Wow all this is going Cranleigh’s way – isn’t it?

A new £1.5m bridge, a new £8 leisure centre (wonder what’s wrong with the old one – asks one of our followers over there in the beleaguered East?) A new Cranleigh Towers to rival  Waverley Towers £1.962m ; A new £8-£10m primary School; An Extended Secondary School £6m and a new hospital with no figure but ( TBC) – is that the same hospital the East of the borough has been waiting for… how many years? 10..15…20..answers on a postcard please to: mail to:

The prize for the correct answer is:Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 08.54.00.png

All this bunce  is part of Waverley’s Daft Local Infrastructure Delivery Plan which presumably has been drummed up at the “secret meetings” councillors in the East of the borough have been having with anyone willing and up for dumping  over 40% of the borough’s housing on little old Cranleigh.  The parish council, knows nothing about the proposal to demolish its  buildings. 

WW wonders what is  coming Farnham’s way other than, the other half of the boroughs housing?

Think themselves lucky, one of the cunning little plans that isn’t on the list and thought up by  Cranleigh Parish Council Chairman Brain Ellis –  before he threw his toys out of the pram and resigned…

Was to …

concrete over the Beryl Harvey Memorial field and to build a new huge shopping arcade  over a new car park in Village Way! He even invited developers into one of his “secret meetings” where no doubt everyone was warned if they did make notes they must chew them up and swallow them whole with a double gin and tonic!

No doubt with a new Waverley Towers – or as described in the report: A Multi Agency Centre? It would need a new Town Mayor – wouldn’t it?

What’s missing? car parks, re-opening of a railway on the Downs Link? Another GP surgery? Road improvements?

The plans are part of the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) which identifies the improvements needed for the 9,861 new homes by 2032 proposed in Waverley Borough Council’s draft local plan .

The draft plan proposes 2,600 homes at Dunsfold Aerodrome and 2,300 homes on greenfield land. The IDP also states that: “Whilst some improvements to infrastructure will be required, the evidence indicates that there are no fundamental issues arising from the growth planned in Waverley, such that development must be directed away from certain parts of the Borough”.

There would also be Improvements to the  bridge  over the Wey and Arun Canal in Elmbridge and concerns were raised by locals this year that despite work beginning to fill in the large cracks in the 150-year-old Elm bridge over the old railway line, the mortar being used for the job would not be strong enough to prevent further damage.However, there are no plans to reopen the railway line, which used to connect Guildford and Horsham, either as rail route, a bus route or and extended cycle path.

Cranleigh Village Hospital is in the plan and would be backed by Royal Surrey County Hospital, despite Royal Surrey’s financial woes.Other plans include expanding Cranleigh Leisure Centre or building a new one for £8m, and having a multi agency centre in Village Way to accommodate the parish council, Citizens Advice Bureau, youth centre, police and rooms and for public hire – costing £2m to build.

The new plans by Surrey County Council for the new school in Cranleigh
Proposed road improvements are a traffic management scheme between Cranleigh and Shere on Barhatch Lane and Hound House Road, and to Alfold Road adjacent to Little Mead Industrial Estate.

Cranleigh High Street will see ‘environmental improvements’ and a study to review on and off-street car parking in the village centre.
A six week consultation has begun on Waverley’s daft local plan.Until Monday October 3, residents, organisations and businesses can comment on the plans.The document sets out the key policies and an overall strategy for managing and directing development in Waverley, until 2032.

The plan can be viewed on the borough council’s website and hard copies are available at the council offices in Godalming, public libraries in the borough and the Farnham Locality Office. Send representations at, email, or write to Planning Policy, Waverley Borough Council, The Burys, Godalming, GU7 1 HR



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  1. I would like to ask where all the money is going to come from to finance all these wonderful ideas, the new Cranleigh hospital fund raising trust which, has been on going for at least 12/14 years for now, Cranleigh people many who gave from their hard earned money get various statements from the trust now and again saying that there are private healthcare providers very interested but does anything ever come out of it, no! Then there is the thought that the Royal Surrey hospital will have an input financially, the Royal Surrey has its own cash problems let alone putting money into Cranleighs new village hospital and did nobody read the news report yesterday on the finances of the NHS hospitals in general with many closing departments because of lack of funding. Does anyone know what will happen to the land that was swopped with the Cranleigh Parish CouncilI for the new hospital if it does not get built, maybe new property’s to join on with the new development on the other side of Knowle Lane just a thought. I have to also comment on the big new road improvements around Cranleigh, anyone driving down the Alfold road will notice all the edges breaking away, large potholes in places where you have to drive in the middle of the road to avoid damage, the high street driving into Cranleigh from Guildford is a miss the hole run at the edge of the road,this was also supposedly repaired not that long ago, Does any SCC engineer ever check that these repairs(and I say that in a loose manner) check that these jobs are being done correctly or is it a case of the cheapest tender, but hey our local councillors have obviously found a fairy godmother so why worry. Let’s hope that is not the same fairy godmother or maybe godfather who speaks hollow words and false promises that has got us into this mess in the first place, perhaps Waverley Towers princes and princess’ better find another kingdom to rule or did I mean ruin.

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