! And… every campaigning group in the borough that has objected to a consented development will do likewise…


Yes, folks, you guessed it, Bob Lees, Chairman of Protect Our (Little Corner) of Waverley, has been busy welcoming the Secretary of State’s decision to call-in the Dunsfold Park application on behalf of ‘the thousands who protested against [the] proposal’. And, in the process, taking the opportunity to spread more of this duplicitous organisation’s propaganda and misinformation.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.03.01.png
Where were Bob Lees and his cohorts – who claim to care so much about protecting ‘Our Waverley’ a week ago  when the Knowle Park Initiative (KPI) was granted planning consent for 265 homes on a flood plain at the aptly named Cranleigh Waters?



Were they out in their thousands – their hundreds even – in support of Cranleigh residents who feel ‘under represented, bullied and victimised’, according to a Cranleigh Parish Councillor?

Not on your nelly! Presumably, they were too busy watching box-sets of Brookside to remind themselves of the horrors that await them if housing is ever built at Dunsfold Park!

According to our Cranleigh correspondent,  looking for representatives – even one member of POW would have done!  in the public gallery at The Burys  It was a classic case of Where’s Wally?

It would seem Bob Lees has been so busy spewing his views on Dunsfold Park’s call-in, he entirely overlooked to send anyone along to object to the KPI proposals! No surprises there then!!! Had he done so maybe, just maybe, Councillor Isherwood (now known as that ‘Plonker Isherwood’ – in honour of Del Boy’s hapless brother Rodney,  might have thought twice before he used his casting vote to force through an application that divided the Planning Committee and had ‘bullied and victimised’ Cranleigh residents crying into their cornflakes the following morning.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.09.50.png

WHY, don’t they represent the wider Waverley? POW – Stands for Protect OUR WAVERLEY – So where were you when we were all objecting to major developments in the countryside in FARNHAM?

In all but name they are a reincarnation of Stop Dunsfold Park New Town, a campaign group specifically set up to protect their little corner of the borough – Alfold and Dunsfold.

Cranleigh is a mere six miles up the road from Alfold and Dunsfold – less as the crow flies – but POW don’t put a toe out of bed, let alone outside their front doors to protest against anything unless it has the name Dunsfold Park in it!

Cranleigh and its infrastructure is on its knees, bowing under the weight of over a 1000 new houses that have all been consented since POW was formed!

Do they give a damn? Do they hell! In fact, the more the merrier in Cranleigh, Godalming and Farnham as far as Protect our Little Corner is concerned. The more houses the surrounding towns take the better for Alfold and Dunsfold! 

Is this disingenous bunch even aware of all th e other planning applications in the pipeline on the green fields of aloofly and Dunsfold?  No why would they be?

In the Press recently : Mr Lies (Ooops! must be a Fruedian slip of the fingers, we meant to type Lees – really we did!) refers to ‘inadequate promises of contributions by[Dunsfold Park] to infrastructure’. INADEQUATE CONTRIBUTIONS? Hello! Wakey, wakey! What the f**k is inadequate about a rumoured £50 million pounds worth of contributions? We don’t see any other developer in or around Cranleigh offering anything like that level of contributions to improve local infrastructure or, for that matter, their combined contributions approaching anywhere near that sum … or have we missed something?

And what about Mr Lies (ooops! that finger’s got a mind of its own!) claims, that the Environment Agency and Surrey County Highways had made substantial objections? Yes, they did have some objections but what Mr Lies (Ooops!), oh so conveniently, forgot to clarify was that those objections have been overcome.

But then Mr Lies (Ooops! We did it again)  and his cohorts at ‘P O L Corner’ have form in this respect. They littered the countryside, they claim to be so keen to protect, with dirty great banners in which they asserted that housing at Dunsfold Park would add 42-MINUTES delays to journey times.

So alarmed were we, at Waverley Web, by those startling numbers that we spent days trawling through the planning papers in an effort to substantiate them and what did we discover? That the statement – or should we say lies? – had been taken entirely out of context and deliberately misreported.

What they should have said was that WITHOUT development at Dunsfold Park, delays on the A281 in the coming years could reach 42 minutes but WITH the MITIGATION that development at Dunsfold Park would bring those delays would be reduced to 2 MINUTES! Strikes us that alone is a good enough reason to build houses at Dunsfold Park!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 09.58.23.png

We wish the government wasn’t forcing thousands more homes on Surrey – and Waverley in particular – but they are and that being the case we need to protect as much of our countryside as we can – not just Alfold and Dunsfold! And that means building on previously developed brownfield sites, not the  precious green fields in the NorthSouth,East and West.

