Is the Royal Surrey County Hospital being tight lipped over pay… because it is just a little bit ashamed?

Apparently the man tasked with turning around an £11m deficit at the Guildford Hospital – which serves “Your Waverley” was paid £60,000 a month for turning around a hospital in his last job. Wonder if he’s earning a nice little earner here.

According to a hospital spokesman, Stephen Leivers is highly experienced in turning around and transforming hospitals.

So we can all feel confident that an annual salary of around £700,000/£800,000 a year is a true reflection of what the man is worth… well it must be, mustn’t it?

So why then is the hospital board so shy about saying exactly how much it is paying Mr Leivers, who is working alongside the executive leadership to spearhead the trust’s recovery plan? Perhaps because even it believes that this vulgar sum is a tad too much?

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In addition to looking at the huge deficit, NHS Improvements stepped in due to the trust missing national targets, including A & E waiting times . Its  agency staff bill of £18,53m last year went “slightly” over its  target of less than £5.65m.

The hospital’s financial situation halted a proposed merger with Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital and halted a new urology centre, which was part funded by the Prostate Project. Lots of local people heaved a huge sigh of relief at that news – they had all heard about the trolley waits there that stretch as far as the eye can see! 

The Trust has to make savings of £22.5m this financial year.  Well it could take a leaf out of the book of Ashford & St Peter’s – leave old  folk languishing in nursing homes awaiting ambulance pick-ups and chucking them out in the middle of the night, telling them they are safer in their own homes! After all if you didn’t treat patients, then you could save a bomb – couldn’t you?

But don’t worry according  to Waverley’s Daft Local Housing Plan, there is a new hospital on the cards for Cranleigh?




3 thoughts on “Is the Royal Surrey County Hospital being tight lipped over pay… because it is just a little bit ashamed?”

  1. The whole horror of the Cranleigh village hospital is that it served a very good purpose as it was, maybe it didn’t conform to EEC Regulations, maybe it wasn’t smart enough for some but you got the best care ever there, with local people nursing and just helping, people caring who knew the sick and elderly just that made them feel nearer home. It was clean and you didn’t here of the hospital acquired disease etc because it was run by old trained nurses,sisters and a matron. As soon as we had the great idea of building a new hospital the old one became non-exist for bed care, just clinics now. I again would like to know why we could not have improved on the existing building.

    1. How much has Mr Steve Leivers (or his company, or the agency via which he is employed) been paid to date for his services to Royal Surrey?

      The Trust can confirm that it has made payments totalling £168,350 (exclusive of VAT) to the agency who employs the Turnaround Director. These payments cover the period from 30 March 2016 to 31 July 2016.

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