An Inspector​ calls, time … for Part 1 of the Local Plan.


We thought we would provide our followers with a few little tidbits from the Inspector Report on the Examination of Part 1 of Waverley’s Local Plan. A plan, long in the making, prepared with blood, sweat, and a few resignations,  that will guide development in the borough through to the year 2032.

Government Inspector Mr. Jonathan Bore, found that: Waverley’s initial Plan that provided for a meager 9,861 additional homes from 2013 to 2032,  did not take account of the latest housing projections so this would now be raised to ‘a minimum of 11,210. This would meet the unmet need, of other borough’s including 50% of Woking’s  and those of the Wandsworth & Wimbledon Wanderers!

 Waverley had previously made no allowance for accommodating part of London or Woking’s unmet housing requirement. 

Why should it?

 Because  The Inspector says,  Guildford & Woking are surrounded by Green Belt, and Waverley is – “significantly less constrained,’ particularly in the East of the borough including Cranleigh. Waverley is also the third most expensive local authority region in England outside London.

elephantWell,  they are now!

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 21.40.49.png

The Inspector states that: “Whilst the Dunsfold Aerodrome site did not match all the criteria,’ …

‘Do we hear a huge sigh of relief from the anti’s? Including The Protect Our Waverley, or perhaps just our little corner,  sod Farnham and the rest of the borough!

Is there a glimmer of hope e hear them cry? A Judicial Review perhaps? A National Heritage order, what about newts, gnats, perhaps the odd Dunsfold Dodo or Alfold Albatross? Or the greater spotted Ames Bat? Anything, just anything? Or, of course, we could always resort to asking our Annie to get her whip out again?

We digress! This is serious stuff folks!

The Inspector says in his report… that if Dunsfold was not developed additional housing would be required in Farnham and Haslemere, and on greenfield sites elsewhere in the borough, in and around all the major towns, including Cranleigh, because of course he now recognises that with over 2,000 permission in the concrete mixer it is now Waverley’s fifth town! He also, says he doesn’t want to see too much Green Belt sacrificed. 

Phew! that’s s relief – WW thought for a moment developers would start building in the Flying Scotsmsn’s nest around Winterfold!

This section is taken from the Inspector’s report – just in case you thought we were producing fake news!

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 21.44.31.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 21.42.37.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 21.44.44.png

What’s more…  ‘as regards Dunsfold Aerodrome, the aim of re-using land that has previously been developed is one of the National Planning Policy Framework’s core planning principles.’

What have we been winding on about on this site since weaving this spider’s web?





It became increasingly apparent as the Dunsfold Park Inquiry progressed that the least public-spirited and responsible body in living local memory, PoW & the Parishes (routinely referred to as the Rule 6 Parties at the Inquiry), treat the question of housing as a game of cunning and conspiring.

To-day we received a comment from a follower that by even mentioning PoW we are giving it legitimacy! However, it is spreading such a web of lies, deceit and mis-information we MUST set the record straight and limit the damage it is doing to the Waverley borough.


Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 14.58.47.png

We love PoW’s Sarah Sullivan’s artwork – but the message it conveys makes us want to SCREAM! Because the message it conveys is simply WRONG. Lorries and traffic will go through By-Pass Byham’s Bramley from Shoreham, from Gatwick from Horsham and all the new homes being built in Cranleigh and the villages – NOT JUST FROM DUNSFOLD!

This can only be because they and the majority of their supporters are insulated by comfortable levels of income and homes and have, at worst, completely forgotten and, at best, simply overlooked that their actions and objections affect the aspiration of young people to own their own homes and find jobs close to those homes. Surrey house prices are now 15x the national average and PoW and their acolytes need to recognise that much as they’d like to populate the villages with people in their own image, we can’t all be Captains of Industry!

We, at Waverley Web, never thought we’d be writing in praise of Julia Potts – the woman previously known as Gone-to-Potts – but it began to dawn on our Waverley-Watchers, as they witnessed the Borough gearing up for the now not-quite-so-daft looking Local Plan and the Dunsfold Park Inquiry, that under Councillor Potts, Waverley is galvanising.

For the first time, in a very long time, the Borough has a Leader who actually appears to be stepping up to the plate and forcing officers and councillors alike to face up to their housing responsibilities, rather than shirking them and trying to shove them onto other boroughs. This is a significant change from the shambolic, do-bugger-all politicks of Potts’ predecessors – Robert Knowless and Richard Shut-the-Gates!

There was a time – under Knowless & Shut-the-Gates – when putting the worried-well-to-do’s interests first came naturally to Waverley BC’s Leaders but in Councillor Potts we detect something of a sea change. Evidence of this is apparent in her and Liz-the-Biz’s willingness to bury the Council’s decade long differences with the Dunsfold Developer in order to bring forward a new village at Dunsfold Park in order to resolve a goodly part of the borough’s housing shortage.

A shortage that PoW & the Parishes – their backs against the wall – now suggest should be resolved by freeing up the Green Belt and green fields in and around their villages! Yep, you read it here first, if PoW & the Parishes get their way, hundreds of homes are coming to the villages of Alfold, Bramley, Busbridge, Dunsfold, Hambledon, Hascombe, Ifold, Loxwood & Plaistow.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.18.55.png

Did the Parish Councils ask all 20,000 residents they claim to represent if they wanted to dish out their tax payer precept – rumoured to be around £6,000 per council – to pay for PoW’s barrister, planning and traffic experts.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.24.09.png

Anyone who sat in the public gallery at The Burys during the first week of the Inquiry, when PoW & the Parishes’ – so-called – expert witnesses put their case, could tell PoW & the Parishes had been duped, sold a pup, a pig in a poke! In fact, if the Waverley Web was in PoW & the Parishes’ shoes, we’d be demanding our money back! Their witnesses conceded so many of their half-baked arguments under cross-examination by Rumpole and Wayne Beglan that we simply don’t have space or time in which to list them! As Rumpole so succinctly put it, the Rule 6 Parties’ case ‘unravelled’ and The Stinch’s closing submissions were ‘fantasy and fiction’!

