Just a little Rant?

WW likes to give everyone a fair crack of the whip and fully understands the sentiments expressed by Springbok residents and they families.

It must have come as a huge disappointment that Thakeham Homes’ planning application for over 400 homes on green fields around Alfold was kicked into touch last week by the planning officers at Waverley Borough Council.

Read here: Care Ashore’s boat sunk!

Below  is a Facebook  message from an angry relative. The sentiments of which we fully support.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 21.07.12.png

WW fully appreciates how the residents and their families feel about the decision, bearing in mind Care Ashore’s dire warnings of what would/could happen to the Charity should permission be refused. However, we also fully understand how concerned the villagers in Alfold were!

The former Merchant Seaman’s War Memorial Society re-named Care Ashore, does very valuable work and has been a very valued part of the Alfold community for very many years. Although we admit we do not have our finger on the Alfold pulse, we do not believe the strong objection from villagers was directed at the Charity or its residents per se. They were merely opposed to the  Sussex based developers’ bid to dump a huge number of housing, doubling its size, on a small village with very limited facilities. 

So we at WW hope normal happy relations between villagers and the Charity will resume  as soon as possible? And…

Lets hope the developers have the sense not to appeal the decision?

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  1. The council planners did not turn down the refurbishment of the care facilities. It was the sprawling housing estate they refused permission for.

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