Secrets and lies?

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Secrets,  lies and deceit are becoming a little  too commonplace in Waverley Borough Council’s  corridors of power – and we are not the only people who think so!

The Waverley Web was set up by a group of concerned residents’ just a few months ago to inform the public of what is “really” going on in “Your Waverley” and so far it has been   successful in  flushing out some – but  only some-of  those secrets and lies.

Yesterday the WW asked on our post Read it here:

for Waverley Borough Council Leader Robert Knowles to come clean.  Regular readers of WW will know him as Knowless or even less, now  more like –  Know-more – than he will  admit! but admit his lies he will – you can be sure of that. And a lie detector will not be required!

Because Councillor Knowles it would appear that you lied to a Cranleigh Parish Councillor – and that parish councillor relayed  your comments that there was no truth in the rumour that the council intended to build on Green Belt at Mansfield Park in Guildford Road!  You even told her that it brought the Cranleigh Civic Society’s reputation into disrepute if it believed or repeated the rumours! You disengenous B******. However, she believed you, and told   the Annual Meeting of The Civic Society – so we have heard from a WW follower who was  there, that there was no truth in the rumour!

We are told in an e-mail from an  attendee at the meeting , that Cranleigh Civic Society chairman, Liz Townsend, put up an aerial view of the proposed new industrial site on the Green Belt. He said she did not say where she had obtained it, but due to her concern had rung Councillor Robert Knowles the Leader of Waverley Borough Council.

She said Councillor Knowles had told her that it was a scurrilous rumour and if the CSS repeated it, it would bring its reputation into disrepute.  She assured members, that if this proposal was forthcoming, the Society would fiercely defend the Green Belt on their behalf.  Sounds as though she wasn’t too convinced he was telling the truth either.

So get out of that Leader Knowless – or is it Leader Know-more-than-you-will -admit? Own up and tell the people of Waverley and in particular Cranleigh exactly what you knew and didn’t know and when you knew it. If you knew nothing about the proposal – then the name Knowless fits and you should resign! However, if you  lied through your teeth you should also resign – in disgrace as it’s your reputation that is now coming into disrepute!  And, whilst you’re at it, why not tell us if any of the Cranleigh borough councillors knew anything of your cunning little plan to use £1m of council taxpayers money to help fund a £10m scheme, before they read the Confidential Appendix attached to the Council Committee papers?

And perhaps the Cranleigh borough councillors will have the guts to stand up and be counted!  Are they going to have the courage to tell Cranleigh people if they voted for the Green Belt to be used or not?

WW is all ears!






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