Which brings us neatly to the latest mutter in the gutters of Godalming! Apparently, so reluctant were some of POW’s expert witnesses to work for them, they quoted 3x their normal fees in anticipation it would send PoW & the Parishes running for the Surrey Hills. Unfortunately – for the experts (and the Parishes’ coffers!) – the experts weren’t exactly lining up to align themselves with PoW so they had no option but to pay through the nose to get someone … anyone!

And, be warned, PoW’s about to circulate the begging bowl – again! Beverley Weddell, Clerk to Alfold Parish Council,  sent a letter to the Secretary of State (SoS) on behalf of Alfold, Bramley, Busbridge, Dunsfold, Hambledon, Hascombe, Ifold, Loxwood & Plaistow Parish Councils and the PoW Campaign formally requesting the SoS to:


1. direct Waverley BC submit their emerging Replacement Local Plan to him for his approval

2. or to modify their Local Plan

3. or withdraw the document.

In the meantime, they want him (the SoS) to give a temporary direction that Waverley BC does not take any further step with regards to the preparation of their Local Plan until the SoS has reached a decision on their request.

One regular reader of the Waverley Web wrote in this week saying they now believe that PoW’s posturing is an almighty scam on behalf of the cash-and-clout brigade who are openly boasting that as soon as the Dunsfold Park application is routed Waverley’s well-to-do will be coming forward with applications to build on their own green fields! You don’t say! Quelle surprise!

But enough column inches have been devoted to POW, led by Charles William Orange Esq (AKA OJ – strapline: The future’s bright, the future’s Orange!) and Nic-the-Brick Pidgeon (who has admitted in the dim and not so distant past to having a pecuniary interest in the Springbok planning application to build 425 homes in the village everyone refers to as AWfold). 

More about Councillor Potts’ epiphany. We don’t want to speak too soon but we think we might be glimpsing a slow but sure change of direction from the Good Ship Waverley. The coming together of Councillor Potts and Liz-the-Biz and their apparent determination to do something to end the tyranny of a well-heeled minority who complain about anything being built within five miles of their In/Out drives and want to ban all cars – except their own – from the A281!

It could just be that in Councillor Potts we are finally seeing a local politician with the selflessness and vision to work in the interests of the wider borough, rather than just those of the cash-and-clout brigade from Awfold, CKerchingfold, Dudsfold and Where-Has-all-the-Traffic-Comb-Frome, who have, to their eternal shame, effectively, bullied and bought the submission of local MPs, Mistress Milton and Jeremy Shunt-all-the-housing onto someone else! More of which in a future post.

As a result, Waverley might, just might – but don’t hold your breath – emerge from the current situation in reasonably good shape!

We say ‘might’ because Councillor Potts and Liz-the-Biz are just two women and they’re up against some dark and very powerful forces who now want to build on green fields owned by them.

So there you have it, folks, if this Inspector and his boss, the Secretary of State, decide not to recommend in favour of the Dunsfold development, it’s going to be open season on every green field and piece of Green Belt land in the borough and the Coutts accounts of the cash-and-clout brigade will be going Ker-Ker-Kerching! No wonder they’re all so keen to derail housing at Dunsfold!

The final word on this has to go to that elder statesman of the three barristers at the recent Inquiry, Rumpole: “The very fact that the Rule 6 Parties speak in such terms shows what the planning system has to grapple with and face down here!”

See yesterday’s post – another shedload going onto a green field near YOU?

Another shed-load of housing on its way to ‘Poor old Cranleigh?’


Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 20.44.35.png

First shock of the day at the Alfold Public Inquiry!

Within ten minutes of a public inquiry opening, the appellant,  Thakeham Homes, warns it  intends to land all its costs into Waverley’s lap!

One thing you can say for Your Waverley it is on the ball!

Let’s hope it’s in the money too!

Picture posted on Facebook by Alfold Fights Back.

It is well-rounded, (51 of its 57 councillors are from one party) it bounces around all over the place, (two Daft Local Plans and one, not quite so Daft, over ten years). It had a rubber Band (Mike) at its heart  for many years – don’t see much of him now though, and it bounces back into power regardless of how many times residents take ‘Votes of No Confidence’ in its administrative prowess  … which are ignored!


Last Tuesday’s meeting of the EXECUTIVE  voted to provide its planning team with £100,000 for Barristers and Expert witnesses to challenge Thakeham Homes appeal against its refusal to allow a new village to be bolted onto the Surrey/Sussex Village.

When does the Appeal take place?  TODAY!

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 10.10.07.png

Click on the link below for a previous post outlining the scheme to build 465 dwellings on the Springbok Estate in the middle of Waverley’s countryside on land owned by Seaman’s Charity Care Ashore on the Surrey/Sussex border.

Is the boat about to sail for – Care Ashore?

So… ‘Your Waverley’ wait until seven days before  a controversial Public Inquiry takes place before  deciding  whether to spend £100,000 of the taxpayers’ money! No doubt Thakeham Homes are laughing all the way to the Inspector’s door, as they will, no doubt, have gathered all the planning brains and experts available to ensure its cunning plan comes to fruition,

But maybe…just maybe, someone at ‘YW’ just forgot to set the money aside, and officers and legal eagles have been preparing  for the event  for many months? Let’s hope so.

