Does this disingenuous former bobby expect us to believe one single solitary word he says?

Because Councillor Kevin Deanus – perhaps it is time you went back on the beat?

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 10.37.49.pngYour meteoric rise  to the top by joining the Executive in your first term as a Councillor for Alfold  was pretty impressive. No doubt you have learned a lot in such a short time – particularly how to deceive both yourself and the public.

Read his comments below – and then get a shovel for this pile of bulls***. No doubt he will defend all those other similar applicants around the borough who face enforcement action because they thought their unauthorised development was only “temporary” and did not require planning permission?  

You know, they know and we know that you all knew exactly what you intended to do with the Memorial Hall and the Farnham Football Club! So stop treating your voting fodder like idiots. “Prudent” – “Prudent” that “Your Waverley” now seeks planning permission! It is not prudent Councillor Deanus – it is expected of us to live by  the well tried and tested planning laws.  All of us!

As for you Councillor Deanus it didn’t take you very long to sell your soul did it? Remember that old saying about lying down with dogs and catching fleas?

Thank God the people of Farnham are waking up and returning the likes of Councillor Hyman (Farnham Residents’) because telling the truth just might, we only said might, catch on?

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