The Daft Local Plan Cranleigh’s watchdog speaks.

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And the Cranleigh Civic Society and is doing just that!

 It appears to us here at the Waverley Web very few others are?


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Coming soon to a green field near you?

Yes..even more houses.

In addition to the 149 secured with the casting vote of ‘Your Waverley” borough Councillor Jeannette Stennett the borough council’s Daft Local Plan has earmarked another 100 or so in Horsham Road, Cranlegh.  This ensures Waverley’s favourite  partner on Farnham’s £100m Brightwells East Street development, Crest Nicholson  can take a nice big bite out of little old Cranleigh. All in the full knowledge that it cannot deal with the sewage on the existing scheme, yet to be constructed, and has to build a great big sh**t pit somewhere?


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Another green field bites the dust?

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 The above paragraph and maps are taken from the Cranleigh Civic Society website which explains how the the Knowle Park Initiative, recommended for refusal by the planning officers under their delegated powers  to refuse, was called in (twice) by Cranleigh’s Councillor Brian Ellis, to be determined by the Joint Planning Committee. On the first occasion the call-in was made too late  and the scheme was withdrawn, re-submitted a month or so later and called in by Councillor Ellis  for a second time! When it finally went before the Joint Planning Committee he  declared a pecuniary interest, and withdrew, but changed his interest to one of  prejudicial interest several days later.  A week later he voted for 75 houses at Little Meadow adjacent to part of the ~ KPI application. The KPI application which has been ruled out as a stable site in Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan has now been  included in the Local Plan. 

His Cranleigh borough council cohort Stewart Stennett declared a pecuniary interest in the KPI. A week later he too together with his wife Jeannette voted through the 75 houses at Little Meadow along with Brian Ellis. 

Having held secret meetings with a whole gamut of successful developers  along with Surrey County Councillor Alan Young for over a year – the sites earmarked for development in Daft Local Plan come as no surprise to any of them. However, they are now opposing the huge number (1,520 ) homes earmarked for Cranleigh in the plan!  

Utter  hypocrisy or what?

Sounds to us here at the Waverley Web that the Daft Local Plan is just that. DAFT! Because with planning appeals in the pipeline, one of which is for 120 houses on a brown field site,  Cranleigh New Town has already arrived, and long before the ink on that damned plan is even dry?

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  1. Councillors have to have a reason to call in a planning application does or can we find out what reason was stated for calling in the KPI planning application by Councillor Ellis twice as it was obviously a matter of importance for him to call it in twice?

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