Do the good people of Alfold go into battle confident and safe  in the knowledge that its borough council is vigorously defending its very future, let’s hope so for their sake?

Your Waverley’s Councillor Jim Edwards was completely carried away with his own enthusiasm whilst supporting the £100,000 spend, even though he said there was no money in the council’s planning coffers! Waverley Planners refused the application in 2016. He said: We should apply to the Inspector for costs, because I don’t think they have a leg to stand on personally, knowing Alfold and I just hope we get costs!’

We hope you are right Sunny Jim, but don’t hold your breath!

There are some very angry people over there in the East – who want to know, WHY  two major public inquiries are being held on the same day in different parts of the borough. Of course, we couldn’t possibly comment!



Inspector Bore made his views very clear at the end of the first week of his Inquiry into Waverley Borough Council’s now, not-quite-so-daft looking, Draft Local Plan. And he left no room for equivocation in that, given a choice between having a home and being stuck for a few more minutes in traffic on the A3, he knows what his choice – and the Government’s choice – will be!

Cue deeply indrawn breaths from all those present in the Waverley Council Chamber who are opposed to more development!

Inspector Bore also made it very clear that Waverley’s housing numbers will need to increase!


Cue another collective intake of breath from the anti-development-brigade, spear-headed by Protect Our Waverley (who else?!) and the Man from CPRE (well he would, wouldn’t he?!).

Inspector Bore  indicated that Waverley does not have a five-year housing supply and concurred with the view of a ‘housing forum’, made up of interested developers, that the Council simply cannot rely on a 100% achievement rate because, not only is that undeliverable but unreasonable.

Q: Why?

A: Because no one ever gets a score of 100 / 100. Ergo, Waverley’s housing numbers will have to go up.

Graham Parrott – looking as sick as one – gamely tabled a plan designed to demonstrate how constrained the borough of Waverley is in development terms but Inspector Bore was having none of it. He told the Chamber that Waverley was not nearly as constrained as either Guildford or Woking … Oh, and by the way, Waverley’s going to have to take 50% of Woking’s unmet need!

Forget indrawn breaths, at this point the POW collective nearly choked on theirs! Had they really heard that right? 50%? They thought they had enough to worry over where Waverley was planning to put its existing numbers and now they’re expected to take 50% of another borough’s unmet need! This was beyond their worst nightmares!

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 19.24.28.png

But Inspector Bore was in a benevolent mood; he assured those assembled in the Council Chamber that he wasn’t there to hinder them but to help them get their plan adopted. And, in order to help him to help them, the planners needed to go away and think about how and where they might accommodate their – and Woking’s – increased housing need.

Our spider, nearly strangled itself in its own web hanging from the public gallery as it frantically tried to do the animated-spider-image-0157 arithmetic on the back of an envelope, as the day progressed, and reckoned, by the end of it, the numbers are going to be not far south of 600 per annum!

Had they been on hand this was the point that the stretchers would have been rushed into the Council Chamber … but Inspector Bore hadn’t finished. He had some hints, some helpful suggestions, as to how Waverley might go about opening their door to the developers and rolling out the red carpet. Elsewhere, he offered, planners had adopted a policy whereby they decided, all other things being equal, development would be acceptable if it was proposed adjacent to existing development …

It took a few moments for the import of his words to sink in but when they did the blood drained from the faces of those representing the Parish Councils and Protect Our Little Corner …

Was he really suggesting …? Did he honestly think …? Surely not …? He could not possibly mean …

Yep, they got there … eventually! The Inspector was giving Waverley Planners a prod in the ribs – and the Parish Councils and Protect Our Little Corner a massive punch in the gut!

He was actually daring to propose the previously unimaginable: that the villages – and, yes, that’s all of the villages (even the oh, so precious, we are an isolated rural idyll and therefore an exceptional case, villages of Alfold and Dunsfold, Shamley Green, Wonersh, Ewhurst, Elstead, Milford and on it goes around Farnham ) – will  have to take more houses!

Yes, that means every last damn one of them – even the oh-so-precious, we are an isolated rural idyll and therefore an exceptional case villages of Alfold and Dunsfold! It means Alfold, Bramley, Busbridge, Chiddingfold, Compton, Cranleigh, Dunsfold, Enton, Ewhurst, Godalming, Hambledon, Hascombe, Hydestile, Milford, Munstead, Shalford, Witley, Wonersh and everywhere in between.

Not one of them is going to escape unscathed, untouched and any protestations about congestion on the A281 are, we have no doubt, going to be met with the same brisk rebuttal that was delivered with regard to congestion on the A3: both Inspector Bore and the Government consider delivering homes more important than a couple of minutes additional delay on the daily commute!

So, there you have it folks, unless someone, somewhere can pinpoint a large, empty, brownfield site that’s going begging – and, let’s face it, there aren’t too many of those around, are there? – all of the villages are going to have to take a far greater number of houses than they previously imagined – even in their worst nightmares! So much for Protect Our Little Corner’s dastardly plan to push it all onto Cranleigh and Farnham. It would appear to be blowing up in their faces for the Inspector has them in his sights.

Stand by your beds!!! In the Second World War they dug up the cricket pitches to plant vegetables … in 2018 they might be digging them up to pour concrete!

