Is Waverley’s Umming Bird looking for a new nesting site?


Word on the street suggests that Waverley’s Leader might be taking flight, or do we mean fright?


Despite succeeding where her predecessors have failed – in almost getting a LOCAL PLAN past the finish line, getting the Blightwells development under-way – and pushing up Waverley’s housing numbers – and the council tax – Leader Julia may be taking flight from her “safe” Tory seat in Farnham Upper Hale.

Waverley Borough Council’s Julia Potts, who is prone to a bit of umming and ahhing, is considering becoming a little more decisive in the lead-up to the May elections. She believes she may have difficulty hanging on to her seat as Farnham people are getting angry, very angry.

Some Farnham residents are even suggesting that it is time to break away from Waverley Borough Council altogether. But hasn’t Farnham already tried that with a petition to the Queen? Last we heard that petition was buried under a pile of dust and cobwebs, a bit like us here at the Waverley Web. Is it in a Government department vault, or has it gone to THE TOWER?

Council tax going up and up!

So could the public-spirited the former Pi**ed off Portfolio for Planning (POPP) be handing over his far safer seat at Frensham, Dockenfield & Tilford to his Tory colleague? Only time will tell – not long now folks.

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2 thoughts on “Is Waverley’s Umming Bird looking for a new nesting site?”

  1. Naughty, teasing us with that headline I truly thought you were going tp tell us she was leaving!

    Are you trying to put people of commenting? Suddenly I have to fill my name and email for every post

  2. Sorry about that misleading headline, not going anywhere soon as far as we can tell. Unless of course, the voting fodder decide something different?

    But, of course if she does nest in Tilford – it’s called carpetbagging! We do not believe the electorate will look too kindly upon that little scenario? Do you?

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