More prats deserting Waverley’s sinking Tory ship?


With the sound of election drums rolling  across the the borough yet another Hindhead councillor has jumped off the good ship, Waverley.

Councillor Christiaan Hesse’s term as councillor for Hindhead ended just a couple of days ago on March 10th – less than two months before the full council seeks re-election in the May polls.

His sudden departure leaves only Cllr Peter Isherwood (pictured below) carrying the Tory flag for Hindhead.Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 23.01.49.png

 October last year saw,  another Tory Town Councillor Alex Ford booted out of office for non-attendance.

During his year-long term of office, he did not attend a single meeting! 

What a slap in the face for the residents of Haslemere, battling to retain the countryside from the threat of development?

Tory Councillor Peter Isherwood threw his hat into the ring and won the seat on Haslemere Town Council in a by-election.

Will the people of Haslemere vote for more of the same at a Town Council by-election to-day?

Is this the reason, Councillor Hesse too, is no longer a councillor? Or, has he fallen out of the Tory fold after showing his increasing frustration with many of its decisions?

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 23.16.14.png

Perhaps it is time the townsfolk of Haslemere were better served by their elected representatives?

Maybe, just maybe they will stop voting for anyone with a blue rosette regardless, and seek proper representation from those willing to give their time and energies to serve those they have a duty to represent?

And possibly, some of those so long in the tooth, and frankly verging on decrepid, would do themselves, and the rest of us, a big favour by taking up bridge or knitting! 

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