PS Our advice to local Councillors this week-end:

Take the landline off the hook, switch off your mobile phone and ignore your email because when Wild-of-Waverley gets wind of development on their doorstep they’re not going to be pleased. But it’s not Richard Shut-the-Gates, Robert Know-less and Mary Orton-Pett and all those Cranleigh Councillors who did/didn’t attend secret meetings  – the architects of this developing disaster (no pun intended – oh, ok, maybe just a little one!) they’ll be ringing to berate. Oh no, they’re yesterday’s (wo)men. Between them that lot triumvirate have done untold damage to the Borough with their insistence that Waverley, on their watch, behave as if it were an island, a special case, a forbidden fruit where developers crossed the borough line at their peril. Now their chickens look as if they’re coming home to roost, thanks to all those Cranleigh councillors who did/didn’t attend those “secret meetings.” However,  it’s not Shut-the-Gate, Know-less and Mrs MOP the residents will be ringing, its poor old – and those are words we never thought we’d hear ourselves say – Gone-to-Potts and that Dick D’Anus!

PPS Our advice to local would-be-developers:

Pull out those old plans to develop on greenfields and gardens, dust them off and totter down to the hallowed halls of The Burys where Liz-the-Biz-Simms and her planners will greet you with open arms – unfortunately, the red carpet’s not an option due to ‘elf and safety concerns … But never mind, there’s much to celebrate if you’re a would-be-developer in Waverley, cos there’s a Concrete Fest coming to a field, in a village, near all of us!

Let the burrowing begin..

Not Tonight Josephine – but Wednesday – Waverley Planners – will view the detailed drawings and Reserved Matters – concerning the first phase (55) of the Berkeley Bunnies new 425  home burrow – on the former Bonham Trust Land behind Stocklund Square in Cranleigh.

The mainly two storey dwellings will be three, four and five bed homes with access onto Knowle Lane. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 15.26.25.png

Along with all the other developers in Waverley, they have convinced officers, and members alike, that the two and a half storey homes  are just that. Well – just go and view other Crest Nicholson/Berkeley developments and see what you think. They are three storey houses in everything but name.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 16.54.50.png

As you will see there is a very strong presence from Councillors representing Cranleigh!

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 09.35.53.png

Here’s what the parish council – the local watchdog – has to say, will anyone take one blind bit of notice… here come the diggers!

  • Strong concerns over the movement of construction traffic on Knowle Lane.
  •   The dwellings are higher than those planned forAmlets Lane and the pitched roofs are considered to be too steep and should be reduced.
  •   The proposed footpath is inadequate for pedestrians as there is only adequate space for one person.
  •   This is a wetspot, highlighting flash flooding in the area at the carnival in 2016.
  •   The roads are too narrow and should be made wider to support passing traffic.
  •   The proposed garages would obstruct the highway, causing a lack of space for access.
  •   Object to the ornamental entrance gate as the site must be inclusive, not exclusive. This also includes the brick wall which would create a separation and social exclusion from Cranleigh.
  •   The SuDS scheme is not yet agreed and would need to be heavily relied upon.
  •   Members would like a CEMP to be made a condition of this application.Additional response:
    • –  Gate should be removed from the entrance
    • –  Estate roads are too narrow, and cars will parkalong them restricting access for emergencyvehicles and refuse collection lorries.
    • –  Plots 4, 51, 52 and 53 are 45% higher thanneighbouring properties. The two storey houses have been increased to make the three storey houses look less intrusive.
    • –  Plots 4 and 51 are within a metre of the pavement, making them appear as gateways which would cause harm to the character and appearance of the lane as appears urban.
    • –  Plots 4, 51, 52 and 53 are located opposite Snoxhall Fields ASVI and would be harmful as too bulky and large.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 15.29.28.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 15.30.02

  • It is contrary to the Cranleigh Design Statement.
  • and.. last but not least.. the transport Statement refers to a roundabout being built to service a new private nursing home (formerly intended to be a replacement hospital) but its permission has now lapsed, so the developer should not rely upon this roundabout.

Needless to say  – there is no objection from the county highway authority or the flood authority. Surprise, surprise! Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 15.24.24.png
Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 15.25.33.png

Our little spider buried deep in the bowels of The Burys, has been at it again… Let the Alarm Bells ring all over the Borough!

Our creepy little friend        animated-spider-image-0157 tells us that The Protect Our (Little Corner of) Waverley Group  isn’t happy that it  lost the No vote for Dunsfold Park’s application to build 1,800 homes on the airfield – and is fuming that Waverley Planners said – YES.

Since that fateful December day – they have been scratching their heads and their scrotums pondering how to overturn that vote and…

low and behold they have found a way to scupper Good Ship Waverley below the water-line, by lodging a Judicial Review – Oh No! Not another JUDICIAL REVIEW!

Regular readers will be aware that its two-pronged attack – brought Matron Milton aided and abetted by Our Jeremy, to the aid of the party,  persuaded  the Secretary of State to call the application in.

For those who are not up to snuff with legal jargon, a Judicial Review (JR) is a legal challenge of the lawfulness of a decision taken by public authorities at local or central government level.

The key point here is:

  • A (JR)  is not a re-run of the merits of a decision, but  challenges the lawfulness of the decision.

SO- What’s all this about we hear you ask?

Well – it’s a bit like the Brexit  Remoaners, just when we  thought a decision had been made – at last! They are off  again, and again ..  and it will not be over until the Fat Lady Slims – in other words millions of pounds of taxpayers money is wasted… again!

According to our insiders Buried deep inside The Burys – it now could  pick up the bill for a Judicial Review and a Public Inquiry – a double whammy just as the going  gets tough for local authorities, countrywide!


  • Without Dunsfold Waverley won’t be able to meet the Government’s housing targets and risks another Daft local Plan biting the dust!

Below is a letter sent to Councillors this week on an application to build on the Green Belt in Elstead. Because, an Inspector has turned the world of Liz “The Biz” Sims and Graham ‘Sick-As-A-‘ Parrot upside down and inside out! 

                                                                       If you follow events in respect of WBC’s 5-year                          housing land supply  read  the Inspector’s decision on the Weyburn Engineering site in Elstead and screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-12-52-19 ….

