Has the £20m Lollipop been licked down to the stick?

Once upon a time a  developer called Crest Nicholson offered a £20m Lollipop as a sweetener to “Your Waverley” for the redevelopment of Farnham’s Brightwells/East Street. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 19.27.31.png
OH! Quelle Surprise, not much of the lollipop left.

Another Day Another Dollar?  But 13 years later  and the £20m is disappearing  into the  sands of time along with residents’ patience. Some, so disenchanted with “Your Waverley’s utter incompetence they  raised a petition with of over 10, 000 signatures to leave the borough, –  walked to London and served  it on Her Majesty The Queen.

Of course no-one took any notice of the voting fodder – because that is  what we all are, – voting fodder. But the Band of three residents and two councillors who are taking Waverley to Judicial Review may not be so easily ignored, and are an inspiration to all. 

This small group of valiant townsfolk, WW has  named them (FFFFFFF) The Famous Five Fighting Furiously for Farnham’s Future), have put their money where their mouths are in their David and Goliath  fight – and “Your Waverley” could… and remember we only said  could... defeat them at the first fence.


Because “Your Waverley” is Challenging “Your Waverley’s residents with… “Your Money, in the High Court at a Pre-Hearing on 31st January 2017 claiming they do not even have a right to Challenge  its “Procurement Process”


Because these god fearing people are not EXPERTS!  Because  in “Your Waverley’s” view only experts can  challenge… “experts” And we all know that an Ex is a “has been” and a spurt is “a drip under pressure.”

And despite having advice to the contrary from its legal advisors and Chief Planning Officer Liz The Biz.

Well we know what our Waverley experts sound and look like don’t we: Like a flock of parrots as  they squawk with monotonous regularity  about “Blightwells”… “Restaurants and Retail” – “Restaurants and Retail”  just as Clicks replace Bricks in most High Streets and business rates are going through the roof!

So “Your Waverley” forges  ahead with the acquisition of the popular Marlborough Head pub (of £1.5m; gained through a very dodgey compulsory purchase order process masterminded by Borough Solicitor Daniel Bainbridge)  removes  the Gostrey Centre into an extended  Memorial Hall (£2.3m) – without the necessary EIA consent; flouts  all the building’s covenants by moving in Waverley training Services. Moves  Farnham Football Club’s changing rooms – without any planning permission. So… by the time this gets to the High Court – the judge will realise – “it’s all over bar the shouting.”

 It has spent an additional £8m pounds, over 14 years, yes, EIGHT MILLION POUNDS  on the Development Process – during which time it had to pay off its former Chief Executive – Mrs MOP – (circa £250,000) and the previous CEO Mrs Christine Pointer (another £250,000) in 2006 for her failures.

It will spend £250,000 “as an initial sum,” it could be a lot more, on the JR –  +   Crest Nicholson’s (£ ??)  to defend the indefensible at Judicial Review. Also there’s  no telling of how much officers’ time will have  been expended on this toxic project – because presumably all the staff are FREE?

So add all that up chaps and what’s left of  Crest’s Lollipop? – Yes,  you guessed – the sticky old stick!  What does “Your Waverley do with it? Yes, you guessed hit the residents with it and then accuses them of robbing the voluntary sector and threatening Waverley’s  services. Bunch of bloody hypocrites.

Well Waverley Webbers – perhaps it is  time for all of us to dig  into our pockets and make this a borough-wide campaign to  ensure justice and democracy prevail in “Our Waverley. ” Because what happens in Farnham today  will happen to other towns and villages tomorrow?  And yes… as we heard from a Cranleigh correspondent just a few days ago, Crest Nicholson build their homes high, smaller than the Government’s accepted standard and don’t sell them cheap! It puts  poo into holding tanks on site, and lets it seep slowly into  main sewers. Oh! and builds on land it doesn’t own!  Where have we heard that before? 


Surrey County Council is putting in a reputed £30m as its share in  the overall ‘Investment’ using its pension fund!!  Whilst simultaneously  refusing anything other than “critical social care” to the elderly; withdrawing funds from Meals on Wheels; closing  Alzheimer’s Centres;  and nursing homes; reducing  opening hours of waste recycling centres and threatening  to turn the street lights out!

So we reckon by the time this tragic Saga gets into the High Court – Waverley’s £20m Lollipop will have been well and truly licked and it could  be left holding a very expensive and  very sticky stick!


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