Our advice to Mr Lies (Ooops!) and  Co – horts is either start protecting the entire borough of Waverley – although you’ve left it a bit bloody late for that! – or rename yourselves Protect our Ass!

And if you Really, really want to protect the entire borough, why don’t you start right now by lobbying Matron Milton and the Secretary of State to call-in the KPI application because, as we all know, there’s reasons-a-plenty for so doing!

Elsewhere, writing in the Surrey Ad’s ever decreasing letters page recently, a Jane Winder (Whiner more like!) claims that ‘Those who actually know [Dunsfold Park], understand full well that it is an unsuitable and unsustainable place?’

Really? Really? REALLY?

So tell us, Ms Whiner, what’s so unsustainable about a village with direct access onto the A281, it’s own shops, it’s own primary school, health centre, church, recreation facilities and a developer-subsidised bus service to Guildford, Horsham and all points inbetween?

In our humble opinion, that makes this proposed new village a damn sight more sustainable than Dunsfold Village where we understand you live! Dunsfold village doesn’t have a school, or a GP and the village shop relies on volunteers. All well and good but, actually, it’s selfish people like you, opting to live in the middle of nowhere, who are generating all the traffic on the A281 that people like you are so busy complaining about as you have to get in your cars to go anywhere. Come to think of it, a new village at Dunsfold Park makes Alfold and Dunsfold more sustainable and less of a drain on the rest of us as you can walk to their facilities instead of driving along the A281 to Cranleigh, Godalming, Guildford and Horsham! Time to stop whining Ms Winder and start thinking about your own impact on society.

Dunsfold Park decision – called in by the Secretary of State.

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 17.31.11.png


It would seem that the Whip-Cracking Deputy Dominatrix, AKA Anne Milton MP, has more sway over Sajid Javid than we could have possibly imagined for it was announced today that Matron Milton has prevailed and persuaded the Secretary of State to call in Dunsfold Park’s planning application to build 1800 homes on the aerodrome.

Read the letter for yourself here: 170301 – Dunsfold – Rule 6 call in letter to LPA170301 – Dunsfold – Rule 6 call in letter to LPA

This will, without doubt, be a major blow to Your Waverley, which was depending on housing at the airfield to underpin its Daft Local Plan – which is now looking dafter by the minute, if that were possible!

On the one hand, we’re told the Government wants more housing and Waverley is being encouraged to build more houses and yet an application to build houses on the biggest brownfield site in the borough gets called in whilst, elsewhere, all over the Borough, green fields are being concreted over by developers who are contributing diddley-squat to the infrastructure needs of the Borough when compared with the millions (we believe the figure is around £50m) Dunsfold Park was going to pump in! You couldn’t make it up – not even if you tried!

Alongside Protect Our (Little Corner) of Waverley there will be plenty of developers who will be swilling back the Champagne today as they throw in their planning applications faster than Your Waverley’s printers can churn them out! And they’ll be laughing all the way to their earth-movers as Your Waverley is left high-and-dry whilst Dunsfold Park is in limbo-land courtesy of the Deputy Dominatrix and her all-too-willing-slave.

For, be in no doubt about it, in light of the loss of Dunsfold Park’s housing contribution, Your Waverley will have little option but to nod through another 265 homes at West Cranleigh Nurseries when the Joint Planning Committee meets next week – putting yet another nail in the coffin of Cranleigh New Town.

annemilton_newoutfitWell done, Anne, we have to hand it to you. You and your whip really are a cracking asset to Cranleigh! We and very many Cranleigh residents have no hesitation in laying the blame for the desecration of this once beautiful village on your front porch! We hope the donations made to your campaign coffers by Protect Our (Little Corner) of Waverley make it all worth your while.

And  the barristers at London’s Landmark Chambers, who not only regularly represent Your Waverley but also Dunsfold Park, will also be raising a glass or two or three to you tonight. Their coffers will be full to over-flowing by the time this sorry saga has played itself out.

For not only will Waverley be pouring hundreds of thousands of pounds down the borough’s overflowing drains but all that Council Tax Payer’s money could be swiftly followed by the £50 million Dunsfold Park were rumoured to be contributing to the local economy via infrastructure in the form of a new school, affordable homes, a new sewage works, leisure centre, sports centre … we could go on but you get the picture.