As you will see, even the  planning department has  insider creepy crawlies   entering our little web!animated-spider-image-0157

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 21.12.52.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 22.13.59.png

Can this motley group either start getting wound up over ALL the other developments about to Be dumped on the borough’s countryside and Green Belt.

  • Schemes are being worked up as we write, to build on the GREEN BELT –  

For all our sakes POLCOW either Shut up or put Up- and…

  • Thakeham Homes application which has been re-submitted this week to build hundreds of homes in Alfold!
  • .Bakers Oates, Gardeners Hill, Faarnham?
  • Where were you all when the Weyburn Works in Elstead went to Appeal?
  • What about all the schemes covering Badshot Lea and Weybourne?
  • Where were you when the Berkeley Homes Application for 425 went to Appeal
  • Are you objecting to the Farnham Hopfields?

No, your entire raison d’etre and that of your MP colleagues   – is to derail development on the largest brownfield site in the borough, Sod the rest of  Waverley – which is heading towards meeting its Maker as he prepares to force down our throats an even bigger housing allocation!

 The tireless efforts  of  the high rollers bank rolling the campaign to – Protect Our Little Dunsfold Acres –  have decided that:

As some of those who voted in favour of (DP) were not members of the Joint Planning Committee, but substitutes fielded to stand in for those members who either couldn’t attend,  – or like Jeannette Stennett- couldn’t vote because she had publicly pre-determined how she intended to vote by announcing it in the Surrey Ad letters page – the 8 to 10 vote in favour of the Dunsfold application, was in fact 5 to 7 against, that is IF …  the Council only counted the votes of those who were members of the committee and discounted those who were substitutes.

Yeah, Really, because they didn’t like the result the Dunsfold Bemoaners want…

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 22.23.06.png

What’s  betting they wouldn’t give one jot if the vote had gone the other way!

However, this is where ‘POLCOW’ gets down and dirty – it is not contending the vote was unlawful or unconstitutional per se, just that it was unlawful and unconstitutional for substituted members TO VOTE!

Now if they hang their little ‘POLCOW’ hat on that view, then the votes will swing in ‘POLCOW’s favour.


All ‘Your Waverley” has to do to appease them is to amend its record of the vote to demonstrate that permission was refused by 7 votes to 5. In other words – its threat – “no need to worry the Courts as long as you do what we say…

SO if POLCOW is right then..!

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 22.10.47.png

Stand by your desks planning officers – all leave has been cancelled as all the wannabe developers refused planning consent will being pouring over the voting records to see whether all the votes counted should have been! And… every campaigning group in the borough that has objected to a consented development will do likewise…

Are you as sick of Sobbing women and men as they are over in Cranleigh and the Eastern villages?


Sing-along with Brian  ‘Your Waverley’s’ very own Howard Keel! 

The last thing those over in the East of the borough want to hear are Waverley bloody councillors sobbing  into their cornflakes over the misery they are inflicting on those “poor old villages in the East”


Councillor Anna James (Witley/Hambledon ) pictured above in a warm embrace with Planning Portfolio Holder Brian Adams  (Frensham/Dockenfield & Tilford ) joined the Sobbing women brigade when  she helped him dump another 265 houses on Cranleigh last week.

 But whilst joining  the overflowing  “Chamber Pot” of councillors that is now ‘Your Waverley’ she smugly said how “very sorry” she was for   Cranleigh and the villages –

 ” I feel sorry in my hScreen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.00.19.pngeart for the people  of Cranleigh,”

she cried into her  microphone. and continued  ….       saying said she had only been a councillor for  five years and all she had heard from the get-go  was  “Cranleigh’s expansion.”  First one development then another, the place was just getting wider and wider – a bit like Bordon in Hampshire.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.16.56.png

 Ending with – yes you guessed – “I feel really feel very sorry for Cranleigh and my heart goes out ………………..!” Well your heart may go out but it certainly doesn’t stop your hand going up, does it?

Followed by “I have every sympathy…………. Yeah,  we get it…Yadah, yadah, yada  You’re  really, really, really sorry for Cranleigh – instead of crying crocodile  tears, why don’t you  just shut the hell up and give the place a break,  why don’t you!

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 23.22.24.png

Well Councillor James, be afraid be very afraid, because if Dunsfold goes down, and we at Waverley Web think it’s all over bar the shouting at Dunsfold since the Deputy Dominatrix stuck her nose in, then there’s going to be a bloody great HOLE in the daft local Plan that’s going to be filled by dipping into the Green Belt. Which could herald development in fortress CHIDDINGFOLD, Milford, Elstead, Haslemere, around Godalming, over here in Farnham’s fields and even in Bramley, where the Green Belt has already been sacrificed… ask By-Pass Byham, who was  only too happy to offer it up like a sacrificial lamb in aid of his Tory-Tosser friend!

Then John Gray (Dunsfold) joined the sobbing women, saying how sorry he was for Cranleigh – but not  sorry enough to vote against more homes going onto green fields! Of course not… he’s too busy  protecting  that ruddy great Brown field on his doorstep! Whilst voting twice this year for development in the – GREEN BELT!

 Councillor May Foryszewski’s response to all the sobbing was – “I just cannot believe what I am hearing here tonight!” Really? Really? Really? – Come on, Cranleigh’s very  own Valkyrie, how long have you been listening to this? It’s par for the course! And, let’s face it  your colleagues aren’t going to give up until the East and the West are  covered in concrete! Perhaps you should be having some strong words with you TT colleagues?

 Oh Carole (Cockburn) then joined the sodding sobbers, saying she felt a bit like Cranleigh people – “Punch drunk.” and then proceeded to stick her Farnham  mit in the air, saying when it was refused “last time” it was “isolated” but now that all the other sites had been allowed around it, this was no longer the case! 

