Who is entitled to be included in ‘Your Waverley’s housing register?


How many people living in the borough or elsewhere believe they are unentitled to put their names down on Waverley’s Housing Register? Quite a few, we suspect.

To be on Waverley’s housing register, applicants must: –

  • be considered to be in housing need and have a local connection to Waverley – not owe Waverley Borough Council or another landlord money 


  • Not own their home or have previously exercised the Right to Buy.


  • have an annual household income of less than £60,000 and savings of less than £30,000. 


  • not to have been proven to have committed anti-social behaviour, housing benefit fraud or subletting of social housing –


  • not already be a tenant of social housing to which the Council does not have a nomination right –


  • have a legal right to be included on Waverley’s register

If you think you can satisfy the requirements and need a home, what are you waiting for?

If  included on the register,  applications will be assessed and placed in one of 3 bands:

Band A – Highest housing need and strong connection to Waverley.

Band B – High housing need and strong connection to Waverley.

Band C – Medium housing need and strong or medium connection to Waverley’s Discretionary Pool.

Some applications that don’t meet the banding criteria for band A-C may be placed in a Discretionary Pool. These include applications from households that the Council is legally obliged to consider and those the Council may need to house in the future, such as those in supported accommodation but who are not yet ready to live independently.

Who is a priority?

See more in the link below.

The full allocation scheme is available on Waverley’s website. Any further queries about the allocation scheme contact 01483 523197.

 Note:  Just because you are ineligible to go on the register does not mean help cannot be offered. Waverley’s housing options team work hard to provide housing options advice and assistance to Waverley residents. Further details are available at Waverley housing options or on 01483 523197.


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