The irony of it is that this time Your Waverley and the Flying Scotsman will be in it together, singing from the same hymn sheet when this gets to Public Inquiry! You couldn’t make it up – you really, really couldn’t! Talk about the  unholy of unholy alliances!

So where does this decision leave Your Waverley’s Local Plan? WITH A GREAT BIG HOLE.

In short, it leaves everything to chance… WHY? Because, let’s face it, Your Waverley had no vision for Waverley – no vision for the East, the only people with any vision are the developers who are now circling overhead in their helicopters marking up their plans for yet more green fields they can concrete over to make up the 1800 shortfall that the Dunsfold Park Dilemma is going to place Your Waverley in!!!

 WW wonders if the site owners might just throw in the bricks and go for its second option – may we now see the resurgence of a very busy airfield? Thereby the very real and total destruction of the East of Waverley and in particular Cranleigh and the villages around – just 8 miles from the bottom of Gatwick’s runway! 

 AND .. Now the affordable housing threshold is reduced to 30% Godalming is 300 affordable houses short, so it, like most Neighbourhood Plans, it was relying on Dunsfold to have the space and money to make up the numbers..

Its a bit rich for Anne, and perhaps Jeremy, to call the plan in – we  assume in the name of democracy – as they don’t trust or support the judgement of their own Waverley Tories who approved  the decision at Planning.

Hope Our Annie has her darning needle at the ready to start stitching up that great big hole in the Daft Local Plan!

The latest joke doing the rounds:

Q  If it’s green and doesn’t move – what is it?

A. A potential development site in ‘Your Waverley’.


Cranleigh’s very own Matron calls for an … Enema!

or … this post could be called Annie – THAT’S ANOTHER FINE MESS YOU’VE GOTTEN US INTO!

Anne Frances Milton, MP has been aptly named: AFM – AKA: Another- Fine-Mess! Because she’s up to her elbows in Developer-led-Do-Do!

anne milton

Ms Backlash.

The MP for Guildford has clearly let her current role as the Government’s Deputy Dominatrix go to her head. For, in her capacity as Deputy Chief Government Whip for the House of Commons, Mrs Milton has spent so much time tearing around the House of Commons letting rogue MPs feel the lick of her leather thong that she thinks she can use those same tactics to bring the Dunsfold Park Developer to heel.

Thwarted in her oft repeated ambition to prevent housing development on the borough’s largest Brownfield site, the Government’s Deputy Dominatrix has donned her leather Jackboots and is stomping all over Cranleigh telling anyone who’ll listen that she’ll make Dunsfold Park pay for the new sewage treatment plant the gonna-be-town requires.

Having expended all her energy fighting Dunsfold Park and none whatsoever in ensuring that other developers – Berkeley Homes, Cala Homes, Crest Nicholson … to name but a few – dig into their own deep pockets and contribute to the provision of a new sewage treatment plant for the village they are busy turning into a town – not to mention replacement of the asbestos water pipes – the Government’s Deputy Dominatrix now wants Dunsfold Park to stump up in order to cover-up her shortcomings in the poo department!

She has fought Dunsfold Park tooth and nail and, even now, insists the application might still be scuppered by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, whom she’s been hounding to do her bidding. Rumour has it, after a trip to see Fifty Shades Darker, Mrs Milton has been seen stalking DCLG with a leather flogger and nipple clamps! If Sajid Javid isn’t quaking in his boots he should be!

But we digress! The DD has been telling anyone who will listen that she has ‘grave concerns’ over issues such as sewage and flooding …

HELLO! Is she on the planet Zonk ? – Cranleigh to Annie! …

Dunsfold Park is one of the few developers in the East of the Borough who’s not building on a flood plain and the only one, to our knowledge here at the WW, that is actually planning to circumvent Cranleigh’s sewage-saga by building its  own state of the art treatment plant.

Could the woman be more out of touch if she tried? Her own government has embraced a brownfield first policy – pledging one million more homes and to get planning permission in place on 90% of suitable brownfield sites for housing, thus ramping up their commitment to building on brownfield sites – and all the while she’s sticking two fingers up to brownfield development on her doorstep in neighbouring Dunsfold.

So what is it that’s driving the D D to such excesses? Is it, as has been hinted at, that she’s terrified donations to her constituency coffers will dry up if she doesn’t cow-tow to the supporters of PoW and their holier-than-thou-brown-cow?

If that’s the case, she needs to grow up! Take off the blinkers – or do we mean shades? All 50 of them! Her constituency is one of those remarkable pockets of the country where if they pinned a blue rosette on the arse of a monkey  the party faithful would vote for it!