Then afterwards, they all went asobbing  into their G & T’s whilst the Champagne corks popped for the Flying Dutchman’s –  who is just another GRQ- Cranleigh developer.

And the sad thing is, there’s more to come, much more! Watch this space,  cos  you aint seen nothing yet!

  • another 20 or so on the Infant School site in Church Lane.
  • Around 90 on the Junior School site in the centre of the High Street off Parsonage Road,
  • Another extension to Horsham Road by Crest Nicholson (100);

But bring it all on why don’t you, because according to the late Cranleigh Councillor Brian Ellis,  shopkeepers – “need more foot fall.” May he Rest in …..?

At this rate, footfall is all anyone is going to get in Cranleigh because the traffic from these developments is going to create the mother of all snarl ups. Maybe that’s the secret plan: bumper- to – bumper traffic in Cranleigh to ensure motorists look in the shop windows at they attempt to negotiate the High Street. Never mind, drive-ins, in Cranleigh it could be drive-bye…bye!

West Cranleigh Nurseries bounces back like a rubber ball and councillor Peter Isherwood scores a goal!




Here at the Waverley Web we couldn’t decide whether the music to accompany the latest deluge of houses to be dumped on Cranleigh should be – Rubber Ball, or In Out, In Out and Shake it All about, BUT FINALLY  WE DECIDED IT HAD TO BE ‘ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST’


 The Knowle Park Initiative, West Cranleigh Nurseries, AKA A2 Dominion, AKA Nicholas Vrijland’s application for 265 dwellings in ELMBRIDGE has been bouncing in and out of Waverley for more than ten  years. Just goes to show if you hang on in there shoving it in and out,  you can bore your way into VICTORY!

As we predicted an approval was a foregone conclusion – because “Your Waverly has decided that Cranleigh New Town is-a-coming – whether they, the villagers over there in the East, like it or not!  Well after all Cranleigh –  ‘Your Waverley’ has given away our Farnham Town to developers so what chance your village?

Once again here at the Waverley Web – our flabber is absolutely ghasted! 

Chief Planning Honcho Liz The Biz Sims forged ahead like a steamroller over  fresh tarmac as she almost  beat members of ‘Your Waverley” into submission in her efforts to get another shedload of houses onto the Cranleigh flood plains. Is she actually employed by the developers?- because she was so determined that application would go through COME HELL OR HIGH WATER! How much more partisan can you get?  Can anyone out there remember the days when planning officers ADVISED councillors not HORSEWHIPPED THEM?  Shouldn’t someone should be reining her in?
So the final vote was 8 For – 8 Against with Peter  Isherwood chairman’s casting vote in favour clinching the deal. Has he ever opposed anything?  Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 23.37.43.png

What we want to know is?   Why did six members absent themselves from such an important meeting. Cranleigh’s  Stennetts have good reason ‘a pecuniary interest’ in the application, but why did Mike Band,(not that he turns up for any contentious applications) Pat Frost, Stephen Hill, Stephen Mulliner, and David Hunter not turn up?  We accuse them of cowardliness and not wanting to vote on a very unpopular application, (although A Touch of,  Pat Frost doesn’t usually care how  unpopular she is!)

Liz Townsend and Mary Foryszewski were forceful, coherent and factual in their declarations, as were the Cranleigh Civic Society  spokesman and the Cranleigh Parish Councillor, all to no avail. It wasn’t for the want of trying that they failed in their futile but passionate attempts to make the planners take Cranleigh’s issues seriously. 

 In one  valiant effort after another Councillor Mary Foryszewski  did her damndest to parry Liz the Biz’s blows. – Where was  the Cranleigh Representation? The Stennett Duo again,  or the mealy-mouthed Ellis who together with her late departed  husband worked tirelessly to get the application called in more times than balls bounce at Wimbledon! Couldn’t she have filled in for an absent colleague to support the one lone Cranleigh vote in the stinking Chamber Pot that has become – ‘Your Waverley.’  Cowardly or what!

Questions must surely be asked why the late Brian Ellis’s  seat on the JPC has not been filled by another Cranleigh Councillor – it is quite obvious to everyone in Cranleigh – that Elizabeth Townsend has been prevented from taking her rightful place? She was allowed to speak But NOT VOTE – WHY? CRANLEIGH PEOPLE DESERVE AN ANSWER!

Perhaps because she knows that they know that the KPI fails the  vital Sequential Test and that the homes built there will have higher footings to fend off flooding – but what about all the other homes in Elmbridge that don’t have that protection? Do they run for the hills?

It must be  quite sickening for people in the Eastern villages to  listen to the constant stream of “sympathies and condolences” extended to “poor old Cranleigh” by Waverley councillors. Surely the time has come for Cranleigh Parish Council to hold a PUBLIC MEETING and to call all their elected representatives to account?

Brian Adams – Portfolio Holder for Planning was condescending, almost to the point of rudeness, when he insulted the rights and intelligence of every elected member by suggesting that because the site is in the Daft Local Plan they had to vote for it!!  He also claimed that the Secretary of State had “really put the cat among the pigeons by Calling in the Dunsfold application.” We think he probably means – put the diggers into more  green fields.”

Claims of “Blue Asbestos in the water supply”  effluent in the stream chortling its way to poison Bramley and overloaded stinking poo factory, crowded roads, antiquated school buildings, inadequate GP  facilities, and overdevelopment fatigue were – totally ignored. So were fractured water pipes, highway problems and road closures! Why because the East, in particular Cranleigh , has become your Waverley’s Promised Land – overflowing with – ‘shit and money’ much of which will be coming from its countryside clothed in concrete. 

