Behind every successful man – lies a determined woman.

The power behind the throne at Waverley – according to  one of our mounting band of WW contributors, and  responsible for giving Alfold’s new boy  Councillor Kevin Deanus a leg up onto the council’s Executive powerhouse is… wait for it…

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WW recently featured the rapid rise to the top,  of councillor and ex copper Kevin Deanus only days after being elected.. WW had believed his meteoric rise to join seasoned councillors on Waverley’s powerful EXECUTIVE as Portfolio Holder for old people was with a helping hand from the other Bobby on Waverley’s beat Robert Know-less. Well it would appear we were wrong according to the locals.

So … WW wants to put the record straight…

The person responsible is a dear old lady of 92 far more qualified.

Former Waverley councillor/mayor  Betty Ames.

The woman  who has been  reported to, and found wanting by the Standards Board more times than Waverley residents have had meals on wheels.

 Her internet history reveals she has  been thrown out of the Conservative Party several times, over the years, but has always manages to bounce back.

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According to villagers Alfold parish councillor  Ames was determined to oust the former borough councillor Mary Foryzweski from the seat  she held  for  (8 years) because the councillor, who was elected in May to a Cranleigh seat, was showing signs of supporting  “Scottie” just down the road at Dunsfold Park and wasn’t concealing  it too well.

 Councillor Ames, well-known locally for nurturing  friends in “high places” to do her bidding, some might say “dirty work,” has been “schooling” Councillor Deanus in the art of counsellorship.

Let’s hope the new bobby on Waverley’s beat man’s up enough to the broomstick bearer before she calls  “payback time.” According to the locals in the know – ‘Bet the Bat’ is determined not to have an increase in traffic beating a path past  her  front door, (an access road to Dunsfold airfield) and Kevin’s got to help her. Have to hand it to her though – most people of her age would be happy knitting, not schooling councillors in the black arts.

Judging by the Executive meeting tonight – Christmas arrived early for Councillor Ames, as Councillor Deanus was openly opposing  development at Dunsfold Park, accusing the rest of the borough of being Nimbys.’

All grist to the mill for the other developers breathing down the Alfold locals’ necks then! Watch out Alfold you could get more than 500 homes at Care Ashore (Springbok).  

The moral of the tale is… be careful who you vote for! WW  you may have  voted for Betty Ames!


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