The Waverley Web suspects is that there might actually be some substance to the rumours that she the has allowed personal animosity to colour her dealings with Dunsfold Park. More than one of our correspondents tells us the local MP says she can’t stand Dunsfold Park and  will do whatever it takes to stop the project in its tracks.

Instead of constantly trying to skewer Dunsfold Park, why doesn’t DD  chase the BB’s (Berkeley Homes)? Why not ask them cough the dosh  to build a new sewage works in Cranleigh to take the effluent from its  affluent 426-home  development on Knowle Lane?

Or, why not ask  Cala Homes?  They need to shift a shed-load of shit from the 125 homes they’re building on Amlets Lane.

Not forgetting  Crest Nicholson. It will soon be regurgitating a few tonnes of sewage from its shit pit holding tanks at the  149 homes development in Horsham Road into the main sewers.

And whilst we’re on this tack, what about picking up the phone to  Threadneedle Investments to ask them to dig into their very deep pockets and make a contribution to all the shit-shifting that will be required for the 120 homes they’ve just secured planning permission for on Hewitts Industrial Estate, and of course the 75 homes at Little Meadow’s?

But before she does, let’s pause a moment and do the maths for the Deputy Dominatrix, shall we?

426  homes + 125 homes + 149 homes + 120 homes + 75 = 895  new homes all in Cranleigh … and counting. There will be another 265 when the Knowle Park Initiative (when the Flying Dutchman – a strong “supporter” of the DD gets planning permission for 265 + homes in a few days time!

And then, of course, there’s all that development in the pipe-line over in Alfold where Thakeham Homes want to build 465 homes on the Springbok Estate and 120 have already been approved on Loxwood Road, not to mention the 45 homes that are proposed on land adjacent to Brockhurst Farm …

We could go on, DD but, surely, even you – bogged down in the latrines as you are – are beginning to get a glimpse of the bigger picture. Where’s all this developer do-do going? According to our sources in Alfold, Thakeham are planning to pipe theirs all the way to Cranleigh. So why don’t you give Rob Boughton, MD of Thakeham Homes, a tongue-lashing and see if you can harangue him into helping fund a new sewage treatment works in Cranleigh?

But, before you do, put us out of our misery and answer this one burning question: Why is it you’re happy for the developers of 1,429 plus homes over there in the East of the Borough to shunt their shit to Cranleigh sewage works, without contributing a penny for  a new Fart Factory, and yet Dunsfold Park – which plans to build it’s own state of the art sewage system so it doesn’t have to shovel shit onto Cranleigh – is also expected, by you, to subsidise all those other developers by paying to build Cranleigh’s new Fart Factory?

Isn’t it time Anne started talking to the affluent about their effluent rather than expecting Dunsfold Park to keep taking all the shit – and trust us there’s a hell of a lot of that flying around Waverley and, sooner or later, some of it’s going to land on you.

So there you have it folks, Anne Frances Milton your local MP really was aptly named AFM – cos that’s ANOTHER FINE MESS she’s got you into! She’s up to her elbows in do-do!

The Final Countdown – Is it full steam ahead for Waverley’s Local Plan?

Good old Waverley councillors – those you entrusted with  your vote  so they could speak on your behalf? Well…

most of them were nowhere to be seen, or heard  when “Your Waverley’s” Community Overview & Scrutiny committee sat to “scrutinise” the last knockings of the  Local Plan before it is examined  by a Government Inspector.

“Couldn’t tear yourself away from “I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here” or the football to debate a vital document that  dictates  the borough’s future development?”

But worry not! Councillors: Tom Martin; Stephen Hill;  David Hunter; Simon Thornton; Denise Le Gal (too busy cooking up property deals?) Peter Martin; Sam Pritchard; Ross Welland; Liz Wheatley; Pat Frost; Bob Upton et al! Because at least some of your mates don’t view the electorate as mere “voting fodder so they  turned out to represent us!

Enough of our grumbling:

Thankfully – planning experts  were out in force-led by Chief  Officer “Liz The Biz “Sims who said the Plan had been – “years in the making – and there had been “robust” consultation with everyone – the public, stakeholders etc” She warned it was “critical” that  the tight timetable set by Government for early 2017 was kept, and tonight, (Monday’s meeting ) was an important part of the final process . “We are confident we can submit the plan to meet the deadline and stressed the very  real difficulties experienced by the council of not having an adopted  Local Plan or a five-year land supply.”


