Spying on employees! and it is not the first time!

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Waverley Web has been contacted by employees of the borough council who are almost certain that too they have suffered from the same shoddy treatment. The climate of fear that pervades Waverley’s corridors of power is palpable!  Remember!  power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Both the Head of Strategic HR Wendy Gane, Executive CEO, Paul Wen – ham- I leaving! and Operations Director Damian”The Omen”  Roberts or, (when -do -I -get- his job!) have all been involved in other cases concerning data protection breaches claim employees past and present.

Our informant – you bet – not on the council’s e-mail, was too afraid to even use her own computer –  said it is common knowledge within Waverley that you never, ever, put anything concerning staff disputes or employment issues concerning  proposed redundancies/job changes, or correspondence with the Union on e-mail.  Everything that “goes on here is monitored, and I mean monitored, people are even  afraid to use their home computers to e-mail anyone – and that includes sending stuff to the Waverley Web and it was the same situation with Waverley Matters.” 

 Most of us enjoy our jobs and work hard for the people we serve, but that includes not just the council senior officers’ and councillors’ but the public – the taxpayers, the people who pay our wages, we have a duty to them too, and many of us do not like what we see here!

She is not the only one! We have heard from a former borough councillor claiming all her e-mails were monitored – even personal e-mails.  So the moral of the tale is – never e-mail Waverley Borough Council with any of your personal information because …Big Brother is Watching you!

Read the complete article FROM THE FARNHAM HERALD here:   Waverley in breach of data protection act-1

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