Bad smells all round in Waverley!

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WW does not actually know – but we expect this prosecution will probably have put the man out of business? Perhaps someone could let us know at mail

We wonder could we, the council taxpayers of Waverley, take out a similar prosecution  for the bad smell that is also emitting from “Your Waverley’s”  premises at  Waverley Towers these days?

Just for starters:

Fraud cover ups, unauthorised development requiring enforcement action; councillors granting planning permissions in the Green Belt to their colleagues ;  data protection infringements; bullying; infringements of their complaints policy; breaking every environmental law known to man or beast; an unlawful recycling strategy; infringing the pledges councillors made during the 2015 elections on Green Belt strategy in the Daft Local Plan; Holding secret meetings with developers – almost all of whom have now secured planning permission for vast numbers of housing in the countryside. Committing “our money” in secret to support a development in the Green Belt, and “Your Waverley” preparing to grant ‘Your Waverley” planning permission to do so.

Committed to constructing the £100m Brightwells Development without ever having assessed the traffic issues, falsifying the transport assessment… and so it goes on…starting the Farnham Memorial Hall development without first “Appropriating” the land and without an Evironmental Impact Assessment being part of the East Street scheme; turning  said hall into offices for the Waverley Training Services without a change of use planning permission…and on …

Phew… So many dodge dealings it would even embarrass  Dell Boy  and Trotters Independent Traders ?





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