If you don’t get the Local Plan at the finishing post – maybe the Government will do it for you?

Onto the business – all two plus hours of it – wrapped up into a nutshell:

Graham of “sick as a” Parrot fame – who is still reeling from the drubbing he received at the Inspector’s hands at the last Plan’s failure, outlined the challenges facing the borough and  highlighted some of the issues raised by objectors – including The Save Our Waverley Group. ( Now re-named by many as the “Save Our Little Bit of Waverley Group and S** the rest of the Borough.”

and.. as he outlined some of the comments even he raised his eyebrows when suggestions included:

  • Make  Dunsfold Aerodrome into a – Conservation Area – or a Borough Heritage asset.  (or even perhaps  a National Monument.)
  • That even with the figure of 519 homes per year – there would be an unmet need.
  • The Plan relied too heavily upon Dunsfold Airfield,with some arguing it was not a Brownfield site others arguing that it was and  there should be many more than the 2,600 identified – perhaps even 6,000/8,000
  • Too much housing was concentrated in the East of the borough – and  in particular in  Cranleigh, which lacked infrastructure.
  • Some believed  the villages needed more housing, some less.
  • Infrasture/flooding and drainage issues were of concern in the East.
  • Transport, air quality and habitat  issues (Thames Basin Heath and Wealden Heath issues in  Farnham and beyond.
  • The needs of Gipsies was unmet.
  •  Insufficient employment sites were identified.
  •  Green Belt issues were identified- around Godalming/Elstead and South Farnham.
  •  The Strategic gaps between towns/settlements had been identified – but it was suggested  more should be included  in South  Farnham/Rowledge and Dockenfield.

Then Councillors who did turn up had their say very ably led by the committee/Council’s new boy – Councillor Jerry Hyman (Farnham Residents’) and did we detect a sneaking admiration for the way he handled a very complex and lengthy meeting – no of course not – we couldn’t have could we – silly us!

Predictably By-Pass Byham and All at Seaborne – blamed all Bramley’s traffic problems including the increase in HGV’s at Dunsfold’s door. Even the bits that fell off lorries onto the heads of pedestrians? Has anyone told them that THEY gave permission for Cranleigh Brick and Tile to run 700 hundred of 50 tonners every day for the next 5 + years down the A281! All with Surrey highways’ blessing. And…   didn’t the Bramley Parish Council  trouser a big fat cheque  for allowing it.  Hypocrisy personified – we’d call it!

It was Shamley Green’s very own Mike “Rubber” Band who warned  officers they better get the Plan right this time because 11 Parish Councils all led by the POW group now renamed POLBOW, were going to CHALLENGE THEM BIG TIME! 

and… that isn’t a threat its a PROMISE!

Whist he  completely ignored the fact that all the traffic from all the new Cranleigh developments – supported by Waverley’s various planning committee’s – will be travelling through … yes… you guessed Shamley Green and Wonersh. (By the way where was the Wonersh Sleepy Jean- Councillor Goodridge? – Tucked up in bed with a nightcap perhaps…?”

Councillor John Gray said he was “disappointed” there was no mention of “alternative   site allocations” for the areas around Dunsfold/Alfold and Cranleigh.

 Wake up Dummy – there are planning applications from  the wannabe’s for over 1,000 homes in total – don’t you read the planning and Appeal lists?

Portfolio Holder – Brian Adams stressed “all sites” had been assessed – infrastructure problems affected many of them (e.g. sewage/drainage/flooding problems.) And… it was explained The figure  for affordable homes had been dropped from 40% to 30% because housing associations didn’t want to build homes for rent, (due to the 1% cut in rents) and  shared ownership properties.  Stressing  only open market properties es provided the funds needed to provide – vital Infrastructure.

Another warning: “We’ll see about that when the Plan is Examined by the Inspector – because it WILL BE CHALLENGED! said Dunsfold’s Councillor Gray who just supported a development in Dunsfold village for 43 homes at Nugent Close with sewage pumping into…. guess where CRANLEIGH!

As there is only so much a reader can handle – suffice to say:

The document now passes to the EXECUTIVE and FULL Council for the final countdown November 29th.

But before we sign off, we must  mention a comment regarding Infrastructure: made by the Chairman: Jerry Hyman”

He said soto voce (but we could all hear it on the webcast) “It appears  to me that all the Infrastructure in the borough is being provided by Dunsfold Park!

** Infrastructure – roads, schools, sewage treatment; power;………..