Out go jobs and lettuce growing – a horticultural tradition in  Cranleigh about which the Flying Dutchman boasted  the country needed – for 50 years (mainly when he needed planning permission Oh! and didn’t he take his neighbour to the High court and win  damages for his lettuces?   –  and in comes concrete and bricks. Out goes top quality agricultural land – in comes the Wandsworth Wanderers and the Wimbledon Wives, hope they bring their green wellies with them! . Because If you can Adam and Eve it one  officer said: that the land was “only subject to flooding when there were  flash floods that quickly subsided , so no-one would be trapped on site for long!! Well that’s alright then!

Cranleigh’s Boudicca bowled  a googly at the officers when she told them that there was now an advertisement in Cranleigh  for new houses on the five-year old   Swallowhurst development – asking buyers to: “Make me an offer.” 

It is well-known locally the million pound homes on clay subsoil are suffering from settlement problems and flooding!

Every resident over there in the east should listen to the first part of the Webcast. Start at 3 mins 20 and hear for  themselves the good reasons eight councillors opposed  exactly the same application  they had also refused only six months earlier. Is that the Cranleigh sewer we can smell or is it – ‘Your Waverley’?

 Cranleigh Parish Councillor Richard Bryant for the Cranleigh Civic Society and Councillor Brian Freestone for Cranleigh Parish Council excelled themselves, and it was horrifying to hear of the litany of infrastructure/water/sewage/flooding problems which villagers  have and  will face in the future. And…did we hear the distant sound of “Legal Challenge’ mentioned.

But it was Councillor Liz Townsend who told her colleagues on the council she so recently joined Cranleigh’s mood was turning ugly and villagers felt under represented and their views and concerns were consistently ignored by Waverley’s  planning  decision makers. KPI Was “unsustainable” and was the least favoured site in the vital Sequential Test – Hewitts was now coming forward with 120 homes and the School site in central Cranleigh with over 90 – and, why was a new Recreation Centre being planned with a KPI contribution, without any consultation to Cranleigh PC on the parish owned – Snoxhall Playing Fields, she asked?

WW wonders if ‘Your Waverley” intends to do away with the ‘local voice’ altogether – so watch out all you other parish council out there – it could  be your turn next!

By-Pass Byham obviously wants more traffic on Bramley’s roads – he couldn’t wait to stick his mit into the air. Ah! but of course it is only Dunsfold’s traffic he opposes isn’t it. But his parish council  happily trousers a cash hand-out for all those HGV’s thundering through his High Street on their way to deposit their loads at Cranleigh Brick and Tile. Judas!

Here’s what the Cranleigh Society has to say:

We’re thinking, that you’re thinking what we’ve been thinking about local poltics!

They’ll  do it their  way.

Following the unedifying great big row that has been going on over there in the East of Waverley – we’ve been thinking about the huge role politics now plays in local government at its grass-roots.

You can read it here:Is Miss Whiplash about to feel a Backlash? and again… here: COUP D’TWAT

In happier times – local parish councils and borough councils consisted of a bunch of incredibly dedicated local people who wanted to donate their time to making a difference to the communities in which they were proud to live and serve.

We are asking ourselves here at the Waverley Web… “What actual purpose do national parties serve on our local parish/borough and town councils?”

Let’s take a look at what they do – because their powers and functions are  really quite limited – and said  powers are reducing with every day passing day. 

 At  National Level – then yes, we agree, political parties are part of our democracy – twas ever so – but locally?  Politics with a big P should be dumped and soon. It is, quite simply, unhealthy – particularly for the poor old voting fodder. What possible purpose do national parties serve on local councils?

‘Your Waverley’ has, for many years, been controlled by the Conservative party. The borough is made up of 29 wards with  57 seats. 

The Tories hold 51; Farnham Residents 5; and there is just ONE Independent. Until last year it was, pretty much 100% Tory controlled – but thankfully Farnham Residents have created a small chink by scaling the walls into Waverley Towers!

That cannot be right it is unhealthy.   No checks, no balances, just – We’ll Do It Our Way!

Councillors are elected for four years to decide how the council should carry out its various functions and duties They should represent the wider public interest as well as individuals living within the ward in which they serve.

When it comes to voting at ‘Your Waverley,” the other parties are largely an irrelevance and they are treated as such. Watch a few webcasts and see for yourselves how disgracefully Farnham Resident councillors are treated. Lesser mortals could wither and die from Fat Prost’s finger of ice! We disrespectfully suggest –  it’s time this woman stepped aside?

screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-21-34-48 The Conservatives can carry any vote they wish subject only to the proviso that they vote together.Which they almost always, do!

The  council’s largest function  is planning policy. (It has no power over transport and education which are decided by Surrey County Council or over matters such as defence, foreign policy or taxation which are dealt with at Westminster.)

Its planning role is to apply a set of Government rules and guidelines called the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), in a non-political way.  The vital ingredients that   qualify  councillors to make these decisions are diligence;  getting to grips with the facts (which requires quite some reading,) fair-mindedness, and a sense of responsibility to ALL Waverley’s residents. 

Sadly ‘Your Waverley’s’ Conservatives cannot claim these qualities.  Having a large majority, in fact, allows members of the majority to be lazy or, in the case of the Joint Planning Committee –  don’t bother to turn up!  Most of the more important  decisions are taken behind closed doors in the committee rooms, away from prying eyes.

Lets’ face it – the debates – just a handful of us watch on the webcast , if it is working, are just a little bit of theatre to placate the voting fodder and where  individual councillors can tow the ‘party line’ rather than form their own opinion.

