Ding Dong – for whom the Bell tolls!

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PoW & the Parishes’ transport expert, Mr Bell, was unremittingly and relentlessly negative about the Dunsfold Developer’s proposals to build 1800 homes at the Aerodrome on day two of the Public Inquiry – but then he would be, wouldn’t he?!

What he didn’t need to be was quite so arrogant and belligerent – so belligerent that our spider on the wall almost dropped off its web! – in true Waverley Web tradition it -renamed him Mr Bell-Igerent! 

We also heard from a  Cranleigh follower that a Thakeham Thug (QC) – has been tongue-lashing a county council officer too! Comment at the bottom of this post on Day two of Alfold’s Springbok Inquiry. What is it with these people who can’t they mind their manners! 

Apparently, Mr Bell-Igerent, not content with being cock-sure was also incredibly rude about poor Mr Bird – the Dunsfold Developer’s transport expert. Professional courtesy alone, one might have assumed, demanded a more measured and respectful approach to one’s contemporaries but, no, Mr Bell-Igerent was in adversarial mode and nothing short of bull-like in his approach. Never mind Bulldog Drummond, PoW & the Parishes have their very own Bulldog Bell in Mr Bell-Igerent!

The public gallery was  more sparsely populated  than on day one  – if that’s possible. Maybe our warning about the pending diatribes from the Parishes put people off … Although The Queen Vic – otherwise known as Mrs Alan Young – made a fleeting appearance. So fleeting one wag was overheard describing it as, ‘She came, she saw, she left!’ To which her neighbour replied, ‘Thank God I didn’t blink … or I’d have missed her!’

May seem  harsh but, no doubt, The Queen Vic wanted to be able to tell the Waverley Eastern Villages that she attended the Dunsfold Park Inquiry – rather like a 1980’s graffiti artist tagging the wall: I woz ‘ere! because, after all, the Dunsfold Park Inquiry is THE place to see and be seen this month!

The Surrey Advertiser also had a presence at the Inquiry; its  reporter was busy tweeting – or whatever it is young reporters do these days – but, sadly, she seemed to be struggling to keep up with the argument – bless! And her posts seemed a little – dare we say it – one-sided but then they would, wouldn’t they?! For those who don’t know, her boss’s boss’s boss lives on the boundary of Dunsfold Aerodrome and is bitterly opposed to the development of a housing estate within five miles of his in / out drive! In fact, Waverley Web understands he’s been trying to off-load the property for several years now, without success! Not that we want to imply he’s bitter and twisted you understand …

Charles Orange (AKA OJ), Chairman of Hascombe Parish Council and staunch supporter of PoW, was in his usual seat. One might have been forgiven for thinking he was a supporter of the Dunsfold Park developer, decked out in a tartan shirt as he was, but the speed with which the smirk was wiped from his face when Christopher Katkowski QC (AKA Rumpole of the Bailey) began  cross examination of his star witness, Mr Bell-Igerent, made it abundantly clear that he was simply suffering a wardrobe malfunction. A little like a Tory MP wearing a red tie / dress in the run up to an election!

Rumpole of the Bailey, in contrast to Mr Bell-igerent, was charm personified with his gentle, courtly manners … at least he tried to be but after a while – a very short while if we’re honest – Rumpole became exasperated with Mr Bell-Igerant. As well he might for, not only was Mr Bell-igerant very belligerant and argumentative, he had the audacity to talk over the learned Rumpole – how VERY rude!

But Rumpole, for all his courtly manners, was made of stern stuff. A veteran of planning inquiries, particularly those involving Dunsfold Aerodrome – as he took no small delight in advising the chamber at large, pointing out that he had been engaged on Dunsfold Aerodrome’s behalf longer than anyone in the room, including his clients, as he had acted for the former owners of the airfield, BAe, back in its day. WOW! WW was so impressed it spun another web!

We won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty, suffice to say, Rumpole made mincemeat of Mr Bell-Igerent who, by the end of his spell in the hot seat, looked as exhausted and wrung out as if he’d done ten rounds with Bulldog Drummond – which, indeed, he had!

So expertly did Rumpole tie Mr Bell-Igerent up in knots, so concisely did he salami-slice his proof of evidence, exposing the idiocy of his arguments, that Waverley Borough Council’s QC waived his right to cross examine – there was no need, Rumpole had done the job for him. Enough said!

Here’s a little mention from Day Two at the Alfold Inquiry  in Cranleigh. The call is out for a  Peasants to Revolt!

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4 thoughts on “Ding Dong – for whom the Bell tolls!”

  1. Both these enquiries are un democratic in that they are held within closed doors during the Summer Hols – They should be Webcast so we can all see them… it is not just those of us lucky enough to be on Holibobs but those that WORK and canot get to Cranleigh or Godalming during the working Week – So even if I had not been away I wouldn’t been able to go.. Due to work.

    In this day of social media and Public access to comittee meetings (ish) why is this so “behind closed doors”? This is NOT EXEMPT it affects all of us in the East.. Why are the daily reports at least not made available? – This is shambolic and wrong
    WW – I know you want DP to go ahead and you know I don’t but there should at least be something that we can discuss Publicly – without having to rely on hearsay – This is NOT Democracy and it is Not what I voted for.

    1. We wholeheartedly agree with everything you say, and we believe the Inspectors dealing with both inquiries are getting completely the wrong impression of the local objection that exists, because very few people are attending. Of course it should be webcast – Democracy – what’s that?

  2. Totally agree but I suspect that the reason is that these are legal proceedings and therefore not allowed to be broadcast, Perhaps the knowledgeable Jerry Hyman may know the answer!

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