Nothing is quite what it seems in “Your Waverley,” … is it?

As you read this  a developer called Threadneedle is attempting to convince a Government Inspector that a former industrial estate in West Cranleigh is much better suited to housing than as an Industrial Estate?

In the Blue Corner Threadneedle has  launched  its appeal against “Your Waverley’s” refusal to allow 120 homes  on the Hewitt’s Industrial Estate in West Cranleigh’s Elmbridge.  The developer  claims the site is better suited for homes  as it is in the middle of a residential area.  

In the Red Corner is “Your Waverley” who intends to tell the Inspector through its expert witnesses and its legal representatives (all called – “Costalot”)  that it wants to retain the site as an industrial estate… Ah! but it doesn’t really … does it? 

In the Green Corner is Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce- who wants lots of houses, because its shops and businesses need “more footfall.” But, doesn’t want them at the Hewitts Industrial Estate because it says it wants office and businesses based  there. Despite  working behind the scenes with “Your Waverley” councillors, in their cunning little bid  to build a new industrial estate on Green Belt adjoining the Mansfield Park Industrial Estate in Guildford Road, Cranleigh?


Well you certainly should be … because who wants to fund the new Industrial Estate in the Guildford Road to replace Hewitt’s?  – Non other than “Your Waverley” with £1m of “Your Money” all agreed by “Your Waverley Councillors” behind its  Closed doors. Why? – Because “Your Waverley” is going into the property developer business with another Cranleigh developer called Hamish Robbie!  – You know the one who objected to  the Berkley Homes’ Development at the Appeal!!! And… bagged himself 75 houses shortly after – right next door to both Hewitt’s and Berkeley’s!

Guess who is  behind the grand little scheme? – Non other than Cranleigh’s intrepid travellers fresh from their sojourn to Oz. Yes,  Councillors Stewart & Jeannette Stennett, who, according to tenants of Hewitt’s who  have contacted us here at “Your Waverley Web,” visited them  to tell them there would soon be a new estate nearby for them  to occupy when…


“Your Waverley” has even told Cranleigh Parish Council when it is developed for … “housing it will be counted in the Local Plan as… A WINDFALL SITE” SO COMES ON TOP  of the 1,500 homes already earmarked for Cranleigh New Town.

So perhaps someone should trot down to the Public Enquiry in Godalming which is now under-way and reveal Waverley’s duplicity, and the shocking  waste of our money fighting a scheme that it actually wants and supports! 

This paragraph is taken from  “Your Waverley’s” Confidential Meeting Minutes:

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 18.10.59.png

 AND here are the minutes Mr Inspector – Courtesy of the Waverley Web – true to is name – Oh what a tangled web we weave when once we praise to deceive. Perhaps someone should trot along and hand these CONFIDENTIAL MINUTES to him… so he can read it for himself ? Don’t you agree. Well possibly not all of our readers?




Manfield Pk Cranleigh RedLine-Access copy.jpg
This is where “Your Waverley” wants to build a new Hewitt’s …. on the Green Belt in Guildford Road with? “Some of Your Money”

2 thoughts on “Nothing is quite what it seems in “Your Waverley,” … is it?”

  1. Was there recently an application in almost the same area for a company called Tunnel Grab to run their business from which went to appeal and was refused and yet we have the possibility of this application which will bring much more traffic movement? Still I suppose it depends on who is behind the application. I can’t see the theory behind it when you have already one industrial site which was up and running only to close it to build another one on green belt does this also mean that if Hewitt’s gets passed on appeal then the KPI development will then get the go ahead on appeal also?

  2. Yes, we believe there was. WBC probably wouldn’t want another site opened up just a few hundred yards down the same road – would they? Perhaps Tunnel Grab could park their lorries even further down the Guildford Road at Gaston Gate?

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