Please Waverley Planners – can we have more concrete?

What we need is more concrete to collect run-off!

While the world was looking back over this past weekend the people of Haslemere were looking forward too!

The Waverley Web did a reccy on our Haslemere Patch in Scotland Lane which was flooded out this weekend and where cars were abandoned. Other parts of the borough were also under water.

Isn’t this an ideal spot to put another shedload of new properties? A site earmarked by Waverley Planners for 30 homes in Part 2 of its Local Plan. A plan which has been withdrawn for “further consultation?”

Where are you now POW? Helping the people of Haslemere to protect their countryside?

File 11-11-2018, 20 24 51.jpeg

File 11-11-2018, 20 25 58.jpeg

File 11-11-2018, 20 24 51.jpeg

File 11-11-2018, 20 29 23.jpeg

4 thoughts on “Please Waverley Planners – can we have more concrete?”

  1. The tail-backs were horrendous! Starting 50 but might end up being more than 200 houses, and for each house, factor in another 3 carparks as required… This is not a freak event – every winter same problem. Bulldozing away its green spaces (full of protected wildlife that Waverley has a duty of care to protect but doesn’t seem to care about), smothering concrete on what should be protected land for the benefit of our lungs, the biodiversity of our community is irresponsible. Inspired town-planning for required housing could transform not destroy our beautiful environment – go for the brownfield sites and the ugly gaps on WeyHill!

  2. It’s worse than you think,WW. There are actually 200 houses suggested on Red Court land, as part of the ‘wider site’. WBC slipped this land into the proposed LPP2 at the last minute. It was never in LPP1 and is hideously unsuitable for housing.

    1. Rea – I understand you live immediately next to Red Court hence why you don want it built on. Red Court has been put forward for many years but was only removed recently after a campaign by the HSRA (of which you are a member). The campaign was led by Cllrs Barton and Ellis who also live immediately adjacent to Red Court (personal interests!!) Why do these Cllrs now support development at the Royal School which is AONB but not over their back fences!!

  3. Thank you for your comments. This is going on all over the borough, including here in Farnham – but the area that appears to be getting the worst of all worlds is the eastern half of the boough – you cannot see the woods or the trees for the onward march of HGV’s and all the other building paraphanalia!
    This isn’t PLANNING – this is a Government-led dictat. Please keep us in touch with your patch. WW

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