Is this where the money is coming from to redevelop Farnham’s East Street?

Said one of our followers:

“I have just been to the tip and been handed a leaflet. SCC are going to charge for rubble etc from house/garden improvements from 1st September and not a small charge either, £4 bag for rubble or soil. At the same time they gave me a leaflet about stopping fly tipping!!, oh the irony of it all.”

That –  and charging for parking a car at Guildford’s  Newlands Corner beauty spot where thousands of Surrey people have been visiting for donkeys years free of charge !

Another nice little earner?

Oh and we almost forgot!

Surrey County Council has decided to remove its £30,000 annual grant which helps “Your Waverley” provide Meals on Wheels for the elderly in the borough of Waverley! Scrooge or what?

So Now we know where they are getting the money towards the £58m Surrey County Council is investing in Farnham’s East Street redevelopment!

Well, it must have got its priorities right, mustn’t it – and there we all were thinking that our Councils were there to improve the lives of the people living there – not  turn into property developers, particularly when it is a high risk venture that the commercial world wouldn’t touch with a bargepole!

2 thoughts on “Is this where the money is coming from to redevelop Farnham’s East Street?”

  1. Waverley stopped accepting rubble at Nanhurst and it now closes on Wednesday afternoons!!!! Talk about encouraging Fly Tipping!!! Even the staff are perplexed toy couldn’t make it up!

  2. You are absolutely right. Fly tipping is now taking place all over and no doubt the county council will be sending out lorries to pick it up – cost effective? When will these people learn. Perhaps everyone should start e-mailing their Surrey County Councillors and perhaps the Waverley Web will provide everyone with their e-mail addresses.Or, maybe, just maybe, they will do a Jeannette Stennett and remove their e-mail address from the council system!

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