The most important job of an elected assembly is to scrutinise the work of Executive and the full-time council officials. Scrutiny is an essential part of the checks and balances in government. Even they  recognise they haven’t  performed that duty properly. That’s illustrated by the failure to scrutinise numerous issues – that is until Farnham residents turned up!

Another core function of the council is to maintain standards in public life. The “Don’t Mention The Fraud” cover up  perpetrated by Waverley’s head honchos, and which could have affected the 2015 local elections – is quite simply a disgrace.

Neither have Waverley  Conservative councillors  done a half-decent  job of implementing a new local plan. Work began in 2009. Two Daft Local Plans have failed and after spending millions –  a new 2017 Local Plan in 2017 – still remains to be examined, and following a decision by the Secretary of State to  call it in – now contains a huge hole!

Some argue that Waverley/ Guildford Borough and Surrey County Councils all Tory controlled,  have  greater access to, and influence at, county and national government and at agencies such as Highways England or Natural England because it is controlled by the Conservatives. Now the blue on blue rows are escalating over  that ‘memorandum of understanding’ between ‘Your Surrey” and the Government – that’s another fine mess they have  got us into?

There are some very  troubling questions about of independence and impartiality among  Conservatives in Waverley. Some and we stress, some are  using  their party as an instrument of political power rather than as a means to represent the interests of the people they are there to serve.

Isn’t it high time that residents took back control of their councils by voting for individuals who will represent THEM rather  than those who are SERVING THEIR  POLITICAL AMBITIONS AND THEIR POLITICAL MASTERS ?

Dunsfold Park decision – called in by the Secretary of State.

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 17.31.11.png


It would seem that the Whip-Cracking Deputy Dominatrix, AKA Anne Milton MP, has more sway over Sajid Javid than we could have possibly imagined for it was announced today that Matron Milton has prevailed and persuaded the Secretary of State to call in Dunsfold Park’s planning application to build 1800 homes on the aerodrome.

Read the letter for yourself here: 170301 – Dunsfold – Rule 6 call in letter to LPA170301 – Dunsfold – Rule 6 call in letter to LPA

This will, without doubt, be a major blow to Your Waverley, which was depending on housing at the airfield to underpin its Daft Local Plan – which is now looking dafter by the minute, if that were possible!

On the one hand, we’re told the Government wants more housing and Waverley is being encouraged to build more houses and yet an application to build houses on the biggest brownfield site in the borough gets called in whilst, elsewhere, all over the Borough, green fields are being concreted over by developers who are contributing diddley-squat to the infrastructure needs of the Borough when compared with the millions (we believe the figure is around £50m) Dunsfold Park was going to pump in! You couldn’t make it up – not even if you tried!

Alongside Protect Our (Little Corner) of Waverley there will be plenty of developers who will be swilling back the Champagne today as they throw in their planning applications faster than Your Waverley’s printers can churn them out! And they’ll be laughing all the way to their earth-movers as Your Waverley is left high-and-dry whilst Dunsfold Park is in limbo-land courtesy of the Deputy Dominatrix and her all-too-willing-slave.

For, be in no doubt about it, in light of the loss of Dunsfold Park’s housing contribution, Your Waverley will have little option but to nod through another 265 homes at West Cranleigh Nurseries when the Joint Planning Committee meets next week – putting yet another nail in the coffin of Cranleigh New Town.

annemilton_newoutfitWell done, Anne, we have to hand it to you. You and your whip really are a cracking asset to Cranleigh! We and very many Cranleigh residents have no hesitation in laying the blame for the desecration of this once beautiful village on your front porch! We hope the donations made to your campaign coffers by Protect Our (Little Corner) of Waverley make it all worth your while.

And  the barristers at London’s Landmark Chambers, who not only regularly represent Your Waverley but also Dunsfold Park, will also be raising a glass or two or three to you tonight. Their coffers will be full to over-flowing by the time this sorry saga has played itself out.

For not only will Waverley be pouring hundreds of thousands of pounds down the borough’s overflowing drains but all that Council Tax Payer’s money could be swiftly followed by the £50 million Dunsfold Park were rumoured to be contributing to the local economy via infrastructure in the form of a new school, affordable homes, a new sewage works, leisure centre, sports centre … we could go on but you get the picture.

The irony of it is that this time Your Waverley and the Flying Scotsman will be in it together, singing from the same hymn sheet when this gets to Public Inquiry! You couldn’t make it up – you really, really couldn’t! Talk about the  unholy of unholy alliances!

So where does this decision leave Your Waverley’s Local Plan? WITH A GREAT BIG HOLE.

In short, it leaves everything to chance… WHY? Because, let’s face it, Your Waverley had no vision for Waverley – no vision for the East, the only people with any vision are the developers who are now circling overhead in their helicopters marking up their plans for yet more green fields they can concrete over to make up the 1800 shortfall that the Dunsfold Park Dilemma is going to place Your Waverley in!!!

 WW wonders if the site owners might just throw in the bricks and go for its second option – may we now see the resurgence of a very busy airfield? Thereby the very real and total destruction of the East of Waverley and in particular Cranleigh and the villages around – just 8 miles from the bottom of Gatwick’s runway! 

 AND .. Now the affordable housing threshold is reduced to 30% Godalming is 300 affordable houses short, so it, like most Neighbourhood Plans, it was relying on Dunsfold to have the space and money to make up the numbers..

Its a bit rich for Anne, and perhaps Jeremy, to call the plan in – we  assume in the name of democracy – as they don’t trust or support the judgement of their own Waverley Tories who approved  the decision at Planning.

Hope Our Annie has her darning needle at the ready to start stitching up that great big hole in the Daft Local Plan!

The latest joke doing the rounds:

Q  If it’s green and doesn’t move – what is it?

A. A potential development site in ‘Your Waverley’.